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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maybe just haven't met you yet .

It's time !
Bless me and wish me luck please .

Yesterday ;
Had a time at home it's just as simple as white . There's nothing special happen hope there is of cause but it won't happen I knew it . Day is as usual like what I used too but one thing is I went to meet the new dentist call Karen J Brook if I'm not wrong she's friendly but I'm worried for new dentist ! I changed my colour to black and red as Carmen wants it so ... and there are new friends for my dear teeth ! =D That's rubber bands , is quite weird and pain to have two rubber bands in your mouth and when you crew it was like bubble gum stick between your teeth ! can you believe that ? Btw , I can't bite really hard nowadays and is more pain than I wear braces only ! I wanna have tofu please ...

Today ;
Woke up and had my breakfast ' bread ' and is really hard to bite so I just swallow it without bitting sorry to say that ! Then went to have a look for the tiles for my mum's ' office ' a.k.a kitchen so we bought it and ask uncle Alex to pick it up then went to look for security box . Back to new house and have a look around don't forget we did gardening today again is super duper tired . Back to home helps my mum up and here I'm .
Btw , there's a good news and a bad news .

Good ;
we got a called from the school and they called me to interview tomorrow hope is not a april fool thing ! =X

Bad ;
This Friday is good friday so is holiday and yet next Monday is easter monday so there are holiday for two weeks and I might be studying on the 19th !

Big P and S :
HELP ! I haven choose my subjects yet ! DAMN IT !!!!!

highlight this post to view it's got some problem with my blogskin .

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wishes for the girl i met !

Wishes only for you and you .

The wishes for the ' slimy ' ; Tan Chu Xuan !
Happy Sweet 16th , girl !
I wonder how're you currently but I wanna wish you happy birthday and wish you have a great celebration without me ! =D
of-cause dont forget to miss me .
all the best , girl !
love you .

a same wish like what I did .

Happy Birthday son of the bitch ;
Lee Lik Hong a.k.a bodak !!!
I don't care you got view my blog a not but
I still need to wish you like what I used to do .
sorry for the late wish but just only one day please forgive me .
Happy Belated Birthday botak .
Tell me you love me . =D

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I like to be single more than couple .

I love girls and boys .

I'm afraid ;
I think I'm sick i feel like fever now .

Yesterday , nothing special happened but I've got a surprise at night by TCW and CJY ! thanks to them but i did wonder who TCW going to bath when CJY was having fun inside ? Btw , thanks for the call , call me next time as I told you . orh , we got a new sofa for today's shopping result .

About today , woke up then met aunty Christina brought us 'James , Vanessa , Carmen , William , mum and I ' to a school's festival was something like canteen day in SM the only thing was kinder garden and it is much more bigger than SM ! after that went to city to have our lunch and went to shopping ! Actually we were going to New Market but at last we saw SALES ! like 15 to 60% off ! and we bough something like kitchen stuff and carpets . Then back to home and have fun like badmintons and picking up balls on the tree . Helped my mum to cook too ! These are what I did nowadays is totally boring ! I wanna go pavilion , sunway and also lepak ! =(

now I know what I used to ;
Tell you one thing I love you but I hate you today and
the day after tomorrow .

Friday, March 26, 2010

More ugly , dumb and deadly .

Dumbos' mind .
Bitches' mind .

Should I take art or graphics ?
History or Geography ?
I can't get art and graphics together I gonna be death if I got both

. hctybgnikraf , srehcaetehtetahuoyekiltsujrehetahI ! seyegnikaerfrehgnisuybdnanosaeronrofenoemostadamtsujnacehsesuac'yrevekiltsujrehetahi

fairless ?

you're .
the only exception .

Thursday ;
went to get flu injection included H1N1 and is more better than I expect about the painfulness ! The day end with something like erhemm ..

Friday ;
Did the same things like gardening and shop about furniture .

About today , is just BORED ! I have no idea what had happen all my feeling is typed in my dear secret book ! =D I feel like rubbish now a days everytime I on my computer I dont know what web to go and what things to do ! DAMN IT !

