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Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy B'day Kick Walk Van!!!
Sory for nt goin today.
wish u have a great time n All the best!!!


Today is the dad which my dad came back from Nz. i miss him act. bcz we can talk n i wanna buy camera de things can tell hi, n also bout my teeth.
I was excited bout the present of he's bringin bac from Nz. cz is from my sis!!!the 1st thing i do to the bags is find my present.wakaka. gt 3 shorts! n 1 'nigmare geh things'.ps lar i noe gt a bit weird. n i did find my Jojo's shirt! is black! haha n i finally noes tat my dog now hw to take out it's shirt! geng lerh!
the things form Nz. thx CARMEN!
1st is the skinny jeans.
2nd is tis! is short!!! n i think i gonna wear it at home only. is very very short!!!!
I luv tis. lenqlenq~
n tis also. is nightmare!!!

haha. jie! u gt ur 'KariKari beach choc'. i gt Godiva lerh! wakka.. only 10 pics lar.u come bac i buy for u. 20 pics geh! XDD

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ntg much happened today.
gt 1 is bout Fatt de lor~ thn one more is bout lunch time lor~ haha[we the attitube u have]

n I called ynG! wif Weng's phone he hang up her phone without telling lerh! Bad!!! I miss my honey voice!! at 1st dunno gt answer it.thn she thought I am Jing.n MY HEART HAS BROKE jor~~~T.T ynG dunno who am I!!! nvm lar. at last also gt chat a while only. tomoro call u again!!

Fatt geh things. is kind a shock! cz gt ppl du lan him till gt reason haha. he say wanna gang bang wor~ n say tat he wan diu tat person who write tis letter. i mean type! hehe...

Lunch Time.
bout sumthing lor~ haha pei ,sze,xuan n wei noe it de lar. wakakka!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

teeeeheeee . XD

wakaka. today get a called from Gacee!! i miss him. n i miss her voice so much. n i miss evrything bout her~ her smile , her face her attitube! wakaka. i really miss her lerh! Whn i get her call i dunno who izit acctually haha. bt i heard tat was a sound like my Gace babee.. hehe. thn I knew my babae.. have call me. i wanna continue chat de lor. bt dunno y the line catch n i cant heard wat she said. hehe. bt still I heard her voice is enought! hehe.
n i noe u have a great time there whn u r talking to ur friends. in sing. u were MATURE!! wakkaka. I miss the dao gei gace!

x I miss her n her.
o Baobeii men i did miss u sumtimes.
x I have a big 'L'
o I wish u were here n always!

J e s s .

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today. didt went to skul lar. ps lar.
As i noe my class gt me,jing n choon wei didt go.
n I thought today will gt many ppl go tim...

p/s: Dear Dear/bao bei men. I noe 'ling ling didt go lerh! hehe~ kind of miss him today.

x I miss him today.
o If gt happen I wish I can.
x baobei men only u is the best!
o others sucks!

J e s s .

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blah Blah Blah~

Today went to my aunt's house cz her mother's brother came bac from Canada. [long way to go.]
Uncle was a nice guys. he went to Hk before he came here. he went there for 3 months. n he came here...n today we celebrate him to come bac! my mum n aunties cook! all is 'hakka' food! is yummy! bt very sien at there. ntg to do. i reach my aunt house bout 5. bt my reach reach there at 2! hehe cz i didt follow her car. I went to M.v to catch up the uncle. he wait us at Dome the front door. n all of us dunno hw is his face . haha bt my cousin knew it. hehe. However i still remember his son is very leng zai!! haha. the disopoint thing is he didt came bac tis time. haha. nvm de lar. thn after catching him up thn we really went to aunty's house n hepl them cook. I DID cook anyway. hehe can eat de lerh. bt a bit salty. hehe ps lar. thn all aunt n uncle chat! aiyoyo~ left us sit in front of the TV n watch 'The Million Star' & the 'MY FM' geh dunno. hehe.round 9.45 all of us prepare to go bac. n I reach house round 10:35. abit late cz of my bro...
Tat's all for today...XD

x No nid wrap my leg tomoro~ =]
o waiting for the answer bout Friday.
x Wait u for evrytime.
o Need u from nw on!

J e s s .

Sunday, February 22, 2009

bla bla bla...

