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Thursday, January 14, 2010

a day which i know how friends should be like . =D

the day we argued to be like .

Was Wednesday ,
As i suppose to woke up at 9.30 morning but i lied on the bed awhile and i get slept again until my sis's phone rang again .
So i woke up and took a bath ..
around 11something we had our breakfast and we start our plan today .
we went to KLCC to meet up her New Zealand's friends .
they are ; PeiFen , Eugene and Jeanelle .
we hugged and talk in nz's english infront of me ,
those accent made me feels like ....
I was like ; wow , they are so good in english and i don't think i suit to be there .
and i really like their accent .
they decided to go Pavilion , Time Square , Sungai Wang , KLCC and also ' connaught pasar malam ' .
first station to pavilion , when we decided to go pv i was like i think i know the way to pv ...
but i dunno 'cause i forget which entrance can pass throw gipo's house .
I called so many people and asked the information center but still i was like a kids lost in the road with my sisters . ==
after not more than 1 hours finally we reached pv by the security guard !
then they went in to 1 shop and they decided to go sungai wang .
and yet we met up Kah Yan .
6 of us walked to Sg.Wang together shopping !!!
shopping until half SaikHoe came and meet us up .
He didn't go to school and the teacher said he got swine flu .
i get =.=||| .
we went to T-Bowl .
the shop with those bowl . ==
let the pictures do the talk now .

the shit which ordered by Carmen .
The shit ice-cream ordered by me .
the shit ordered by Eugene ; Kah Yan .
the pair !
the shit ice-cream with carmen .
It really looks like a shit . WTH !
the ' ramen ' in a toilet bowl .
the rice ordered by hoe in a mini bath tab .
another ramen .

after that g-po and Quan came along to for their KFC lunch !
but that they wanted to go what we call as fish spa .
I bought them to TimeSquare for it but before that
Saik Hoe and I went to search for the film of his instax camera .
when we asked a shop about it they said RM25 .
I was like wow is cheap lets get it .
but after not more than half hour we went up again and asked for two box the promoter told us that all the film are reserved . ==
srewwwww them up !
then I went to T.S with hoe and quan .
my sis and her friends went separately and we met there .
Carmen bought Eugene to the condom shop and they did took some pictures there .
then went up to 6th floor for fish spa !!!!
me likey <3>
three of the tourist did it but we didn't and yet the promoter asked my sis and kah yan to try
at first they were shouting and was getting louder !
and was like the whole floor and hear it .
however , Harry came along to meet up them and before he comes Hoe and Quan went back home .
then walked around to wait Harry's car to be polished to P.M .
I sat in Kah Yan's car and others followed Harry .
around 8 finally we reach and found a place to park .
my mum was there 'cause she needs to fetch them back to DesaParkCity .
around 10:20 night we back 'cause is too tired for us ...
around 11 something reach their place .
then we went home and here I am to blog about today .
I learnt a lot today .
just like the photo class in the rangi college .
and they told me about the uniform and also the students
as i heard my sis said that is an international school which means it accepts international students
they have korean , chinese , white people and those asian .
They made me feel more excited about it !

she ; me .
do you feel excited to go New Zealand ?
Yah , I do .
Why ? don't you miss your friends ?
nah , i did something to them .

Still remember the day we went wild all night long?
Still remember how we mess things up ?
I remember every single moment with you guys.

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