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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I love her forever .

Things happened can't even make it clear sometimes .

X-mini .
I feel like getting one .
Oh my Gosh , I'm so in love with it .
It expand to hear rich bass .
with clear sound for Ipods .

Start the day with the same old thing .
I'm just the freaking wood .
Next time who wants to touch wood can just touch me .
Fine I was like talking to myself
but still i wanna blog about today .
I had the freaking course and the fark coach !
arggg . I hate himmmmm .
Is only the 2nd lesson i attend 4 more to go .
I need help ~~~
After the freaking lesson went to had my dinner .
My life is just that ...
But tomorrow I will be going uncle James' condo to have fun !
i dunno who's going but I think i don't need to attend tuition , is just think .
and i'm that hyper for not attending everything .
I wanna watch movie just like those horror ones .
Paronoma Activity !!!!
James (my love) suggested to me but i'm still wonder when i can go and watch and who are the one accompany me watch ?
hmm ...
fine ! there are less and less people like to watch horror movie
even the boys don't like to .
I was chatting with my love .
Seriously , I'm so in love with FooXueSze .

She's the one i love currently .
the old picture of her .
'cause i didn't take any picture with her even 1 also don't have .
As i was chatting with her now I realize there's another one
Believe in me , hope she's real .
Last time, i really though of nobody believe me about that .
and now I get trust by her .
She warned me to make things clear .
is the number 2 in my list who wants me to make clear of everything .
I miss her so damn much !
we chatted for damn long and it never end until tomorrow we meet each other .
we do think of being girlish , aren't we ?

most of them ask me where am i ?
And when i answered at home they will probably said
which home or just ask again m'sia or New Zealand .
I got 4 person ask about this today .

though of my mind .
I heard someone said she's back to school .
I was like WTH !
she didn't even tell me all those freaking things .
Like so she's tread me not even like friend now .
She had her new life I have mine .
Countdown for 1 month and 2 days .

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