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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I thought that. bt the truth is not !

Damn you  !
Sei fark face !
Jv , if you dun believe me !
i cant force you 
if you just listen to wad others tell u .
thn u continue wrong lar.
all you said is truth la.
i told you u think wrong thn u said all those things again !?
u like lar.. ur mind is urs i cant force you to think all those things ....

Tomoro Sport's day le ...
dunno hw to make fake run ! 
mayb goin out .
still nt sure. haha 
ntg much happened today .
a !
got !
me n jing again .
Kang . lol
she hit my butt once !
damn fish ! + pain !!!
everyone looking at me n jing while she helping us to tuck in our shirt n pull my skirt up .
diu !
bac to class everyone learn form kang .
lol. come come come piak ! in front of me !
blek . 
damn her . n u all. =@
ntg much le.. miss everything !
I up my maple lvl luu. =)

x I hate you more than I can say  !
o Yeah , I tell lies to you . if u think that !
x Fake  ? lol. wunt .
o tomoro, take pic. babe.... =)

J e s s .

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I dunno what happened to u two ...

Today .
Sien a .....
Fark face !
Saw her eye contact with her .
dunno what happen to u two .
Bt i sure is cz of her .
dunno y lar...
haiz .
I wish ntg will happen next !
Today kang told us .
during the holiday we're having extra science class AGAIN !
haiz.. tis time more sei !
2 week holidays 1 week is having science pulak  ?!
i dun wan SCIENCE !!!
Peter told us yesterday tat.
out school goin to have sewing name tag n school socks !
a.... i dun wan ! sure very ugly n long ~~~ GREEN again?!
ntg much le .
I knew sumthing now !
OCW . 
please help me . =)
thx ~~~~

to bobo : Let you BOOM dao . + *perasan* . lols . swt nia ...

x er ... Sports day ? a... dunno hw .
o Yea ... I do geh things all wrong only she's the best !
x I hate school life !
o Peter ?! yakkkk ~~~~ puii

J e s s .

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All is my wrong . I think it without using my farking brain !

Today my LaoPo jing didt came to skul .
at 1st lar..
thn after while join my BaoBei Fatt n lik hong they all.
Chat n chat n chat pulak.
bt i cant join their topics all is game n SEX !?
bt boys is like tat de la.. guan le .
thn act wanna join dada geh. 
But! she got my xian xian so cant do anythings to her lor .
NVM i lend u him 1st .. =)

So stupid tis rubbish 1st .
I wanna say geh is .
I am sorry to  him !
Although u dunno wat happen bt i reall notice it !
I'm using my farking brain to think those farking things !
Ji Pet ~!

x I really wan to apologize !
o Forgive me please !!!
x You are getting worse !
o Stop it can a? That's my friend !

J e s s .

Alone . 
Always for sure !
No one can see the pain that we hide,
They're happy for us to keep it inside,
Our fear is our own; they don't want to know,
Why sould we involve them; why should it show.

You live your whole life in confusion and fear,
The need to feel something unbearably near,
Half of you living, Half of you gone,
And inside you know what your doing is wrong.

The thing's that can help, the thing's that may heal,
Are the flame or the blade and the sting of the steel,
The destruction of skin means the death of your soul,
But there's nowhere to run when your living alone.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to you .
Happy birthday to you .
Happy Birthday to my babee Gace!
Happy Birthday to you !
* huuuu * ( u blow ur candle )
Sei Yeh ! you sure nvr miss me lor . haiz .
suan le lar. 

Today is Grace Ng Tze Huey geh b'day .
She sure very happy at there lor .
miss her lerh . see she on9 now le . ask her view tis post sin ..

Happy B'day my babeee.. =)

All I want is you . nt with her ...

Hell ?!
I'm in .
Hw's today ? 
My mood getting moody . 
haiz . 
many ppl aks me who's the bytch . 
guys , is ntg all is my own prob nt urs or you ... 
Carmen Pang ! 
The bytch not you lar.. 
where got ppl so stupid think us her own self de ?! 
Siao ...
weii , thank you for giving a smile . ILY !
jing ,sorry not telling you . bt i really dun wan the mood to tell.
OCW , really ntg lar. all is my prob .
weng , ntg lar ... n dun please dun ask bout y i hate tat name !!
ynG , tat's my promise ! I wunt say it out . ily ...
yuin , i dun really understand wat u said in last few days geh msg .

x I heard wat they said .
o Fatt , thx for telling me that .
x fake smile ?!
o awww ... sweet !

J e s s .

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I have ntg to say to you .