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

show me your middle fingers .

show me these .

OMG ! It's Monday , as I see the fan pages they joined it and I never join it 'cause I have so enough holiday until I need to study like what others do now a days ! Went to new house and did the same things as yesterday then went to buy things . I saw a SPONGEBOB's duvet set and is super duper cute ! ofcz I didn't buy it 'cause it doesn't suit my room should I get a playboy's set ? Fine , forget about it continue with my story of these days ... I've been a gardener for three days and my muscle on my leg is pissing me off , DAMN . I need some help here please , I've got a bad news again 'cause of the school next week will be the day i think so . Hope so ...

fuck the world ;
hate me bitch !

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sometimes is good to be alone but now is not .

Another day but it was just replaying .

Woke up at 10 something , eat , watch and sit . Then went to the garden again for our gardening start ! we did less things today 'cause I think is mostly done at the first sight ! other than that is all done by my mum and we just sitting a side enjoy our cards playing ! =D and sing song out loud until the neighbor staring at us . I just can't stop about that .

Hope tomorrow is the day , Tomorrow is a day for me to go to school again for interview i hope this time will be works . Hope so i think , I just dont hope i missed the credits and spending my life like randomly . I got enough holiday i think , i just dont hope i gonna be a wood again !

here's the pencil case i bough from smiggles . =D

to someone like ?
I dont know what to say to you just like just know . I'm freaking pissed of something but I dont know what to start with . I'm really sorry about that .

bye world and words

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What gardener do as we did today .

Tell me why am I updating when I have no mood at all ?
I'm totally crazy and I need someone to chat with just like someone else .

Woke up and went to our new house to clear up the garden 'cause the garden is full of roses and trees so my mum decided to cut all of it ! and these were what we did , we spent our whole day in there and had our lunch with Domino's thanks to uncle Alex . =D We enjoyed the little things just like playing ' baseball ' at the garden , acting , taking funny video and also playing songs ' singing out loud too ' . I shall let's the pictures do the talking just like a radio but for more information of this ' radio ' is in FB in my album . =D

poor mum cutting it by herself ofcz we did help her .

Big ass ' William ' .
can you spot the botak's plants ?
we're resting . =D
spot what i got when I spent my day in the garden .
two colour on my feet !

he's trying to hit me with that .

spot what he's doing ?
the witch !
love this .
love love love I want your love .
rose .
love again .
pink ones .
after spending the day in the garden went to enjoy the little things with the roses and also paper flowers .

spent the day with the buddies ;
Carmen , William , James and Vanessa !

tomorrow gonna be another day for me in the new house and helping up ! I gonna paint my room with a dark colour like black or dark purple ! isn't it a good idea ? I got my new bed with vanilla colour .

I hate spent my life with nothing .
Why there arent anyone chatting with me ?
Why aren't they finding me ?
Tell me what's the feeling of having life in M'sia without me and other ?
I can't stop thinking about that way !
I really need someone to help me with this .

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm not as dumb as you look .

Tell me you love the red little things .

This is the 590th .

Today is the 77th day of the year and there are only 288 days remaining until it is end of the year . Refresh your mind and think of the moment all of us spent , can you think of me or us ? I though of the old time suddenly and I don't know why ..

It's time to go and bye .
I hate spending my life with the randomness .

loves ; hates ; hopes .

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

tell me you're in a crush with someone else .

Miss you more than you though of .

