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Sunday, January 17, 2010

right now , forget about it . X ❤

Now I'm done believing you .

woke up in the morning and accompany my grand parent for their lunch which is Pizza Hut and yet I saw something it was that the malays can get 5% off when they have their meal .
after the meal I went back home rest and out to Vivian teacher's new house .

which have a grand piano and a classic piano at home and a Christmas tree full of music notes and the picture of note and also the clock with notes .
all with music note !
I should take more picture of it but my camera doesn't work after that .
after chatting along with her we went to ' tan cha guk ' located in Cheras around Leisuremall .
then chat again went back home
Thanks to her fetch her out and in the whole day . =D
'cause dad called us to out for dinner .
I was totally full !!!!!
but still i ate some , I have gained weight i need help again ...
after back home I saw my cousin who in Japan .

ofcz in wedcam .
spot her ?
another take of her then .

finally ! hehe

She told me that in Japan is now 3'c .
Is damn cold and she only have cup noodles for her meal .
the important thing is she showed me my instax camera !!!!
Oh my Gosh i love it and she bought herself the same camera which Quan has too .
the film is totally expensive i gonna check the price with her tomorrow .

1 month and 1 day to go .

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