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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

let me complete this mission.

Last week of term 3, six more weeks to go NCEA exam. Well, I will just relax for a week and work hard in the coming weeks after I've got relax enough. GST (tax) gonna increase next week, so I am gonna shopping all day out there with an empty wallet. Hell, I need like more cash but not card. ;X

I've screwed up all my entrance exam, every subjects I took at least I fail one of the paper. wtf right? I ain't that good in studies, I knew it. Somehow, am trying to work hard on the coming government exam for uni which is for my ugly future too. D; Anyway, gonna talk about it in the coming post SOON.

On the other hand, I have done my art portfolio and I forgot to take photo of it. WHAT A FAIL! I was rushing to my geog last that time so.... forgiveness can be accept aight?

I've all confirmed ticket.
peace to all so do I.

*if you are brenda take a look.*
p/s: brendangszewern, I can't celebrate your birthday on the 17th of December.
well, i think she doesn't view my blog anymore.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

take a close look.

remember. ;)

Did you?

Life are filled full with a question :-

Did you?

People would ask did you get that or did you regret about it?
For me, I would say " I did everything in a 'left' way instead of a right way."

Somehow, he is not hot but he's got talent! Obviously, everyone has talent but some people's talent just not good enough like others.
Here is a guy, he's good in guitar and his voice just like OMG!

韋禮安 - 有沒有

For some reason I took a real look at him just because of Hebe from S.H.E in the coming video you can watch. He is song is like SO TRUE for me. I know I'm kinda slow since this song already came out for like 4 to 5 months. ;X

Monday, September 20, 2010

ignore if you want to. ;D

Hello world!
I have a day off today due to some year 13's exam are still going on but my bro gonna go to school since he is a year 9 student.

ignore the coming images in this post if you want to.
I don't mind or even laugh out loud with it, is not a bad thing i think ?


;D smile for the
I ' m b o r e d

It has good conditions.

As I have mentioned in a post that Auckland, New Zealand are still having "the largest storm on the planet" which is true. In south island, there are roofs flying away and also stadium break down this morning and last night. On the other hang, in auckland the storm and rain just make some highway flood so it's forced to close down yet I'm at home blogging about this cute news out. The rain make a good condition at night for plans and the sunshine in the morning are making a great conditions out for mushrooms or should say as fungi..

Yesh, it's fungi!
What about it?
It grows at my house's garden region.
Can you see anything in this small outdoor outside my house?
Spot the mushrooms for yourself! ;)

Due to the time for you to find, I will just take photo for you to check these brown thingy out.
Can you see? Just about a night they grew out and annoyed my mum to pick them out of the garden area.
Before it dies, I will just let you to rest in peace with a photo of yours in my phone. ;)

There are tons of mushroom and I wonder how they grow so fast just
within a night and not over 24 hours.
Fungi are incredible !

Here, it grows again. FTL!!!!
but it's cute tho. hehe

perhaps yes.

I'm so gonna anorexic, because I want to lose weight yet I ate tones of sweet thing.
I'm not anorexic with sweet and candies or lollies.
I wondered how I could get rid of it?

Anyway, here is a good bye photo from the wifey, thangyijing.

She said goodbye because she gonna iron her school skirts
which is IMPOSSIBLE for a daddy's little girl like her. ;X
Perhaps, she changed to be a mature girl not like last time.
That's a good thing tho..


Wifey is the 'business woman'

It's a long sunday night w/ her , the wifey.
We are blogging and chatting while the webcam is on. We don't chat much but bullshit much ; which are doing things that doesn't relate to the topic. Creating a gang tee is a really hard work, it harder when I am in a far distance and without text and calls to them. However, I bet the tee will ended up with nothing or even crap. ;X (sorry, I don't really believe w/ it this time)

Anyway, these photos show how hard working is she to let me see her 'ngau ngau'.



These are to show how hot is she to switch on the air-cond and get something else.

End of the post.
She's skinny than what my son said. ;X

Sunday, September 19, 2010

any idiots can face crisis

it's day to day living that wears you out.

