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Saturday, January 9, 2010

new year ; new situation ! <3

I missed the old days ,
we seem to be happier than now .

I went back to SM again !
thanks to the Ong Choon Wei
he plan this and he ffk !.
and yet i went with Carmen and Hoe at first .
the same time we reach , during their lunch !
I went to canteen .
and i saw the gang and Brenda but
I saw G - po at first !
she's the same like last time with a jacket !
after chat a while we went to hoe's house and met up Harry , Quan ,EnPei and Jing .
then went back to sm again !
let them touched har then we ' Hoe , Carmen , Harry , Quan , Brenda and I '
went to T.S .
and met up gipo again .
after that harry wanted to have his work .
so we accompany him to car park !
and yet something do happen !
we saw zombies and children ran towards that Brenda Ng !!!!!
after that ,
left us and yet we wanted to find the Instax 210 but the reason is totally zero !
now i only know that the camera is brand new !
It doesn't sell in Malaysia ....
Da wanted to take those passport picture for the school so we waited her 20 minutes for the freak picture ! XD

after that we went back to Hoe's house .
I waited my mum fetch me to tuition .
then around 9 something
Gipo fetch me and William back to hoe's house ,
we did the same thing as that day . =D

New pictures for quan's instax mini !

and all is in my house !

11 ,
I'm now at home
I was checking those New Zealand things
like housing , cars , school zoning , transport and the air ticket's time !
and yet I will be leaving on the 18th of February afternoon .
I'm so damn excited with it but
i did have something to miss
Jojo , them , them and them .
' I can't mention it out sorry ! '
after i checked those stuff when i checked my mail
my cousin sis who studies in Japan she bought me this .

yes ! is the camera i want !
the camera cost 10000 yen equal to RM 400 + .
I'm asking her did it include the film .
hehe .
I'm so damn hyper now !!!!
wootsssss . <3>

random stuff .
My brother found this today when
he packed his Gundam up .


I hope we'll have a time like today again !
remember fill her with colours .

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