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Saturday, April 30, 2011



1/5000sec at f/3.8 , 22mm, ISO250

William was saying something that woke me up when I was depressing with myself just now. I have no idea how mature is he now. I’m now living with a mood of a triangle. It goes down, up and down.

p/s: take a real look at the photo. There’s a triangle! :)

hello blog-walkers. :)

29th of April, Friday.

It’s Friday, and guess people out there are appreciating tonight go to the town and have a wasted night. Umm, for me I went to karaoke instead of clubbing. Like finally I went to karaoke in this holiday was planning to go on the first week of holiday due to some problem yet no. :x after that went to Starbucks to have a hot drink hell yes, I’m always in love with coffee. :) white chocolate mocha or a chai latte, please. Anyway, got home around 11 Karen was here and planned to watch something so yea. First we chose Devil.

This movie is alright is not scary but it has a storyline but a really good one but average. :)

Ps: I hate that old lady at the last scene. She seems to be staring at you. ;X

After that around 1 past, we chose to watch ‘TheEcho’

I can say this movie is so damn scary. The first horror movie I got shocked by. While watching the movie you can’t think what will happen ‘cause of the voices that came from the movie and you cant make sure when will something pop out. HIGHLY RECOMMAND. :) Tucked myself in around 0430 and I’m so damn tired.


Remember in a few precious post, I’ve mentioned that imma go and watch Fast Five and hell yes. I watched it. I can say this movie is so damn good, among all of the previous FF. I prefer this so much more. A

MUST WATCH MOVIE OF 2011 but if you gonna watch it don’t forget wait till the credits went off. As the most important part of this episode is all after the credits. MUST NOT LEAVE THE HALL UNTIL THE MOVIE IS TOTALLY FINISH!!!! J

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The smile.


Sometimes, a smile can be fake but a smile that comes from the bottom of the heart is different. A person may not be perfectly pretty or hot but as the way he or she smiles. It actually means a lot. :)

p/s: I actually love my little brother’s smile. :x

Monday, April 25, 2011

keep it tight.


I wish you would know what’s in my mind.

I wish you care what’s in my mind.

I wish everything will be just fine.

I wish you care. I really wish you care.


A: So why didn’t you find your boyfriend?

B: I don’t know.

A: did you guys break up or something?

B: perhaps yes. You happy with it?

A: *speechless*

B: I actually wish I can have the chance to break up but no.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

don't try to touch it.


This thing hurt a lot. :x

Remember in the previous post, I said I have bruises and this is one of it.

It’s on my lap and it hurt so much. DAMN!

tired of being tired.


I’m on energy saving mode these days.

My eyes just can’t stop closing when I was just trying to sit down and have a rest on the couch. My legs seem to be broken, every time I walk they just run out of control. My hands don’t really want to get my assignments out and try to figure them out. My brain is not working these days. Cough been with me for a week and I think it has stayed long enough anyway, just more than enough. Been into a grumpy mood today, I don’t know why. Sore throat, cough, sniff, tummy cramps and what else gonna come to me?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Time went without any notices.

Saturday; 16th of April.

First day of the holiday started also the day after CarmenPang watched Scream4. Before she watched it, I already craving for it as my sis actually watched the previous three Scream before.

This movie is not scary but is not cruel like how Saw does so yea is an average one. The story line is good just go to the cinema and grab a ticket you will know what happen in Scream! :) it actually worth to watch!

Monday; 18th of April.

A night where I wish to go town ‘cause Bruno Mars is da town!!! A concert that I actually want to go but it’s just too late to regret for not going to there. Sis and her friends went, as in the previous post I have mentioned that imma go a road trip so Shally and Anton came and over night. Three of us in the house felt so boring then we decided to go BubbleTea. Caught up with Suz too. :) gone back home around 1. Lisa, PF were all in the house to overnight and prepare for the road trip!

Tuesday:19th of April.

Woke up at 4, yes 4am in the morning to

take a bath. Prepare ourselves and tried to wake Karen through BBM was such a fun! So got out of the house around 6 to pick her up then off to have breakfast. The most common breakfast on a road trip is always McD. It was love and we saw sunshine overall.

On the way to Rotorua.

We went to bungy, swoop, sweep also luge. I got three bruises all over my right sides and there are the huge ones. :x it hurt so much when you just touch on it but it worth anyway!

Off to the motel around 5pm , rest then off to dinner. After dinner, people went to spa left shally and I in the motel due to some problems. Was suppose to have a chat with her but ended up with some sweet nap. The day was so long and awesome. :) They got back around 10 all we felt were tired and I slept so early that day.

Wednesdays; 20th of April.

Woke up at 8, the second one who woke up and packed things up. Had our breakfast then checked out at 10. Went for a walk in the small town and time for a walk by the Rotorua lake.

Hamilton Garden, I love this place! :) is like a studio for photographers.

Thursday; 21st of April.

Woke up around 10 which I slept at 4 last night and just exhausted. Anton, Shally, Carmen and I went for breakfast (yumcha). Then back home around 2, unpack things and upload photos on fb also the laziness dragged me around just so tiring. Was suppose to watch Fast&Furious 5 at 740pm but ended up with bad seats left behind so we changed our mind to Arthur casted by Russell Brand.

a comedy that actually has some meaning within ‘cause normally a comedy wouldn’t have any meaning hide in it whereas this has. I actually love Russell Brand and his accent. Oh dear. :) Get yourself prepared for the movies week! Fast&Furious 5, I’m coming to your.

