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Monday, May 30, 2011

i'm done.

dear assignments and test:

please be nice to me. i know i didn't actually do my very best but please i need you anyhow.



the truth is:
i'm done the shits you given me for the last few months. let me be clear, i fell for you and i admit there is a moment that i really thought both of us will be together yet now i know what to do is good for myself. i tried my best to ignore, to stand still, to not shed a tear and not to think a thing about you. I know this would take a long time but it is better just to stay here wishing time will change everything. I've figured them out.
thank you for giving me those moments. ohh, i'm glad that i saw "uoyssimi".

Sunday, May 29, 2011

i tried to ignore.


having cartoon bed sheet doesn't mean childish. it helps to refresh your mind with the life you live in. it can't always be tough somehow having heaps of Spongebob sleep with you every night is a kind of happiness. :)

do what you promised.


Bought a new bracelet but it doesn’t look the same like what I had last time. My favorite bracelet is being stolen by somebody. Oh well, I’m not sure how is it doing now but I just miss it so much and I hardly hear things about it anymore. :( hoping someone did what he has promised. Maybe it does look simple and it doesn’t cost a lot like how some branded bracelet does but... (nvm) Anyway, I skipped work today went to karaoke and I spent more than 50 bucks which mean I had used up all the salary of two weeks’ hard work. OPPSY, I needa work more hard nao on. :X assignments are getting due, test next week, homework sheets due wed, birthdays coming up, prom night and internals. What am I suppose to do when I don’t even have enough time to move on with. Wish the time will just stop someday before these days are all due. D; *tears*

Saturday, May 28, 2011

perhaps, it worth.

Throughout this week I gained:- money, experience, STRESS, lack of sleep, understanding and bruises over my leg.

After two weeks’ hard work I finally got them and I’m glad. :)


I have no idea where I get them from but it worth after all.

same routine.


It’s been more than a week that I actually blog about the current life. My current life is now in a routine which can say it’s not a bad bad thing every single day. Sleep, school, eat, work then school works. This life is just tiring, somehow it keeps me from over thinking of things that I should not have thought of. Three days till winter and I’m keen for it because of holiday yet that’s like 7 weeks to go BUT long weekend is coming up just for student who study in RangitotoCollege next week. :) wish there’s no work, assignments and internal coming up after. :x other than holiday, somehow I like winter because I get to wear hoodies. It helps to cover fats and some shits on my body. OH WELL! I’m so fat that I feel like cutting every fats in my body out. D; and I’m getting fatter these days. Although, there are stress but I just cant stop eating. :( So for me, winter encourage people into a hibernate situation. The moment that you just want to sleep without waking up just to chase after time that is slipping away every single seconds. I never have a chance to sleep more than 7 hours per day, this is just exhausted.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Vita Dolce: hole.

A blog post that I actually feel almost the same.

Vita Dolce: hole.: "Why is it that we only realise how much things mean to us when they're gone? Is it because we take it for granted that they're always just g..."

Sunday, May 15, 2011

People need our help.

Hello world! :)

This post is not about personal life or even random stuff but it’s about the world we live in. This year World Vision is asking people to help raise money in the 40 Hour Famine to feel thousands of hungry children and families around the world. Thanks heaps if you’re reading this post! :)

Although we are living in the same world but there are almost a billion people in the world are hungry. This year, 40hr famine has a specific focus on East Tumor, one of New Zealand’s closest neighbours in the Asia-Pacific region. Half of all young children over there are malnourished. One of these children is 7 year old Lily, a girl who dreaming of going to school.

Wish you guys could help me with my famine which is no food for 40 hours from the 27th to 29th of May 2011. Please sponsor me, by donating money thru online will help raises 30% more funds. People need our help so grab your credit card and donate some money to make a change to this world.

Your 40 bucks to this organization can help to buy seeds and help 10 children in East Timor to have food for a whole year.

Be wide! Instead of spending these 40 bucks on new clothes and new shoes monthly, you can just use them to help 10 children that are living in a same world as us. We can make a change; GO HARD OUT FOR THE HUNGRY!

Heal the world, click in *here* to make your donation.

life shouldn't be like this.

When the people around you are all getting into a relationship all you feel is just weird. Tash asked me a sensitive question the other and I told her the truth. That might be the very first thought that hidden in my mind for a long time and I just said it out without consider about the result. Nvm, things that are done cannot be undone.


