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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Japan day was ON !!

Last day of summer .

Was Japan Day !
at ASB Showground ..
That was a huge show ground !!
let's see .
We ' James , Vanessa , Carmen , William , dad , mum , uncle alex and I ' went to hall 6 for some bathroom thing 'cause there also had a hall for those bathroom accessories .

While the adults are choosing .
Vanesaa , James and I was doing this .

after that we went in to the Japan's exhibition with lots of PEOPLE !
that was ....
What can I say the words seems to be saying peanuts .
who knows ?
Carmen with themmm .

after the viewing and buying things we went out for FOOD !!!
let's see ... searching for ' them ' .
the rice cake they make .
and ice ! they are 12 flavors in a machine but i forgot to take that .
Takoyakiii .
spot the clouds was beautiful !

they're tired but still enjoy the foods .

after rest we walk to the car park .

On the way to there .
the road is pretty !
spot me ?
this is what we call as natural !
they suppose to jump but with my phone is so ....
again !
we walk across the road and ....

we nearly reach .... the landscape is great !!!
spot the two ?
they're crazy !!!
loves .
just like a fake sky !

after the day we went to aunty May's house to have our dinner !
thanks aunties ..

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm here to update some of the day .

I'm here !
I miss you guys .

let's start ,
Today is the Lantern Festival .
I heard my sis says that they have this festival 3 times in a year .
each time they have 3 days if i'm not wrong .
and yet I went to it .
what can I say the lantern there was mostly like the thing where M'sia had but the food are different !!!
they have lots .
the highlight parts of it are ...
the ancient craft of lantern making ,
Mongolian folk music ,
Rolling lantern folk dance ,
and different shapes of the lantern
oh , they were performers NZ and overseas ..
Photos come along .

Children enjoy playing with this .

I went at evening the people are O.O
spot the street of Albert Park ?

we walk and eat .
until night the people were still there !
spot the shy faces of them ?
this is Auckland University .
the moon was in circle !
until 9 something the people were still there and having fun .
lanterns everywhere !
we're tired !
and we walk back to the car park .
we need to walk to queen street and take our car that was farrr .

On the way .

then we back home at 10 something .
hmm ...

there are good news and bad news .
- we bought a house for 631 k .

- I gonna register for school and I missed over 10 credits .
- we gonna move in at April .

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the rhythm of my life .

Black and White please .
I'm here with a short post again .
I'm half death with my cold now .
I was fb - ing just now and
i wonder what are them thinking after the Tan's left for few days .
Btw , I still can't believe that I'm in NewZealand now .
the life seems to be so difficult and different !
I went to the city today as i went yesterday too .
I saw SALE !
and i wish to shopping !
But i cant unless i have got a home now .
orh , I'm slightly deaf too .
p/s : I have a mobile number ready , ask me in msn if you need .

I gtg now .
bye peeps .
miss you . =(

things seem different everywhere .

I'm here to update just some small things .
We looked through more than 30 houses and we finally found one which is cheap and near to my college .
So we're waiting for the agent call to confirm with the house .
'cause is an action's price .
we gave it as 631 K .
which mean over a million in riggit .
am so worry about the things here .
what else .
oh ! I got my car B200 the pic is in my fb's album .
I haven start school yet
so you guys don't need to ask much abotu that !
gonna out now .

bye peeps .

Saturday, February 20, 2010

a short short short post in nz .

Hey peeps ,
I'm safe now and I do miss you guys ...
Everything look so different here
the weather are hotter and also colder .
the people here are white and look so weird with their clothing .
the house are different too
the fm are in nz's accent .
the people bearing leg and walk through the shopping mall .
and more .

will be update more when i get a house . =D
we bought a car . B200 .
hosue are still searching .
bye peeps .

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Give me sometime to settle up .

Sorry for not updating my blog for the passed two days .
'cause i have packed my lappy ...
and I'm here to tell you guys I'm will not be blogging for some days .
Until i settle all my things in here and there i will blog !
Sorry once again but
I think you guys should stay updating .
Happy Advance Birthday to ....
CarmenPang !
TanKahHui .
I will write a longer post for you two .
give me some time .
Sorry !!!
I love you guys ~
The Bs .
The Tops .
The one i love !!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

V'day peeps !

