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Monday, February 1, 2010

love the weekend .

Can I have a great farewell
with them ...

Sunday ; 310110 .
last day of the month and 18 days to go
I'm glad that i can go out today ...
Went to tuition and I missed my piano awards !
wth !
i supposed to take my awards at the piano center today but
since i forgot and my mum not willing to fetch me go
so I missed it !
after tuition heading to Hoe's house .
'cause my mum gonna make up and change clothes all those that
so bro and I wait wait wait and sis came to hoe's house from Melaka , Seremban and PD .
before we go to the restaurant Hoe's house got something happen !
the electric of his house BOMB !
picah dy but now I have no idea how ...
then we reached the restaurant first thing we did is ...

we're the first who reached and I met WeiYen there .
she went to have dinner at the same restaurant too .
I miss herrrrr .

then back to our rooms we had three big table !
that was huge .
around 8 something all the guess arrived we start our meal !
woots !
Quan and I were starving but still i got myself full ~
after meal we sing K and photos section started !!!!

the young ones .
just like a sweet family !
Carmen ; Jessie .
the old ones a.k.a aunty gang .

the boys .
the girls .
Chee Sum was the loserrr .
the upper form of the young .

do , re , mi , fa and so !
the lower form of the young one .
do you feel warm ?
the lower and the lowest !
young one again !
loves .
the ending picture which only a section of them only .

us again !
we love .

after that we went back home .
and yet here I am !!!

17 days to go ; love her with first sight .

Today's quotes ;

The more original a discovery ,
the more obvious it seems afterwards .

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