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Monday, February 28, 2011


Finally, 3 of one assignments is done. Art History I left 2 paragraph which is really hard to compare about and economics’ i don’t know what it is anyway. So I chatted with the girl who had her birthday few weeks ago and she is just tough enough to face those problems. Also thanks to her boy who likes to do unnecessary things in a bad situation and that’s boy. He helps a lot and also hurt a lot whereas somebody just cant let go the past and move on like how a 17 years old does. English internal continues tomorrow until Thursday and OMFG. I don’t get what is the poem taking about am so gonna lose those 4 credits. L

Anyway apparently I’ve learned a new word from tumblr. Oh dear, I love tumblr. It tells everything that’s in my mind and the situation that I always have so do drop by the link is at the right column. J

Sunday, February 27, 2011

the night of awesomeness.

Saturday the 26th of Feb.

Woke up and rush to wash up the photos for my photography assignment at TheWareHouse and guess what. I spent 1 hour there and I get nothing due to some freak problems then I rush back home to transfer some file then off to Albany just to wash 10 photos and it used a lot of patrol just to rush few places. Before go to Albany, Carmen picked up Karen’s birthday cake and it looks freakin’ awesome. If you’re on twitter you would see that leopard prints cake. Anyway, then off to Albany mall to make sure that my mobile network it working then went to get the birthday a present from Glasson and hell yeah. I finally got the jeans I want and it looks freakin’ awesome. :)

Then rush back home cause the people are at home making themselves look as good as they could just to party at karaoke tonight. I got myself ready and thanks to my mum for driving us to the bus-stop when she already hurt her back by climbing up to the peach tree at the garden. Then cam whore awhile at the bus stop with the Polaroid and my camera. Like omg, I love Shally’s new camera I cant stop being a cam whore with her camera is just too awesome to have it I suppose it is better than Quan’s . hehe

waiting at the bus-stop.

on the way to city.
the women!

Welcome to auckland. :)

So we cam whore on the way to there reach around 10 to six I suppose? Then went into there we started our singing sessions. We did something crazy and yes totally crazy. We sang three times broken-hearted girl by Beyonce and 4 times A.I.N.Y by G.E.M. we are just crazy to these songs. At the half way Lisa came and join the night!

We are just crazy about singing then about 10 we took a bus back home around 1030 then got home around 11. I had a bath and the women just chilling around and prepare for SHOTS!

Alcohol all by Shally that crazy woman!

When the time nearly come to 12 Carmen actually asked me and Lisa to lock Karen up in her room and trying to make her take weird photos. Then when it’s 12, she been ordered to go to the dining room and yes the leopard cake pop out and so do her tears. :)

hugy hugs.


:) Had the awesome supper time with the cake then playing games just to make the birthday girl drunk but so do us. *not us it’s just me, lisa and Karen* Shally and Carmen never get drunk and I don’t know why. I know we did something really retarded after the alcohol and all photos are with Shally so is better ask her not to upload.


look at this drunk woman.

Last night was just awesome!

Once again,

Happy 20th Birthday, KAREN!

Hope you had a great night last night. J

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just.. um.. scared of being alone.


32557.) I want a break from everything

32573.) I want to get over you so bad. That’s all I ever wish for. This pain is too much.

32591.) I can’t even live my life because I’m so caught up in the fantasies in my head.

32574.) I’m terrified that I’M going to be the one to screw things up; even though everyone’s expecting you to.

32560.) I see your fake smiles. I’m wearing the same one.

Friday, February 25, 2011

tiring weekend.

Those assignments are driving me insane. Two pages more then I’m done with my Art History. Thought I will have a time to catch some fresh air yet I don’t have one. After this I got photography assignment which is due on Monday and I haven’t even washed out the photos yet. Oh well, tomorrow might the time to touch up these photos.

People out there might say that TGIF but for me, Friday make me work like a mad cow. Got so freakin’ tired with the work and the coming internal although I have just finished my math test then Monday gonna sit English internal for four days which actually killing me inside with those freak techniques and some kinda shit like that. Other than that, 2 essays from Sociology class today and due on Monday again. Somebody mind helping me with writing essays? One of the essay topic is kinda weird for me which is for you to rewrite the story of sleeping beauty using different gender roles. Also mean that sleeping beauty also can be a guy perhaps a sleeping beast yet I have no idea how to rewrite about that. Oh gosh, anyway idea for that? Besides that, economics scrapbook I don’t even know what is this about the teacher explain to me twice and I still don’t get what to do. Maybe am just too stupid to understand what he actually trying to tell me.

I am craving for more time to get through these. It does annoy sometimes. Will update my photography class’s photo soon. :) stay tune ,peeps.

Six of the second best is here.

Nobody realize how thing has changed into.

Maybe I just care too much.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

here it comes.

Soon it’s gonna leave me like how it used to.

Been busy for the whole days like wtf. So went to the city yesterday because of the PPTA thingy so yea got off school earlier. Seriously, I did not have fun yet facing the books in Whitcouls, actually make me thought of my assignments so I went home earlier. Saw people wearing mufti to uni, oh well. A long way to go!

Talk about the school days, two words to describe. BUSY & TIRED. I got an assignment from photography last week which is due next Monday and I only shot 4 photos overall. Then today Mr.B just gave us another assessment like DAMN. Am not finish with the last one yet. :( Then now needa rush my Art History assessments and Friday is the check point which is just driving me crazy. I know I am suppose to be doing my assignments but no. I cant concentrate with it anymore.. Economics scrapbook, what the hell is that? With a presentations. Fml! Somehow, sociology was alright and I have finish the 700words essay that been issued last week. So what else, damn math and English test and internal are coming up. DAMN!!!! I hate schooling now.

