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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

saw the sky in purple .

love like this is better .

Start the day ,
woke up at 8 bathed ,
went to KL to have a breakfast with my grandparents .
after that brought my grandpa to hospital which opposite sm .
* i dunno how to spell , ps . *
the we took one and half hour at there .
and my mum changed her mind and bring them go Pv .
my grandma bought a lot of er ...
what can i say .==
补品 .
cost RM 1700 ++
i was like i need it for a phone and shopping !!!
and we walk walk walk .
went to Tang !
I saw something nice but i dunno how to say ,
hmm ... after that something happen which is
my mum lost her parking ticket when she took it to the counter and ask for something .
and yet we paid RM50 for that .
a shirttt a .
back home ...

I chatted with them today just like
that fei po , grace , yang , ChoonWei , Quan and CarmenPang .
about the fei po ;
my shirt as you guys can view her blog . ==
Grace ;
gucci , prada and burberry .
Yang ;
everything just like a greater teller and listener .
ChoonWei ;
gaji & chocolate cake . ==
Quan ;
secret thing .
CarmenPang ;
her . orh ! i got things to tell you chat tomorrow !

at this time ,
8 days to go someone's big day i wonder should i attend my class ?

Yng , i need to talk to you when you on nudge me !
Thursday if you can . =)
love you ..

Quotes of the day ;

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