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Sunday, January 24, 2010

backkk .

back from Genting .

Saturday 230110 ,
went up to Genting to watch that concert which sponsor by Astro and My fm .
although I don't like MY FM but still i went to see THEM !
OMG ! i shook hand with ; Nicholas , Eason and Kay .
but still i like Eason's ! XD
we ' carmen , meng hu , kien hao , foo sang and weng jun ' went to .
only carmen , meng hu , foo sang and I went in first !
so lets see where we sat ...

we just can only see the back stage .

before it starts .
It's empty !!!!
* kisssss *
tickets .
I forgot who were this .
BLUE J; 梁文音
谢安琪 。
OMG ! she looks ugly in this photo . sorry !
陈奕迅 。
can you imagine who near i stand with them ! WTFFF .
方大同 is so good looking !!!!

getting started .
* i took lots of video !!! *
Meng Hu looked like a lady bird !

after we the show we been chased by a paparazzi .
and we ran all over the hill to the cable car .
back to Kien Hao's house which is in genting and over night .
our dinner are 4 packets of HAR MEE .
2 something get to our dreams .
I woke up 4 times from my dream . ==

Sunday ; 240110 .
woke up at 10 .
went out of his house walk to the club .
before we out we spotted his hosue got a big flag of China ! =D

No pictures ?
then went to the strawberry park which is near by .
is quite big there .
then dad came back home tuition again !

25days to go ; surprise please .

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