Jz reach home. a bit tired.

jz watch finish 游龙戏风 (Look For A Star) ...kind a funny sum of the parts. i was late! In to the cinema hall..hehe. ps lar.I like the 何韵诗 in tis movie. she was great n i like her style in the movie soo much!! Almost the whole day also watching drama n movie. n is too bored! haiz. I Miss Him sunddely,dunno y!? haiz...=[ oh yar. today go n see doctor bout my stupid leg. is ok lar BT still nid to put gel in it. n wrap it like 'POTATO'... aiyo~ bu suang lar. thn went to mum's shop n stay inside do ntg. sespose to have tution bt tat teacher mau go bac Melaka n take sumthing thn bac tomoro. haha. means today can skip tat tuition luu...hehe....

tis is the poster of it...
I think Ntg much happened today.
p/s: i saw sumthing. n I like it. I wanna buy it for u. bt cant cz u wunt accept it.. [i knew it!]

J e s s .

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Nt In Mood!!!!

I hate today...

Stupid BM teacher. CHUAH?!

diu de lar.ask me to call my mum n tell her tat i didt do 4 karangan orh?! WTF only didt do 3 lar. aunty! jz scold ppl like tat.n nw i jz noe hw stupid am I. i really call my mum bt y ONG CHOON WEI no nid?! cz he gt sis?! yer~ so unfair bt i noe if choone wei's parents noe tat also ntg de lar. haiz....n the komsas i have do u still write the comment till big big i let u check still wanna scold me. u siao a?! after tat I jiu du lan lor~ keep on scold scold scold others u dun scold only scold me n choon wei?! nt fair lar. u sucks! nt only me n choon wei didt pass up the stupid karangan book lerh! thn ntg else bout the period. n tat stupid KH sucks lar. wanna do a short presentation of MC.D aiyer~ i dun wan lar. bt mz gt marks de.. n the MC.D is sicks. mz act lar.

after skul Quan [lao po] came to skul n visit us. she lenq jor~ BT she dun care me jor~ haha. jk de lar. she still care bout all of us. luv her soo much!! n she gave me a thing act i didt noe so much bout the things bt! i like it so much! thx LAO PO!!

haiz. kena diao by my mum the 5th time... beh tahan liao de lerh~ 1st time is whn i went to tuition. thn she scold scold scold. 2nd time AGAIN! she said tat she gif me too freedom wor~ wanna make more tuition for me,. thn i say u make more i have no time to do hw.. haha. thn 3rd time is whn me n my cousins were chatting bout NZ she ask me y i didt do my hw. thn i say i dunno n im nt interested in it. 4th time is whn we having dinner. she scold AGAIN n AGAIN! thn same thing. aiyoyor~~~~ cant tahan lerh. still thinking hw to do the karangan monday wanna pass up to tat stupid nenek chuah. haiz. at least i gt pass up others book lor~ haiz....
I twisted my leg AGAIN!?

Friday, February 20, 2009


Ntg much happen act. cz im jz trying to gif my honey update...
hehe[i didt forget.]

Today is Kh b'day.
n many ppl wish him n me wish him for 4 times in skul. thn i noe fatt wished him round 3 times. others i dunno lar. i think he is kind of happy today. [dunno jz feel it.]
thn after skul me,sze & pei go to od to see the bsb match bt they were jz choosing the student who represent the skul to play bsb... at 1K [i think if im nt wrong]
thn whn we wanna reach od sze's dad came. is so early lar...
thn jing's aunty come left me n pei as we noe tat there is no basketball match for today. we go to canteen n chat a while without any others topic. except tat. haha, thn my mum came round 4 thn i go bac thn pei go to the front door n wait for her dad...
thn after skul go to Petaling Street buy sum things thn go to Jln Davidson wait for my bro.
thn ntg much i think oh yar~ gt tuition at the do the whole day maths!!!!!!
sien sei lor~~~

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy B'day...
Kah Hui.
althought i dunno u very well. bt tis is the 5th time i wish u hehe.
ps lar.
Happy b'day n wish all ur wishes come true n tomoro have a great day... =]]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Jz a day wif sum sadness..

1st- Today is the 2nd day of club & society geh koko. is jz the same i cant get in to Eng club tat stupid jiwa kick me out of tat club.. n I went to the club which wif nurd n with all girl which 'asdfasdasgsg' jz 5 girl in BM club at first i gt think tat wanna go to find Ms.Mala bt i dun dare to go dunno y.. hate it. n go in to BM clud for real i wrote my name inside n doin jz a member. cz im the latest who in. hate it! cant get any marks for it. T_T
I hate JEEVA!!!!!!

