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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The day we fall down from the hill . =D

I'm not late i think .

My wish didn't came true 'cause i went to my tuition class today .
It was a long journey for me i think ...
I went to Level 2 today .
and the teacher told me that Walter ' level 1's teacher ' wont be teaching in here starts next month .
I was like huh ? that's your son you don't let your son teach here and ?
Lucky , I wont be there next month but the freaking course will be still on .
aaa . I need help , pleaseeee .
God bless me that rain cats and dogs on Monday ...
pleaseee .
alright i start my hill's story .
After tuition I went to uncle James' house to help my mum do something for those bbq stuff .
I peal the cucumber and cut all the vegetables .
after that I visited Jojo's babies .
two of them are back ..
They're totally Jojo's 'cause the eyes and the ears of them are totally huge !
they will be 1 year old on the 4th of February just the same as Saik Hoe .
After preparing things went to the condo for the bbq thing also .
we put on the fire and we start our bbq and Carmen wasn't there yet .
after 1 hour i think she reached and she called me to go down helped them to up to the 7th floor .
she brought her friends too .
let's see ....
Yin Yiing , Shu Ying , Jian Yik , Chai Kar , Kah Yan , Wei Lun , Hoe and Quan !
they went up and they eat foods .
after that went to playground to take some pictures .

This is the one I took with Quan at there .

however , the main starts .
Swimming !
we went in to the hot spa .

you guys can see that i didn't put my leg in the pool 'cause was so damn hotttt .

after that we went to the swimming pool and played with the ball which brought by Hoe from Japan ..
then we played something diffrent .
Before the photo section start we took this .

Hoe's pose .

We took turns and jumped down from the hill which is fake but
is high !!!

Mine .

Quan's .
they're more in Facebook .
Click in to my sis's profile to view .
Is fun !

we took this too .

don't ever spot my face please !
Is totally ugly .

After swimming we set off back home but
as Yin Ying said she's hungry we went to Segambut to have something to eat .
and I ended my day with joy , travel in KL , fullness and loves .

freaking phone has not got line for two days .
I need a phone badly !!!!!

I remember that day me and you went to the same place
and we did have a great time do you remember ?
think so you have forget .

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