Siao ...
Today damn sien .
I was thinking weather wanna play Maple just now
whn i log in I have no mood to play rdy.
cz damn sien wanna wait tat stupid kpq .
thn i mah watch drama lor ...
'The King of snooker'
Damn nice ppl .
go n watch ...
after watching saw dada nudge me .
lols.guess wat ?!
she's in Saik Hoe's house n doin damn stupid geh things .
Saik hoe , Brenda n hq damn funny keep on put the hao face in the display pic.. haha
after chatting till half .
my dad brought a small plastic bag n inside it is phone!
fark !
more thn 20s Son's phone is inside .
n 1 my fav phone .
i want it!!!!

Arh!!!! I want it~~~ Is with my fav colour too... Damn it!

5800 a~~~~

x Damn! dun ask me wat happen .

o I get hurt . What you said !?

x Haiz . secret love .

o Secret friend .

J e s s .

Saturday, April 25, 2009

im so fucking stressed..

ntg happened today .
bt i heard she wat she said .
Mayb what u said to me is rite .
I really cant keep .
So ?
dun tell lar .
haiz ...
If you think i am tat kind of person thn u continue lar.
I dun care wat u said .
I am just doin my best to help u all.
nt only you .
n I am sorry if u think that i telling all tis kind of things to others ppl .
Okey i stop it here ...
Bout sports day .
Ms. Chuah Siew Ching called me to go sports day .
n i said i nt sure got go anot . cz she need me to help the prize giving geh things .
still deciding wanna go anot ?!
d0ng u going ?
xuan ?
Give me answer .=)

To ynG : I'm sorry .
To weii : Is okey . 
To you : If you think I am tat kind of person y dun you tell me face to face ?!
To you all : I need you al to trust me ... with your own heart!

x Im stressed .
o Y dun you tell me the truth ?!
x I get hurt .
o Ma de , Chou Hai!

J e s s .

Friday, April 24, 2009

May I know what is happening right now ?

School is as normal today .
Is just sumthing happened .
lols .
I think I shouldn't be there during lunch .
It was hurt do you know ?
Althought is not ur fault ...
But I know what I'm doing right now .
Yeah , I am wrong for doin this things .bt i cant control myself .
I wish that time I wasn't there .
LOLs .
key stop this things .
lets say about Jing .
Jing came to my house today .
haha. guess wad she told me in the morning without giving me ' xin li zun bei ' .
My house is sooooo messy n she came .
lols .
n I let her wear my shirt . n the shirt Kh has 1 too .
lols .
after playing com n bath thn we went to tuition together .
after tuition drive her bac to meet her dad thn we go bac luu ...
lols . ntg le lar. .
got also cant say it here .

p / s : 
To Baobeii , I guess u playing The Sims 2 . lols . btw thx for ur advice i try to accept it . =)

To weii , Babee... hope u are okay rite now ! if we dun tell u the truth it will always be a lie for u from him ... cheer ~

x Jing, please keep it as a secret between we two .
o I am so damn stupid .
x I just a daff .
o Babee ... Buddy ...

J e s s .

If she know that. 
For sure she's damn happy right now !

Thursday, April 23, 2009

All you have is her .

Guess wat?!
today we have almost 4 perios of science.
she forget bout our break time.
after 30 mins she just realize she missed the break .
Jing , gif her 'zha' . bt at last she zha bac her self..
So ?
I think ntg much happened today .
accept tis n the runners are all tired except him .
lol still got so many energy to play .

I get my TICKET!
lols. damn happy n i brought Rm 198 geh seat n it only cost 138.50 . lols
so cacat geh price .

Finished chat with bobo just now .
now I just realize the bet of the winner
must b you !
p/s : bobo. I help u tell him tomoro bout the bet yar..~ <3

x I also wan it!
o Michelle , the answer is always yes!
x I am waiting for you .
o Dolls .

J e s s .

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

恨一个人很难 , 爱一个人更难 ....

School ?
Sien .
now i really think i go school is only for fun n just having science class .
ntg much le .
except having science class i think i was just playing all the time .
wat about B.M , Maths & B.I .
i dun feel like learning them .
I was thinking if this word is stop for a moment n every pause dun ever play again it will be how ?
I think tis question only i think before no others isn't it ?! 
I'm waiting for the answer . bt for sure wait till i relive also dun have .
lols .

Today heard BaoBeii said tat if she have she wan to have it .
and I do wan to have it  bt i cant even forget sumthings happened at the time had passed .
Sorry ...
Tomorrow half of the school will go to the stadium for practice .
ofcz. i still deciding wanna go anot . if go will miss Kang's lesson .
if didt go wanna have kang's lessons. 
lols ... sien nia .

x I dun care wat they said .
o I am in love with you .
x Life ?
o Sucks !!!

J e s s .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ya , I'm not dare . So ?!

