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Monday, January 4, 2010

life life life ! 1 months to go .

Finally , I'm here to blog . =D
first , i wanna wish everyone a very late wish .

Happy Belated New Year guys !

31st of 2009 . I went to tuition for the morning until afternoon .
after tuition i went to Jing's place for countdown and gathering .

there are jing , pei , xuan , sze me and also Grace !
when i see her i have no reaction at all .
'cause i was like
' wow what happen to her ?
we seems to be ages not seeing each others . '

i reached there around 8 somthing .
we took pictures in that cow's hand .

and we chatted , dare each others and also gossips !
I feel myself like far away from them for not being with them last gathering .
after we countdown my sis , Carmen came and fetch me with her GPS by Meng Hu .
we decided to go PD !

so we went home and take those BBQ stuff .

we start our journey at 4 am .

we reached there around 6 .

and when we were going to start our BBQ who knows ....
we have no stick for hold for the food .

what a big great BBQ party !

then we played spray fight and running all beside the beach .
we have no bbq stick and we dig a hole for our FIRE .
Just like those small kids sitting together and have fun !

we took pictures but the one who didn't take did so ....Chow Kien Hoe did so ...
Sleep at the seaside all along we did so many things !

until 7 something then we went back to Kajang and had our breakfast .

' dim sum ' !
until 9 something .

and yet the 010110 .
I spend my date at home watch drama .

all HK drama . then i have a nap ! ' 2 hours . '
then i spend my day out to Giant to spent the RM 500 voucher
and we bought many things like free !

we bought those bake things and hair dryer and many things for NZ .

=X after those buying things .
went back home and do nothing .
sleep awhile and wake up in the morning .

and yet is 0220110 .

I went to tuition agian .
then went to hoe's house to take my chocolates !

headed to Kyle's house .

we ' carmen , hoe , kah hoe , quan , kyle , gene , sum , cheong ,dabian and I '
had a gathering party again !

every year we have it and yet we have it earlier this year .

we reached his house around 6 and we prepared all the food and enjoyed ourselves .

pictures with Saik Hoe's .
we played until 4 something back home and 6 i just prepared to sleep .
until today afternoon .

2 something just awake from my sweet sweet dreams .


me likey them forever ,

the Phang Hui Quan who always stand beside me who i really can't live without with .
the Phang Saik Hoe who always helps me and care for me geh big bother !
the Carmen Tan Kar Mun Tan who always teach me how to be a person and help me pass through everything .
the Ong Choon Wei who always help me forget everythings and share those memories in my life . ' the great listener '
the Loh Sze Nee who tells me how the world are going on and tell me how people change to .
the Jane Yoh Chin Yin who always be the one let me bully and share those artist stuff with me and also the pinky .
the Brenda Ng Sze Wen who let me hate and love , I loved her 'cause she dai sek and i do hate her when she don't wanna share her things out seriously let me so damn angry about her .

the Foo Xue Sze who always accompany all along everything i really need to say Sorry to you that i always ffk and left you behide .
the Thang Yi Jing who shared those stuff with me and plan all those gathering things although it doesn't work .
the DaiBs who passed through these years , I did heart them . =D
the boys in 3M ' 2009 ' who always share secret and the one who can let me believe in .
the Carmen Pang who always scolded lap sap and the one who i love to be with you're totally the listener .
those i didn't mention ,
you're still the best but i can't mention all it out !
I L Y .

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