The day starts with ;

' Jessie , Carmen !!!!
wake up we're going out soon for furniture stuff !
Better wake up now ! ' mum shouted ;
and yet I went to bath do all those things then woke William up I had my breakfast - Korean rice cake . After William done then woke Carmen up then we enjoy the breakfast and mum's back home to fetch us out ! It's really early and we're totally blur . We went to aunty may's house to meet her up and out to shop furniture . The aunties bought 1 dollar shirt and Carmen and I bought a jelly lens wide angle thing and it's cost 5 dollar ' someone gonna scold me for buying that .' but it's really cool I will take some example for you guys next time . =X Then went back to aunty may's house to drop another aunty down then out again to find some more furniture ! My bro got a bed today is in black and leather . ' gosh ! I love it but It's only in queen .' after that we have got a TV cabinet and It looks GREAT ! I'm in love with that and It's only 1700 + NZD with lots of things a and 'cause of that cabinet we change our LCD from 55 inch to 41 inch ! I'm super duper happy ! what else we bough ?I've forgotten but the important thing is that I haven got my bed yet ! == my room is too small for me to put a double bed so I shall choose something nice and it's in king single bed . =D then after that we went back to aunty may's house to have dinner ! and played cards with Natalie and Justin ' Justin's CRAZY .' tomorrow is another day for furniture , dining table , bed and some carpets for my room ! =D

big P and S again ;
urgent ! opinion for my room paint please . I'm headache about that once again .

some words to say is ...
ignore THIS if you want to .
dear diary , I'm here again with the bloody mood . What should I do when I'm alone online and being speechless to everyone . Every time I want someone to talk to there's no one and when I wanna chat I don't know what to start with but when I saw someone I want to talk to I dont even bother to say hi and bye . I'm just waiting someone to chat with me at first . What am I think about ? I need help . =(

.. tubuoyhtiwtahcotsevol
nothing else i can say ,
I'm crazy , BITCH !

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To my damn beloved .

Tell me you hate me more
than you love me .

Memories of games .

Let's see what's the day start with ? When somewhere around East Temaki today for matress and we decided to buy that , left the design of bed only . However , after buy that went to Sylvia Park 'the best shopping mall in NZ .' What can I say the weather today is freezing so we didn't walk the whole thing . =D orh , another P and S for the shopping mall is there got a shop for Sticky sweet and is nearly Easter Day they've got rabbit inside the sticky sweet ! 'It's more cheaper than M'sia and they've more flavor there .' I love it ! I bought a Smiggle's pencil case today , It's cute picture will be upload in the next post ! Let's continue , after the shopping moment went back house then meet up with my lappy again ! Fb , tweet , pluck and click click . These are what I did when i meet my lappy up . However , I did Webcammy with Gipo , Hoe , Brenda and Kelvin today ! Other than them I also webcammy with my dearest , JOJO ! I miss her like hell wey ! opp , i did took photos all in fb ! =D thanks to Benjamin Choo !

another start from ...
Freaking school , as you guys can see my previous post I wrote I will be going to school tomorrow morning but now the interview has been cancel ! So I might continue my bored life again ! So Friday I gonna get my new house but still need around 1 month for renovation .

. evolniebotsetahnixaij

Monday, March 15, 2010

The though of her life .

Is just simple and a A4 paper .

The day is simple , cold and sunny ! What should I start with ... when to the lawyer's office today around 4 , after meeting up with him/her went to Albany Mall to buy something like pajamas and lalala . Then went to have my dinner , guess what my favorite for my dinner ! Japanese food , I love it the ox tongue is super duper yummy ! I know is a bit disgusting but I think is great to eat it , hehe . Try it before you say disgusting ! After dinner went back home then I have a chat with AshleyHong and webcammy ! She look so mature than i though , hehe . However , I had a short chat with her and sze who else ... what can I say i nearly everyday chat with Sze nowadays and I really miss her . I miss her with a big smile , a loud voice , a shy face while spotting hot guys , a kiss on my ass , her hands on someone boobs *everyone gets it before including me* , a long story , scolding teachers and also miss her with the big boobs ! haha , she gonna kill me if she sees these but still I really miss her , Foo Xue Sze ! By the way , one thing to say about my status in fb 'I'm in a relationship but not true and it's complicated to explain .'

Another words to someone ;
according to the someone said that he's my blog supporter but now I'm telling you that , I haven move in to my new house so please dont ask me about the stuff around the house and I haven got into school so dont ask me about the school stuff like boys and hot chicks . Don't tell me you're my supporter if you didn't see this post !
p/s : you own me a long chat , bitch !