Is the day after the ' V ' .
Do the couples enjoy themselves ?
well , i do think the single ones are not alone with their family ~
here's a small joke .
enjoy your day peeps !

click the picture to enlarge it !

the last CNY I have in M'sia . appreciating

The one i wish to have .
left 4 days from now onwards .
Lok and ChaiKar are still in my house now .
they're chatting along within the two little mine and small bed .
boys and girls !
I love today although there's a time which is RUSH !
let's start my story about today .
I woke up at 12 and bathed
went to have my breakfast .
wished my grandparents and I went to my god - mother's house .
she looks older nowadays .
I hope she'll be all right and all the best along .
then dad came back and fetch us to aunt's house .
after 1 hour plus other aunt came and cousins !
I used my Polaroid today !
muahahha .
I waste 8 of it ... what can I say ....
this pic is showing that they're checking what happen to the photo .
their face are CUTE !!!

after that we went to my mum's aunt's house .
another cousins are there too .

we were gambling and i lost RM2.50 .
damn weird with the price right ?
after visit when to Uncle Lu's hosue .
then have dinner together in a restaurant while we were eating my sis and bro went back home at first 'cause most of them are there
just like ....
Harry , Lok , ChaiKar , Quan , Joe , Hoe , KahHoe , Danly , Nick , Marcus , GL , KahYan , HueyMin , Carmen and i don't know who else .
I reached home at 10 something .
Lok and his brothers went to the mamak .
and I joined after that .
Photo .
Us .

On the way back home .
we enjoyed ourself with my Polaroid once again !
I know how to use 'cause of Hoe .
I love him !!!!!

around 11 something Hoe needs to go back home
before he leave ...
he did this ....
He hugged my sis !
that that hug but this !

after that most of them went out again .
some of them went to snooker and some fetch people back home ...
while I was free i went to gamble with the Tan's .
they were CRAZY !
but still i won some 'cause of the two ace !!!!
I love them ....

However , carmen came back and chat along the night around 2 something
the brothers went back and KahYan too ...
as Lok and ChaiKar stayed awhile ...
nearly 4 just back .

I love the day but is too short for me .
4 days to go ; nothing else I can say .

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I love them as usual !


I woke at 12 something .
and my mum woke me up and i change everything in my room with my sis .
then clean the things and play my lappy !
the whether of today was WTF !
hot `~~
while i was using lappy i chatted again .
and i did apologize again .
the answer i get is BYE !
and i was like wtf !
FINE , we're NOT friends ANYMORE !
I hate people saying that to me .
forget about it i don't know that person anymore ...
after that , I went to KLIA for my aunt .
she came back from U.S ...
I'm so happy we can have dinner together once again ...

them ; the sweetest family !
there are more but all went to watch TV ...
here are just quarter of them .

she came back and also bought something back just like ....
the instax camera i want !!!!
I showed it to ynG dy ...
these are the films .
camera ! is double size of quan's .
the only three we took .
spot me ?
the camera ! i love it ~~~

Happy New Year people and also
Happy V day !
wish cupid ' pok ' you guys heart !

Saturday, February 13, 2010

carnival ride .

120210 .
the same time as yesterday .
I suppose to go to SM today and
my plan broke 'cause of something ...
I wasn't in mood at the first but
I wont let myself down so I followed my sis went to Sunway .

snap snap .

my breakfast was ' Pasta Zanmai ' .
photos while having meal are in Yteng's blog .
click the link >>>>>

after the meal .
PohYing came with his bf after waited him to finish meal we
walk walk then Ytheng went back 'cause she's scare of traffic jam !
then we went to shopping I bough a blue t-shirt .
after that my sis got a Coke train 7 of it cost only RM120 .
then Carmen fetch me home 'cause she has not hang out with her friends
and I need to back home help my mum do preparation for CNY and food !
On the way back home .

spot the light came out from the sky ?
that was gorgeous .
back home did what i said and is already 7 something
I got a call from Hoe while I was going to play my lappy .
He called and tell me that he's coming to fetch me to yum cha .
yes , he did came to Kajang and fetch me and the ' driver ' is HuiJoeYang .
I can't believe that he came back from NS !
He's tan and BOTAK ~
he's hair is erhemm ..
heading to Time Square .
Meet up with Ali , Gi , Heidi , KC ,Clinton and a boy named Marvick i think ...
then we chose to watch movie .
we watched 72 bla bla bla ..
I don't know it's name ....
after movie we played these .
photos . =D
black ones .

sweet couple ! =D
tongue tongue !
the only red .
black and white .
the horny one .
security and the aunty customer !
us .

after that the security scolded us and Gi left
then we heading to Hoe's house .
on the way we did it again .

blacky !
kissed ! =D

after awhile we reached .
we were tired only Hoe was hyper - ing .
around 2 something Carmen came and fetch me
when i got into car i was like finally i can back home but
who knows ....
She needs to yum cha with Harry , Lok , Nick and Marcus .
I need help~~~
we yum cha around Leisuremall .
chatted until 4 something back home and we reached home nearly 5 .
i was TIRED !
but i love the day .

I wasn't in mood of putting colour in this post .
sorry peeps , <3

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