2nd- if u all wanna say ppl bad words wif a joke!? plz dun it will hurt n cant guess anything wat u all trying to say. jz say it out if u wanna say ppl badwords. althought i hate it...

3rd- leng luii nt at skul.
the things happened.=]]

thx for the books 3K's student.
n sory SoHai cant help u keep ur maths text book.
btw also thx for the song. =]




I jz view finish my sis's blog the pic i like in her post is tis

let me think dou sumthing. hehe XD

Pang Carmen!!!

wow. the xiao mie mei is gonna bcome bigger..haha. ppl b'day lar. tomoro will receive dou 1 bottle tim. wakakak.
Jess wish u Happy B'day. n all the best in ur study.
& & &
Wish all ur wishes come true A.S.A.P!!
Pang Carmen!!!


Today, ntg much happen. i jz remember tat tomoro is Carmen b'day. kind a happy or ..
haha ntg much lar.
bt i noe tat todya. we had our fire drill. HOT!! =[
n is during B.M n Nathan's period. kind of sien. cz i wish to have it during kang's period. hehe
ps lar. tomoro wanna let tat stupid kang check my skirt AGAIN!!!
ynG. i tell u yesterday geh things. plz dun tell anyone. including ur 'bla bla bla'...=]
Miss u...
n finally my sis gt in to dunno wat high skul!
Good Luck sis!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Just chat finish wif ynG.
im sory for telling u tat.
n nw i now the Ng Jiayng [my HONEY!!!] is like tat. hahah

she was like :@@@@

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

J e s s . ♥ says:
ok la. let u fa xie here.

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

J e s s . ♥ says:
thn i copy every thing to my blog

J e s s . ♥ says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:
hshshguso3etijghoeilhknbgfkh,bnre09dofjbnesrg besrkgtjh erljgserltjgseiorltgk

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:

[c=47]Yng at perth [/c] says:
i'm done..

i was like wow. finally my HONEY stop it. bt you feel better is ok rdy. =]]

n i did tell her wat am I goin to do on next v'day. feel like giving bt also feel nt. er.. Im sory ynG! im nt goin to tell again! =]]]
luv u n miss u geh HOney!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Heard he said tat.
kind a sad. bt ppl still valentine also nid to pak tor de..
Im ok wif tat.
still thinking wanna go anot lerh!? scat can . bt is only me? [a girl ]
bt hope to go so. hehe. cz of sum reason... bt i scat will gang gak. hehe

looking at u. i cant tell so.
bt nw i can!
I noe that ur realationship were goin' well
I also noe tat there's no reason your name should come up on my cell
Unless you're unhappy but that shouldn't be the case .
cz u said tat she's the only one for u.
n yes! u were in luv wif her .
althought i dun have u before bt I never agreed.
'Cause I can't take you back NO my heart won't let me
Wanna runnin' back to the past it was you all around my cell.
I cant have it. n my relationship ain't not well.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Is Valentine's day now!
hw izit? having a good time couple!?n i noe tat the couples are meeting tomoro n pak tor.dunno u n her gt go pak tor anot lerh?!as i noe is gt. bt i really wan the truth. =]

I'm waiting the time to comes. n waiting u to gif the things. wat do u think about me? i wan the answer? like shyt? or jz a girl which sux n no disiplin?! i wanna ask u bt im nt brave at all to ask u tis kind of question. = i wounld like to noe. hw the time in my life was ? anyone noes? I noe i think. is sux n waiting a person who is couple wif a girl n wasteing my life wif the boy! althought i willing bt u dunt! isn't it?!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Act. who will realize tat?
i luv him.
i like him too. XD

Kena caught by Kang AGAIN!
tis week alrdy the 3rd time. i let her catch till i sein jor~
n i dun realize tat my skirt is low everytime.
n i hope u understant all of the girl's socks. plz dun jz catch me.
im nt interestes in tis kind of catching games.
I knew tat.
No valentine for me.
every person did have.
n almost is the same date[DOB] wif me. 2 person also have?!
i hate tat feel. i jz thinking bac all things tat happened.ntg much i noe i have no chance.
I hope i have a great 'black valentine'...
can celebrate wif SINGLE! nt all those rubbish couple. i do luv him!
I dun feel like goin out.
& I hope u can explain tat sentence.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Skul life sucks!!!!!

