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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ShiSah .

what's the different ?
Went to course again !
fetched by my sis back and go
back was accompany with Poh Ying ..
than went to ' LouHongKong ' for a dinner with those aunties but still have WaiTeng .
after that went to Yin Ying's house 'cause she had some problem with her love .
so went to calm her and out to yum cha
meet up Harry and KahYan at 118 then go to ABC for shisah !
muahahha .
I took grapes favorite .
I though it would be fun but.....
it sucks !
i wont be trying again for that freaking smoke ~
then fetch them back home
then home sweet home again .

22 days to go ; time for some miracles

Words from my heart ;

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