Less than 80 days to go back Malaysia and hell these 80 days just like 80 months for me. Not to think about going back first but my NCEA exam in the first place. I had a long weekend until the 20th which is tomorrow then school for four days and two weeks holiday and I gonna having that freak papers in two to three weeks time. Seriously, I hate to have exam before or after holiday. I wondered why they want to have exam ? Just to prove how much a student study in school or just to waste the trees.. Having school without exams but test will be way more easier.

Anyway, am here to tell a small joke about a buddy of mine. He came and asked me about why am I blogging about things about love and asking am I fall for some guys. I was like wow, I'm not! I just need somebody to appreciate or love, dude! Then we chat about girls and guys, the funniest part was I said
"what if I wait a girl to like me and not boys?"
the reaction of his was.. "fuck you!"

I wonder what if a friend of yours become bisexual and what reaction would you give?
Will it be the same as my buddy or accept it ?
If you reject it, it seems to be like racist or should say as not supporting same sexual thingy. ;X

wonders and thoughts across! ;X

She's the luckiest one.

Life is always boring as my dad told me.

On the 27th of July, there is a new member in my family she is a female. She is so lucky that she has a grandma from New York, a parents in M'sia, an aunt in Japan and also an aunt from US. I gonna named as 'BiaoYi' (cousin aunt) , FML! sounds so damn old aight?
Well, here is a picture of her copied from Trend's fb.

Hell, she cute right?
Her name is Summer Liew.
Try to imagine when she turns older and when the teacher
take attendance or even teacher about seasons. ;X

#2. Summer Liew
Her smile just melt my heart! ;)

As I mentioned in my titled
"She's the luckiest one"
this is because since she came to our family the first thing she got is more than 5 Polaroids ! Seriously, omg !!
See? There are tones of people wanna hug her and take photos with her.
She's lucky to have an aunt from Japan that can get Polaroid like non-stop! ;DD

here, this is what we call luckiest, happiest and cutest baby ever!
Although, I can't see her in a real face but picture just inspire me. ;)
So gonna get clothes for her...
I’m not obsessed in love . I’m just scared to never find the one that will love me the way i am .

She : yes, please. Hang on, can i just delete the bad ones?
It : No, either all or no.
She : *click NO*, I can't live without your memories.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

For you, lock doesn't exist ;

For some reason I hate 'lock' to be exist. I have no idea why, perhaps it makes an inconvenient situation for me. Just like yesterday night, we went out for a moon-cake gathering which filled full with asians and most of them are from China, I suppose. We went there because of our neighbor 'cause he is one of the "father" in that church. He invited us and we went after dinner about 8o'clock after the VMA.

Reached and first performance was performed by a guy who dance something like ballet which was pretty impressive. Second performed by a small child and he counts duck , I was like " wtf? you are torturing the kids wey! " Third, performed by a bunch of woman average of 50 years old and dance with a pop Korea song. (seriously, O.O) Fourth, so call the champion of a singing contest and some performance with a piano then a girl sings canto song with the lyrics on her hand what a pro, ain't she? Anyway, after her performance we went back home on the way home the wind, rain and storm come all together ! What a great weather aye, anyhow I got off the car with my bro and my mum was walking slowly and pass her keys to me, in a real slow motion! Yet, the lock just annoyed to be with a key!


Today's ;
woke up around 11 and laid on the bed for 5 minutes listen to the wind and storm outside my windows. Took my phone and check for a text and hell yes, there is one from Julie. The text was about what today weather will be like real bad!

Here's the text :
"One of the largest storms on the planet is scheduled to hit New Zealand these few days, bringing gales, heavy rain and show to much of the country. The storm is the size of Australia, is expected to hit tomorrow afternoon bringing winds strong enough to bring down trees, power lines and even damage poorly built roofs/barns in some areas . "

After reading that, I stood up and wait for 11:11 and make a wish. For the first time, I hope my wish will come true so freakin' bad.. I dont know why but I just feel like I haven't got back to M'sia and I dont want anything happen before that. Perhaps, my thoughts are just too much. However, after that I got myself prepare to work hard on the gang tee. First to find out an example then starts to find different font of letters used up like 2 hours on it to create the words

" Dai B & Macam Yes"

Then starts to get annoy with it, relaxed and off to do some house work. Back like an hour to continue all the stuff. Used up like the whole day to do that thingy and discuss with a guy who I'm not close with but in his opinion I think my plan works. About 4, they online and discuss for a while and came out with a conclusion which used the meaningless but pretty one to be the front and at the back I don't know what's in their mind tho.