I want to say Sorry to Sze n SoHai .
I'm so sory for pushing sze n sory to the SoHai too .
lols .
sory to two of u ...

today skul was as normal .
Mala called me to bring the water i think . 
nt sure is wat . ofcz i so good where got money de lar. 
lols .
so i didt donate anything for John house .
so bad hor .
lesson will b shorted tomoro .
so ?
still got science nia .
Kang again .
she called me dun try to challenge her .
lol , i didt even try before la .
heloo . i think u 'wu fui wo liao ' ...

I felt tired .
I felt tired whn i view ur blog .
I flet tired when i realize tat i still love you .
I felt tired whn I am looking at you .
I felt tired whn you are with her .
I felt damn tired rite now .
I felt sorry to you too . 
I wish i can forget everything .
or even DIE !

x I am just an idiot .
o I am just the only one .
x I am sorry .
o I want sumone to beside me right now n listen to me !

J e s s .

Monday, April 20, 2009

Just come back from tuition class .
Today was sucks!
everything happens .

1st wanna say sorry to jing , yang ,weii , weii ,pei & sze .
cz i forget photostat the sjr pro geh things .
sory guys .

2nd Honey DaDa , I will tell Jing tomoro .
n please dun think wrong to the previews post .
lols .

3rd Lee Hom's Concert Babeeee ...
I think I will be buying the 198 or the 398 geh ticket ..
cz if i buy 318 or 268 is hard to see . better tat i sit higher or the front .
haha. Jing brought the wrong ticket nia ...

The poster of the Concert .

lee hom music man - seating Pictures, Images and Photos

the seatting of the concert .

ppl help me choose which is better ??

x pic lazy upload will get it soon .

o Sorry , I love you .

x Vid ? lols .

o Xian pulak ?

J e s s .

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sorry guys .

I was absent from school yesterday .
dunno what happened tim ...
but i heard Nick said he argue with Ms.Chua .
The things which always happens .
er ... i think no more .
bt i tell you wat happened to me .
Yesterday went to see the stupid dentist !
fark .
was so scary .
cz i thought i need to put on my braces edy .
act no nid so fast pulak .
n I go there is for checking my teeth n the dentist teach me wat am I going to do .
thn she told me tat.
The May of 17th & 23th need to go n 拔牙 . 4 nia .
gonna suffer!!!
thn on the June of 3rd put on the braces .
n is on the holiday . cant eat the food i want !
After visitng the the dentist went to McD for meet up auntie Jessica & auntie Winnie .
they two are from NZ . they came bac for travel . n a.Winnie bring her daughter too ,Alliana . [If not not wrong . ]
we brought them to Genting !
yeah~ at the 1st .
bt at the end I was damn tired!
cz Alliana wunt b tired she keep on ask me bring her go in the theme park !
n I did bring ...
haiz. bring her go n play outdoor thn Indoor watch the 4-D thn play play play .
after playing went to makan . 
after having lunch thn she called me go birng her played again!
n the theme park goin to close soon . n she ran all over the theme park n find whcih game is not close yet . WTF !
Luckily , all is close .
n yesterday is no lining up . go in thnn straight away can play nia .
lols .
bt nt with frineds . if with friends sure play till like sampat !!!
lol .
after tat went down form genting stop at the half n makan again!
the auntie was finding durian to eat !
lols .
she said : Durian was so 香 & 臭 .
This sentence was so cacat .
Took some pics .
upload soon .

Gonna miss you .

x I miss you .
o arhhh~ my food .
x I am so crazy !
o Sports day ??

J e s s .

The time wih you is getting shorter n shorter ...

Friday, April 17, 2009

The pic that I promised .

I love tis pic~
Other thn the LRT wat u see ?!
While we waiting for the LRT .
We did this .
Jing , finally noes hw to crossing the road with safety .
He's teaching us hw to do exercise .
*Spot Yang*
Me n Jing 
Apa ni?!
Sexy~~~ (Yang is pulling his pants .)
Thre serious wan .
Lols .
DaiBs .
Er... gonna use tis for Sejarah proj ?!
The 1st pic we took .

The moon is not always full . I ...

Ntg much happened today .
Is just the same things .
~ Kang .
n today J-Sern came bac. 
I think he have lots of fun .
after skul the boys n d0ng go ts with him . (If I am not wrong .)
thn ntg much le .
Tomoro not goin to school .
reminder to DaiBs .
dun miss me nia ~
lols .

I just dunno why am I so dare to ask u that .
wow~ I am proud of myself .
bt i really hope u dun put it in heart`!
please . Sorry .

Can you please stop being a bytch ?!
Did you realize urself ?
He 's not urs yet . please .

x I am sory bout maple , SoHai .
o I wan the answer to b ... ( Yeah , I L Y )
x Photo uploading .
o I wan ur love right now . please ...

J e s s .

突然覺得我可以死掉 我受不了

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