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Saturday, January 23, 2010

lift her up .

pass the bad news to me .

A day not at home not in K.L .
I woke up at 7.45 in the morning I was damn blur ..
I need to take bath but I didn't 'cause I took bath last night .
* don't say I'm dirty ! *
I woke my family up and we start out journey to ' Onn Soon '
a place around Pulau Pangkor .
We went there to visit my dad's friends she and her family came back from New Zealand .
I forgot to take picture !
SHIT !!!
I reach home around 8 something .
Today was a great day 'cause i don't need to attend that freaking class !
woots ~
Tomorrow I'm going to Genting for concert with my sis and her friends .
wish it would be fine !

Yang planned a outing ; Lik also planned another ; Axel 'yk' planned another for me too . =)
thanks to them , I love them .
Seriously , I thought I wont be having any outing for me .
but still my sis also plan some .
Next weekend i will be going Melaka .
Next next weekend might be going kuantan or to the gathering i have .
next next next weekend will staying at home and wait the time pass until CNY !
the next next next next weekend would probably searching my new house in Nz .

26 days to go ; you should be the one who appreciate me .

Love's quotes of the day ;

The quickest way to find love is to give love .
If you want it too badly , you will not find it .
The most secure way to keep love is to give it space to grow .
If you hold it too tightly , you will just lose it .

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