A short story of me and Joe ;
I can't stop laughing at him and I told him the truth of me and hubby , PhangSaikHoe . He's so adorable until he believes me and hoe is together when I tell him the truth he says is good to see you two together and I was like WTH ? I wont 'cause i think I know him well I wont fall in love with him but I really love him as a big brother or sister ? =D He gonna kill me if he sees this . However , just want to say I love you guys as well !

big P and S :
Wednesday is the day for me to go interview hope I can get in this time not like last two times , I'm bored at home God bless me on Wednesday . Love me , appreciate and forget me .

. emohymtahctybtahtetahI

You're involve in my wonderland .

You're in my mind , boy .

Woke up in the late morning and aunty Christina called to out for lunch ! 'yesh , i'm a lazy dumb !' Then I took my bath we went out for our HOT lunch ! as aunty Christina suggest us a Shanghai's restaurant and is really HOT ! is really good to have it in winter by the way today's weather is really cold . According to my sis this year's winter will be freezing , but i don't know right or wrong should be right i think . Forget about the weather just to say that restaurant is with good taste but is too hot ... Let's see how hot is it . =X

spot her lips ?
Is totally RED !!!

oh , before our lunch I went to shop around at Takapuna and i bought a shirt i love it ! =D After our lunch went back to house and surf the web *just doing the same thing everyday* . Mum prepare for dinner . Will and James went to ' fish-a-fish ' then they back and have lunch and is time for our time MOVIE !!! The second time I watch movie in NZ . Ofcz i love it . =D

I watched Alice In Wonderland .
I think the movie is alright not that nice as I imagined .

before the movie i did this .
went in and I took this .
p/s : i forgot to on silent when i took this photo *chik-chak* the people around me was starring at me . =X

after movie went out the car park looks quite scary !
Imagine everywhere is with zombies .

while waiting for something i did these .

Then we went back home ; End of the day .

You're in my wonderland with a big smile and a funny laugh . Although , i don't know why you were there but I think this meant to be something . No one knows about it unless i find it out or figure it out using my ' genius brain ' .

So Long Suckers ; Kiss My Ass !

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Enjoy the little things .

Let's see what date is today ? 14th of March ? anyone birth on today ? in 1994 ?
questions is turning round and round in my head ! gosh !!! i cant remember is who . Let's refresh your mind and see ... in 2010 , 1401 is for TCW , 0402 is for hubby PhangSaikHoe , 1802 is for CarmenPang , 1902 is for TKH , 2702 is for TeeJerVenn and now is HER turns . =D
her ? which her ? Oh i remember !!! Is my Honey ! My first and be loved honey .... what's the name ? er .....

Ng JiaynG !

'ofcz , i remember my first honey's name .'

Let's scroll down and see what i have did to you .
you might not be that surprise i think so .





















Almost reach ...

you made it !

You've reached a world with words .
Miss.Ng , although JessieTan don't know you that much but she do remember your birthday and also she wrote these to you .
with her lips on .

Are you happy yet Miss.Ng ?


This is the one JessieTan wrote without the 'hun' word ,
Sorry about that . =X

Maybe the next one you will be having a tick beside it !

Finally JessieTan wrote it in properly with a big smile there !
hahaha .

I'm sure this is not that enough for you but .....
I need to show you this .
CarmenTan ; please ignore her finger !
'this is the little things that happened while I'm doing these for Miss.Ng .'

Don't give up scroll down !!!!!

This is JessieTan wishing her hun with a big smile but
pimple is on her face so she didn't show her teeth !
Sorry about that !

There are MORE !
scroll !!!

oppsy ! JessieTan just did something wrong !
this picture is more normal to others .

Scroll hun , scroll !!!!!!!!

this is the word she(JessieTan) want to call you face to face !
HUN !!!!

scroll !!!!

the last sentences she wants to make is just a simple wish !

Happy Birthday NgJiaYng !

the only hun for JessieTan .

what I plan doesn't work but I think i can make it next time .
Sorry and I love you !


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