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Sunday, January 31, 2010

love falls to us . ♥

As you guys should view the preview post just view this .

300110 ; Saturday .
Continue with the day ,
I slept over 'cause my phone's alarm wasn't ringing .
damn it !
I asked them to meet me up at 12:30 and I woke up at 12 .
and yet I'm late again .
today had a small gathering with the primary friends
the one who attended were ChiaYin ; YeeKhang ; SzeNee and I .
around 2 we just met each other up at Pavilion we suppose to go Davidson but my mum dont willing to fetch me I spent my day there .
I was the first one who reached pv and I walked through the mall and Nee came with Quan ...
then we decided to go Sakae Sushi !
after awhile they came .
let the photos do the talking .

They were just acting shy !

after their meal went to times .

I love that camera so damn much !

them . me ♥ .

After they left Hoe came .
o.o he was so angry about HaoYi them .
and he came with Brenda and we were still at times .
we're so good students who like studies so much !!!
Nee bought some books and went out .
we meet Quan's friend named KC ?
i forgot the whole name .
met at Tangs and went to MOF 's 分行 to had the dinner !
after the meal we did the same old thing !!

Looked like gay !

Then G-po ; angle ; alison ; bianca and Reuzhen came ...
again .
first shot !

second !
and finally we took everyone 's face !

the latest group photo .. =D
I have in my album ;
can I have one more ?

Then went up to 5th floor to meet up Heidi .
and yet we're a huge gang at there .
then they decide to and some drinks at Rainforest .
However , I was super duper full and Da , quan , nee and I went to shopping !
we walk walk walk and went to Forever 21 ; cotton on and La Senza .
around 8 something parents came eat again !
at dragon-i !
after the meal went to nokia .
I suppose to buy the phone today but ...
my dad still thinking wanna buy N97 mini for me anot 'cause it cost over RM 2000 .
sigh now !
thinking should I get 6760 , 5730 or an E52 .
E52 is the one which same as grace ...
My dad gonna get a N97 ...
aww I want it so badly !!!!

more photos on FB .
click click

18 days left ; love her please .

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