Wish I don’t need to worry about these. Hope everything will be alright. Force myself to get into it. Try my best not to forget who am I. Wait for the best thing to come to me. Oh well, I just don’t know why am I not into a mood that how I used to have. Asking myself to chill yet just cant. Those things actually bother me so much. I just hate how I feel and no one and understand it.

No matter what happen I will try to be your entertainer and that was me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Wonders how life have been to him, her and them. Oh well, it's only the third week of school i already stress out. LIKE SERIOUSLY. i had economics test then assessments come to me. *screwwww* eng got essays, sociology with 500 words then now art history with three tasks. damn this year! gonna be busy ass. So yea, about the mathematic i just umm, trying to get over it.

So about today, went to city with the school 'cause of the sculptures at there. Going through them and walking through them and realizing where are they. wow, that was mean as. :( So about the things nowadays. Somebody's birthday is coming. Been through 'v' day alone w/ the freak mood. going through things w/ the grumpy mood and now blogging mood when there are tons of works right beside me.

About this post. I am craving for a Havaianas Top Mix. BAM! They look super awesome yet pretty expensive aye. The new collections of them, so not going to get them unless i actually earn more money through some kind of shit or blogging? Oh well,
Looking at the three colours of it. I actually want the orange one where they show in the official website in Msia. Gonna search for it!

I still haven't got my sim card yet! damn, needa subscribe it real soon so my phone wouldn't be like a music player only. Anyway, this week i been through some kind of little things w/ my love one. yes, the dingy!
I said No regrets just love.
she said no regrets no love.
she gave me an example which i actually went like OMG, that's true.

So that's all i suppose. gonna off to do some kind of homeworks and take bath.

Monday, February 14, 2011

yeap, one day she will disappear and see who are the ones actually care.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

here's a question.

A ‘V’ day question.

What you can get for you girlfriend/boyfriend on Valentine’s day?

Other than a couple shirt, bracelet, necklace, rings, or shoes.

Something that can be wear on, anyone?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

we are now far apart.

When you don't reply back

Many things run through my mind…

· - What did I do?

· - Damn I fucked up!

· - Did I scare you away?

· - Wow fuck my life.

· - Fine, don’t talk to me anymore.

· - Why don’t you wanna talk to me anymore?

· -I miss you so much.

· -Please talk to me again.

· -Please reply back.

· -God, This sucks.

-please come back…

Thursday, February 10, 2011

this is random but thoughts.

I ruined all the things and now I don’t know how I feel anymore. Everything fall apart and I am now trying to put ‘em into how it used to look like. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life.

Perhaps, we spent too much time wondering why we are not good enough.

I wish my wishes would come true. I wish I did not say no. I wish my parent will never die. I wish there’s no education. I wish there is not uni. I wish my life wouldn’t be so complicated. I wish I am skinny. I wish I can get what I want. I wish I am smart to get through these things easily. I wish I am sociable. I wish there’s no gap between me and you. I wish you would say hey. I wish things will go smoothly. I wish you will help me. I wish you are here. I wish you tell me everything. I wish there is no doubt. I wish I’m not a replacement. There are too many wishes. Oh well.


The last question for you.


about a traditional event.


Chinese New Year.

It’s always about food, drinks, lanterns and also RED. :) There is no such thing as Chinese New Year in here and I don’t really have a mood for saying happy new year babe. If I’m in Msia I would just smiling all the time trying go visit every single relatives I have. Too bad, I’m in nz now and I wish to gamble, eat, drink and taking photos of them.

Anyway, today is ‘cho 8’ (the 8th of cny). As a Hokkien, I should be at home and busy prepare with ‘bai tian gong’ which is a big ceremony to say thanks to god, I suppose. Yet I’m here facing the computer and the books from school and kept yawning for certain reasons and wishing I could celebrate CNY next year. :(

Somehow, Happy Chinese New Year people!

it's only the first week. :(

It’s Thursday already. I’ve came back from MY for 4 days already. This week seems to be long like really long. I was wishing it to go faster so I could actually catch a breath from school. School is driving crazy with those subjects. Economics, Sociology, English, Mathematics External, Photography and Art History. These are nearly a brand new subjects for me. I’ve got ‘friends’ in the class, yea at least got some. I just realize that I actually chose subject which are all about essays. Eco you needa write a lot, sociology the perspective, English ESSAYS, math theory, photography those assignment that am gonna face and art history to write the theme of a French’s artwork.

Oh well, it’s too late for me to change subjects by now. Perhaps, if I have a chance still I don’t know what to choose either. So I was sitting a great seat with Jinny in Sociology class and now the freakin’ teacher just change our seats because this is a new unit. According to her sociology class is about people communicating but now it doesn’t work to me at all. Damn that freak.

So about math, the teacher mentioned to us that if you can actually catch up do not learn math external. Perhaps, she was just talking to me. I couldn’t catch up until today Julie taught me the parabola and the cubic. Really glad that she used up her lunch time on me with numbers on her mind. So I might not giving up on math external. Need to be fighting through the problems that I am having, at this moment. It’s a must.

Due to the laptop been formatted I do not have any photos to upload and do not have any songs to recommend. So yea, this will be a wordy blog for some time.

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