Will upload the design of the gang tee soon. ;)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Take a look for the future

in your dream.
In my dream, everything goes smoothly not like the reality. Sometimes, I just wish I could sleep all night and with the sweet dream I had all night long. I had a dream which make me realize friends are important so as family. Sometimes, I suppose love is just a creepy word which can make people's feeling up and down. As yesterday I thought of love and today I thought of hurt from the love. This word is funny, it makes you fall for it and it makes you get over it or even can't get through it.

Somehow, I take my spec and do the same thing as the image above which make me think of something like what will tomorrow the world be like after this second, minute or hour.

Have you ever think for the future?

To me, I do. I think there will be 2012 and I will not be the survive one so I don't need to worry much about now and then but what if it doesn't exist? If it really then I will be so suffer after now. ;X Life is just too busy to think much and think of the negative way. Life is too short like seriously. There is no point to let you waste your time on the thing you don't like.

Anyway, today has been a long boring day for me. As in the previous post which I posted in the afternoon, I mentioned I used the day to do tumblr until now. Tweeter until now, watched VMA, blog and later I gonna be creating tears out of my little sketch book.

"I want to be in love more than anything ever!"

Maybe, having a day dream is a good thing. ;)

am free for a month. ;)

I am now release for a month to the NCEA exam which will be killing me in sometime. However, I have finished my art exam this morning it wasn't that bad just continue paint my mix media and now I'm home sweet home. Went back home around 12 and switched on the computer first to tumblr then fb. Then I saw Sze's status which was something about the 'gang tee' and an idea came out in my mind.. Why don't we get another of 2010 yet I came out with three words..

Gang Of Nine
so we are

but seriously, I don't know what's the slogan of this gang and do we have a logo?
Anyway, I create these three which can be place at the back and the front I design but can't really scan it out 'cause I haven't finish just need some opinion with these three options.

Simple enough like us. ;)

White tee with stars.
Black tee with the 'pink bacteria' . ;)

Drop an opinion of yours into my chatbox and I will think what I should put for the front.
appreciate lots, mates.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

the sparks.

The light makes it shines in an unusual way.
The sparks around it just amazing in its way.

It's not a emo post but it's a post about my feelings
ignore if you want to.

In a sudden, I think I need somebody to love like so freakin' bad. Not to let you feel like I'm a bitch or slut but seriously I thought of that because the friends around me just started to fall for the girls or boys they like and am here doing nothing. Looked at them being single and get into a relationship, talk through phones, wall to wall and blog about their couple life. (am kinda jealous tho.) Well I guess I should be studying instead of thinking these creepy stuff that I ever wanted.

He came and told me like
" I fall for a girl and I talk to her yet she got a boyfriend within one week. It just hurt so deep! "
This just make me wonder what would it be like if i got the same feeling? Anyway, I probably will feel it when I got somebody to love.

I wish it didn't hurt.
I wish I didn't care.
I wish it didn't matter.
I wish I was happy.
I wish I had money.
I wish I was pretty.
I wish I was skinny.
I wish I could sleep all night long.
I wish I enjoyed my life.
I wish you were here.
I wish you meant it.
I wish I told you how I felt.
I wish I didn't exist so as you.

I know I'm kinda greedy to have lots of thing and wish for everything but this is the only place where I can express my feeling so I can feel relax after the things happened. ;)


the old time we spent ToGetHer.

You are my friend and will always be.. (i hope)
You used to like me and you never know I fell for you before. Well, am here not to beg you to come back. I'm glad to have a friend like you who care for me when I am down, you do whatever I want and I wish for last time. Now you changed from worse to better which is a pretty good sign, from a boy to a mature guy . I'm not jealous of you but i'm glad that you finally got someone who you wish for so long ..

Yesterday's, I chatted with three of four people with a different thing but four of them mentioned the same girl's name with the good thing. They are close and I think I don't give a damn yet I think to myself the answer was " I DO! " . I'm scare of a thing is once she gets closer to them and me or others who's out of M'sia will be like forgotten by the them. I've no idea is I thought of too much or not but in a neutral way, having a new close friend is not a good thing. Think of the memories, I saw you crossed my mind and the besties who we spent all night gossip, sing, calls and also cam-whore. The old time was just so charming and sweet..