I hate today.
every teacher hates me!
all is ah kang dogs! Hate it.
2 teacher told me before tat the whole office has gt my name in there to send lai send qu. all teacher looks at me whn they noe is Jessie .
is sucks lar. i nvr hate it so much de lor. till today another teacher tell me again the whole office send the msg out again is tat kang do geh! I noe i dun have good result n dun have pretty face n also no disiplin at all. so? i like it. tat is my ATTITUBE! bt to u jing is the best n prefect is the best! No one u will care. expect tis kind of student!!!
another thing is bout kang again~
science calss...she keep on ask my question. n she jz call me to write the sentence tat i wrong other ppl no nid~ i noe is MY own good. bt i dun like it.
u hate me? wait lar. still gt few more months u cant see me jor~ i noe SM gt sooooo much student dun wan me also can de...SO? however, i would like to stay here till i go away from tis stupid skul life~!
other thn tis guess wad?!
Kang agian lar. i always the wrong other is good.
is the time the Bs lost.
Club?! diu!!
i 1 person in BM only. u let me in CSS geh also nvm orh~ i hate BM! my BM fail so?? ntg will help me in BM whn im gone. althought it is important is no help for me.
except me still gt who?! no one in Bs is wif me.
Jing,Ash,Venn go enviromment.
sze,pei,xuan,wei in Eng clud.
sux lar. i wanna go Eng club!!!!
i hate BM~~~~~~
thn KRS bac?! i dunno y my tears come out is cz of wat?!

I luv him. he hates me.
ntg much. i noe evrybody hates me n du lan me ...
Im sory to u all.
P/S: Pang Carmen . Fri i think i can go. bt nt tomoro. cz gt tuition. very tired geh~

uoy rof tsuj si sgniht hcum os od I


the principle is really sux!!!
amsembly only also nid to reply 5 time + the same thing as well.
todya still kenal cought by tat kang!!!
in the assembly lar.[breake time]
the whole upper from looking at me lar. very fish argggg
tat mala still like a dog repeat wat kang said to me.
it sux!!!
n i most du lan is tat he/she becz of tat thn can scold ppl diu~
he/she nvr think bour ppl feelings de lor. jz bout he/she ownself!!!

He/she make joke wif me. i was like 'huh'?
bt he/she really said tat.
i luv it. i jz hope me n him/her can hold tis thing long till i leave...
& & &
Xuan. i like it so much bout the lunch time things u do.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine ?!

Today is chinese calender geh valentine!
Already heard many ppl soing out. n sum of my friends did ask me wheather gt go out anot?!
i was like 'today nt valentine y wanna go out?!'
thn they was like chinese calender geh valentine wad.
zd a bit lor.
she did ask me gt anot?! i was like. dunno.
cant do anything today, or on saturday...
jz a single n jz can gif opinion for those present n place ...
i noe i dun even have once.

wish he/she have a great time tat day ... =

Monday, February 9, 2009


Aiyo~ heard tat ther have a great time lerh.
miss Gace.
saw those pic~ =] bt i was thinking y kh didt go?!
\so weird geh?
Jing mz b sad.. hehe
n i did receive it.
Hate tat feeling.
bt I luv it .
Nw at my aunt place dunno till wat time tim. SIEN arh!!!!

Jess is SICK!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Carmen! tis is the post the boy sleep!!

It's the girl~ the post jz like Jojo.

the two little thing in my house.

=\ or =/

she say wanna go T.S de.
DaiBs 就只有3-4个人去而已.

Hope u have ur great time there!
luv u...
I hope that bt i cant have it.
I dunno wat can i do to help u.


Today. skul had celebrate CNY.
is sien!
BT i like the Drumer very well..
he was rox. n leng zai~~~
n the HITZ.FM geh DJ!
was cool. like it so much~!
n the worst part is the *S.H.E* diu! my S.H.E no more image jor~
tat form 1 girl sucks lar.! sing till like tat still wanna continue.
I like the ending~ hahax. cz of THL! there were cute. the ending pose~
was like wow~ yeng n cute. haha.


Saw evrything happen form u today .
althought i cant say it loud .
bt i really wanna care bout you .
n u did nt noe at all .
i hope we can stand tis relationship till whn i go .
bt i hope u will have ur own sweet time wif him/her .
if can i really hope tat i was beside u everytime u need .
SoHai! Cheer~~~

Thursday, February 5, 2009

wakaka .

