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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sigh sigh sigh !

everything seems to be so unfair on this planet !

we spend our days just like a spoiled disc .
We play it and it keeps on replay , it was just exactly the same everyday .
we played ; laughed ; sleep ; eat ; chat ; gossip ; get scolded and also got strike .
I though of this everyday .
What am I living for ?
think to myself ..
Everything goes great .
One second ; I'm flying high in the sky
But what goes up must come down .
and it all falls back on me and everything goes wrong
and i turn around get sad , lonely and desabled .
Why must it happen ?
So , why cant it kicks me when I'm down ?

I think life is unfair !
why would it be ?
everything about humans are unfair .
How unfair you treat me ?
How unfair the way you talk to me ?
How unfair that the world had got poor people ?
everything seems to be unfair to me ...
I don't know what other thinks about but i do think that my friends are being to unfair to each other .
They won't forgive a person which just did one thing wrong to them .
They won't get trust to a person deeply .
They won't think of others .
They will forget how people treat them as last time .
They will forget the one who is not here .
They will just rob the shoe of the leader .
They are such a ' fishmonger ' !
Sorry , I did say a bit over but still I don't think friends shouldn't be like that .
Even though I think i'm out of the group ...
I don't get trust from you guys ,
that's why I think of that .
Everything is out of my mind !
What I though about you guys are totally out !!!

Sometime not even friends are , family is unfair too ..
' to be continue ... '
life change ; people changed .

My love quotes of the day ;

Love recognizes no barriers .
It jumps over hurdles , leaps fences ,
penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope

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