Monday, April 18, 2011


So this post should be updated long time ago due to some laziness it’s been delayed. So the third day of holiday and I’ve nothing other than eat and sleep every single day. Been coughing like a mad dog for two days, I sound so man!!!! Any idea of getting rid of it? :(

Tuesday gonna have a road trip so do an assignment trip for my photography assignment. The assignment is about creating a scene which include event, persons and place and create a documentary. At first the first things cross into my mind was going to the beach and see how’s thing been change within one day but the teacher was saying it is not acceptable. So I changed my mind, since Carmen gonna have a road trip with her friends imma join her to do my assignment. :) Wish there will be lots of fun and good scene to take photos with. It’s been raining these days, the sign of weather changing. Please don’t rain tomorrow! :X

Cough, sniff, sore throat and what else gonna come to me? So damn annoying.

Ohh, did I tell you guys that sis got a Pandora that actually cost more than an iPad2 64gb with 3g+wifi? That’s like crazy ae. :X Pandora is actually the most recent jewelry I fall into. :) you can buy the beads you like with gold, diamond even colour beads are available. I’m pretty sure Malaysia sell them too. :) mum got one, Carmen got one so do I!


Mine. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ball, once in a lifetime.

So it’s been a week since I last blogged. I always wanted to blog but when I’m half way till the end I just cancel everything off ‘cause sometimes things should be stayed unsay. Anyway, dad was here for 12 days and he left on Tuesday night. I kinda miss him to wake me up with *wakey! wakey!* in the morning just to say “I will just fetch you guys to school.” :) Oh well, 12 days and time just flew away.

Before dad left, we had a road trip to 90 miles beach, Kaitaia and umm Waitangi I suppose. On the trip all I can feel is excitement also my butt cramps due to the hours that I’ve sat in the new car. Oh yeap, the Tan’s got a ‘new’ car, Alphard V. Dad always what a car with 7 seats like finally we’ve got that which is even better. (eight seats) I skipped 2 days of school due to the tiredness I got from the trip and those undone work from school so called college.

Three assignments are introduced at the same time and due almost the same time. Then an English assessment is now on the way to get into. Fuck school life, holiday is just the day after tomorrow within two weeks HEAPS of work should be done and I wish I could just get over it easily. Nowadays, school’s trend is all about the 6th form ball. BALL? All I can think about are dresses, make up, alcohol, partners and using money to make yourself look good just in that night. Within that thoughts I just can accept ALCOHOL and money to make myself looks better but not on that night. Dresses are not my thing and make up is way more worse than I’ve imagined. Eww, how can I change within a night with dresses on and those thick make ups. Well, I actually hope I can get the invitation when I’m still allow to wag like how I used to. For the first term I got like 91% attendance which is just enough but term 2 is the main point. As I’ve skipped two days and planned to wag on the last few periods so yea Imma have low attendance rate this time. :x

Oh dear, please just don’t wake me up in the middle of the night. Allow me to sleep the memories away. Thought of telling you the truth but nah. Things will be different when the truth is out of my mind.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

“It sucks when you miss that person so much that you look through old photos, old text messages, even old statuses. And it just brings a smile to your face, but then the hurt comes back and you know you shouldn’t be looking back, but you can’t help it because they really meant something to you and you thought it would of lasted.” – unknown.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

fuck you.

fuck you. you suck a lot. why dont you get out of my life? i dont want this anymore. just get the hell off from here. to be honest, i dont read mind i dont know what is in your mind and what you feel on certain things or people. fucking grumpy these days. wish i never care that much. no i cant. things happened and i always fucked things up. i understand what went through my mind was real but the thing i saw was also real. oh my fucking god. i hate this part right here. somebody please pass me a blade. perhaps a plain book will do. tell me if you want me, i am tired of waiting here like i'm a nut trying to wish miracles to happen. this sucks and it hurts a lot. just fuck you all.

sometimes people make you fall for them and they let them stay in your heart but they just like to beat it up. no, you dont know how it actually feels. i cant tell you what it is but just the feelings. wishing things will change for sometimes but no. it wouldnt until you make a change. where the fuck when i needed you. you never ask, never want and never tell. just fuck you.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Suppose to be doing work but I just cant give a damn with it. There are more assignments due, internal in progress and also test coming up. There will be one day when I cannot take these shits anymore I will just cut myself into pieces and see what will happen. So dad is here with uncle Loo on last Friday. Quan and her family were here too, we shopping a day without resting and also we chat all night without realizing what time was it. So in total two days I slept for 8 hours, perhaps less than 8 hours. They went back on Sunday and I started to miss them. I miss sleeping on the coach with her and Hoe sleeping on the floor when there’s a sofa bed prepared for him in the study room. Oh well, that guy bought 7 pairs of sunglasses which is CRAZY and also some random stuff. Quan bought the same purse as me and she loves it although somebody was nagging because it doesn’t suit us at all. Photos will be uploaded soon.

I’ve been eating, sleeping and chilling during the weekend and I never touched any of my work yet I’m going to rush them tonight. So damn tired. Friday might take a day off to upper north cause dad is here there will be some personal *public holiday*. Oh well, shouldn’t have planned to skip school. There will be test on Friday and assignment due in also an essay. Omg. Everything is due on Friday I hate this. Any other way to release these stress? More time to sleep maybe it’s never enough. Anyway, I have used up my free text and calls. I have no idea how am I going to survive after these days. :(


A random photo from my assignment, it’s always black and white.

wtf, am i thinking.

I used to tell a guy to stop drinking cause I suppose it only stop you from thinking, forgetting and relaxing temporally but now I’m like agreeing with what he used to tell me. Drinking help to forget for a moment better than nothing. There are times when you have no idea how to release certain thing, drinking is a way. I have no idea why I think of that but seriously, it actually help a lot. Thanks to the family I love drinking and I wonder when will be the next time. Maybe when dad is back to msia. :D

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