Today is Saik hoe b'day.. bt also is my dog's [Jojo] babies b'day.
it gave birth tis morning.
1 girl n 1 boy.. the girl come out at 8 sumthing n boy is 10 sumthing .

Is the boy.. it come out the second.

like pig only. haha

Whole family de lar..[no husband .] =]

Sister n Brother~ hahax

Tat's all bout today. n my dog!!!
& & &
Carmen Tan. in the morning when mum calls u she cried bout u...

Happy B'day to Phang Saik Hoe!!!
sory 4 ur late wish lar..
btw , wish all ur wishes come true..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


kind da happy today.
hahax for sum reason.
n i say tat i gif him tat.
hope he like it. n i noe is too big for his tis kind of size.. bt no more size jor~
pai seh lar~ :)

1st day of tuition wif Jing..
at first Jing was *acting* as a good girl which also like very scat Sir.
bt it NT! tat Thang Yi-Jing bully ppl orh.
keep on scoldin ppl n wanna share paper also cant.. hahax.
quite fun n we had a graet day.
bt wif lots of HW!
Maths n Geog arh!!!

J e s s . ♥

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Jz bac from Jing's house...
have lots of FUN!!!
Yesterday nite.. we slept at 2 sumthing [nt sure]
before we slept we played "Truth or Dare"~~
n ask each others many things.
nat is the most n jing too.
me only once! hahax
bt the once is sucks! cz of jing's idea to dare me.
thn round 4o'clock.
tat stupid David Wong & Ong Choon Wei call me, Jing & Nat are talking rubbish all those diu gai de things.
thn we play play play till 4.36AM jz let us sleep.
bt we 5 mz wake up de coke geh. bt jing say beh tahan dun wan to cock jor~ thn sleep sleep xia. till 10 jor~ hahax.
thn we clean ourself thn go to yum cha...[dim sum!!]
thn go to Mid Valley.
brought Yuin present.
[bt ps lar.. very small only.]
act wanna buy big geh scat u dun wan only.
thn walk walk walk. till Jusco jing n pei go n playu inside the akade.
quite fun de lar. thn walk again.
more things duno who de blog gt. hehe
lazy to blog lar...

o Gt took pic la.
x At Nat's camera.
o Upload ASAP

Monday, February 2, 2009


nw in jing's place..
quite happy wif the day!!!
we took many pics...all 38 geh~!!!
[upload AFAP]
even pei also gt take pic lar.
Me , Nat ,Pei & Jing here~
hahax...happy n full.
nw sepose to b in OLD TOWN bt jing's dad dun wanna bring us go.
thn nvm luu.
tomoro goin to cook breakeast 4 jing's parents. hahax
thinking wat to cook.
update soon cz all pic in nat's camera.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

ynG!!! =]


chat wif ynG today~
as i noe. i force her to make a new post wif me in her blog.
bt she sais i have rdy.
thn i say u gt ur cousin sis geh so much y i cant have lerh.
thn she gif me zha dao.
n we also gt took pic lar. hahax.

really miss her lar.

we still sweet! hahax

the connection there was slow.n hard to see each other..i took many pic bt tis 2 is the leng wans.

luv it!!!

YNG!!! I miss u~~~

2 days 1 nite trip .

Went to Melaka on Friday.
wif my JOJO!! hahax
it has lots of fun there. n she also get ang pao orh!!
ntg much jz have lots of things to eat~
n is delicious..hahax.

the 1st day wen to eat 'Ikan Bakar' n 'Nyoya' food.
cz reach there also afternoon jor~ at nite we also gt go to the street dunno call wad.
walk walk walk.
thn went to eat agian.
we ate 'SATAY CELUP' 5 ppl eat 56stick.
n 1 stick is 60sen only.. hahax[chep~!]
n i saw the REAL dragon in a video flying at the sky is so long..
can believe tat gt dragon in tis world.
n i sleep at 2o'clock lar..
dun tired at all.. bt i noe is full!

the next day gonna check out luu..
after check out went to eat '鸡粒饭'bt my bro call it as fish ball rice..
after tat jz go bac home n bath go out again to bai nian..
bt im nt tired at all..
the most tired is my DOG! [JOJO]
many thing it saw in Melaka.

p/s: tomoro goin to Jing's house to overnight! =]

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