Somebody out there told me, " You left and you will be expecting these will happen but you never thought the reality was higher than your expectation.. Fact the fact, not to be sad of anything about them or us." To be honest, all I replied was " At the beginning, I expect them to miss me or find me but now I think that's useless to wait them. Perhaps, I will be the happy one who can face the fact and remember the happy memories we used to have. Now we can still be friends like what we used to, talk and laugh like we used to . ;) "

We know people changed from better to worse or even worse to better. We can't judge them by looking at her but once you get to know them maybe you will realize what they have changed was always from worse to better from the people around them. By the time comes you will understand why they will change or if you want to know earlier ask them, not to wonder much or else you will regret from it.

Get into the sun!

Was Wednesday, and guess what?
I finished 5 of my exam papers which was dragging me to hell. ;X I've done the last paper, accounting. In the paper I've to do like 5 or 6 papers and I think i got two of them blanked which mean it's harder than I expect. Somehow, I just thought i could get in accounting next year but now I think there's no way when i got both of them blank and perhaps I can't get into it next year.

Anyway, after the three hours accounting me and Julie went to Takapuna for food in BaShuFeng which is always the asians' favored . After like 1 hour of food we went to the beach with our 'pretty' uniforms and everyone was like staring at us .
The sun was going down when couples are walking around.
We couldn't be a couple neither single ?

Then we chatted and went into a soup shop which is all hand-made yet didn't get any of them but it smells so nice ass! If there's someone birthday i would probably get one of them to he/she is a good present tho. On the other hand, we went to MOVENPICK and had our dessert which is nearly 7 i think? She had a tiramusu and I had a cappuccino milkshake, it was yummy!
Milkshake wasn't that bad.
She's the girl who am close with.

After the dessert we walked to the bus-stop and while waiting we sing as usual ! ;)
and this just makes me thought of the old time when I'm out in the late night with the besties in M'sia. Hell!!! I want them the bitches and hotties. ;(

Last pic. ;)

Home Sweet Home about 8 past

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cupcakes memory ! ;)

Woke up, cleaned the house for like 1 hour then had my western brunch which is pasta !!! ;)
I've been ages never eat pasta for brunch which is hand made by my mum !
Then Vanessa msn-ed Carmen, calling me to go her house and make some cupcakes for her mum, aunty Eva .
Let me introduce you some ingredients which is pretty funny..

prepare chocolate for cupcakes and a must for GODIVA chocolate !

Other than that prepare the powder for cupcakes and also milk !
Not to forget some butter.
Not to mention much but show you what do you need for this package.
wanna taste something special?
get a Nutella !

Start the cupcake and mix all thingy together put into the oven !
(well, I'm not a good teacher in making cupcakes tho.)
The Godiva cupcakes ! ;)
This is decorated by Carmen . ;)
spot how messy was it ?
Gosh! things just mess up ..

After that, we got to do some chocolate icing since we've failed to make vanilla icing . ;X

After 2 hours we're done with it ! ;)
first plate
and third.
There are 20 cupcakes are decorated and two extra.

Well, I only decorated five of them..
Scroll it down. ;)
first , and is super duper ugly due to the failed icing !
my mum loves this tho but looks like shit with the choc icing .
Milo snack bar on a cup cakes wasn't that bad . ;D
Godiva pears with silver ball .
Last but not least but my Jack Skeleton's cupcake !
I love this . ;)

I wasted two days on computing which just show that I'm a failure ! ;X
Party at the house at the moment.. The uppers gonna shotz real soon with the vodka gummy bear ! (taste pretty good)

Friday, September 10, 2010

it's straight . ;)

Fill in it with words!
the answer is just at the left side. ;)


a photo in it. ;)


This suppose to post like weeks ago but until now I just remember. ;)
I forgot when I bought this camera which cost like 10 dollars .
Well, it's not working but isn't it cool?

I asked one of the photography teacher about the courses and the result was you should think of paying fees and buying those lenses of a camera.
"Camera is to take photos, photos are memorable. What you usually do with your phones are not photos but images. Think to yourself are you really interested with taking photos instead of images.."
- he told us.

Anyway, here's the photos of my pinky old camera . ;)

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