Eason’s concert is coming. I told my sis that I couldn’t go because I have an internal right after the day yet now I’m still wondering should I go or not. It’s internal and another one is concert. :( I want both.

memang rindumu.

Was supposed to write a post about Friday the 13th yesterday but blogger was in maintenance so there’s no new post until today. Slept at 4 last night, I don’t know what I have done but all I can remember is I over thought with heaps of thing. Drank a lil bit last night, rice wine it tasted pretty good although the cover of the drink is kinda looks like milk before that I had milk tea from Vincent again. Anyway, woke up at 10 get myself prepared for school works until 12. People are awake then off to ‘yum cha’ at Birkenhead with Shally, Karen, Carmen, Will, Jackson and mum. Ate for like an hour then off to the mall to buy some stuff to the new shop.

Yea, we bought a takeaway shop which sell thai and malay food in Howick (SO DAMN FAR) to try to get some income and also a PR for mum. Oh well, around 3 got back home and prepare to work. The first day of 4 hours work for me. It was nothing at first but after standing in the shop for more than 2 hours, my legs just sore and it actually was going to cramp. As you know that I never work as a worker that need to stand for 4 hours straight before and this is my first time. It’s not that bad overall just kinda boring when you are sitting there waiting the customer to order their food. I was so happy that I was done with my first order which is success with a Laksa Seafood(Satisfied for today). Got back home around 10 and here I am, craving for sleep but there are heaps of works that are undone. I have done one essay and another one to go about an overview. I’m so tired! :(


In a sudden, I miss her so much. :’(

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Bought the 3D spec which is compulsory these days 'cause I watched Thor in 3D the other day. The movie was just fine i suppose, the storyline was kinda like typical God's story but i missed the most important part which showed after the credits. Until now I still dont know what did it show. :X

So maybe it's time to focus on study. second week of term 2, I'm working so hard on the assignments and perhaps a break without work due will be alright for me. So Saturday, I walked out of the house in the middle of the night around 1 without telling my mum yet i get scolded my sis instead of my mum. oh well, getting used to it anyway. was suppose to chill with a friend but too bad, nothing happened overall just got a drink from him. pretty sure there will be another time to chill. Been struggling with few things these days: study, ball and something shouldn't be tell. It's so frustrating to leave them behind without thinking them.

Anyway, had a normal mothers' day with mummy the other day. Out to get flowers with bro, dinner and gift to her. that's all. As people grow older, they don't even bother to get something special for mum. For my mum, she got herself a new purse just because it's mothers' day. oh well. such a big spender.

gonna stop here. assignments a head. :(

Sunday, May 8, 2011

in the middle of the night.


what else you can do when you're the only one who awake in the middle of the night rushing up all the assignments that are going to due real soon. :x look at the sleepy look i have in my face. Assignments are tiring. omfg. 800 words essay imma finish you tonight, let the battle begin you biatch!

omg, i needa wake up in the morning and walk to the flower shop and get some flowers for my dearest mum. someone please wake me up at 8 before is too late. :x

later, blog walkers! :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Anton, the man.
a random photo anyway.

i feel like you are not deserving me.
never mind, just tell me when you need me.
so tired of those wonders and thoughts that cross into my mind every night.
i dont know am i bothering you or even annoying you.
something need to be confessed after awhile.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

assignments suck. -'-

it ruins my whole term2 and it just started. #$%^*&$^*#

Monday, May 2, 2011

Here come 11 weeks again.


Uuu, love my photo? :)

Two weeks of holiday just ended and I just found out that I did nothing when there are three assignments are getting due on Friday yet I’m just blogging atm. So I was talking to a friend, she’s a friend that I never thought I would ever talk to again. We haven’t met for more than a year and twitter just make us closer and I feel so useless with what I’ve done. Guess what? So does she which not to say is a good thing but I’m just glad that like finally someone knows how I feel. OH WELL. Time is a silly thing, it’s just too silly. Maybe now is the time to organize all those mess that we messed up with.

ANYWAY, raining for like the whole weekend and today is not an exception. First day of school restart and I got new assessment to work on. These school craps are apparently killing my brain cells so badly. I just realized that I actually got more dumb and easier to get tired so damn lazy. Need to move on with these or else I will be ended up with slacking all day long. :x OMG, I can’t believe is May already. :( this is depressing.

Happy Birthday cousy, Denyse!

Happy Birthday dummy, James!

Happy Birthday stranger, Jack! :)

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