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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

suggestions please .

Lifeless at the moment .

the same old thing i have today .
Just attended the class ,
although it rained but still they wont stop the class .
haiz , after that I went to The Mines to repair watches and had my dinner .
back home did the same old things .
haiz ...
My phone is not working nowadays .
Sorry , if i did not reply you messenge .
My phone is now cacat !
can't press need to keep on pressing it just can .
no line sometimes .
get messenge later than you sent .
and yet i need you guys give me some suggestion in phones .
I chose these ...

E72 .
- 5 megapixel .
- monoblock .
- phone keypad .
- like a small pc .

N97 mini .
- 5 megapixel .
- touch screen , side slide .
- Full slide out keypad and touch screen .

both of them has almost the same thing but the only different is just 1 touch screen another is monoblock .
And i'm still thinking which i should get .
opinions please !!!!

I wanna hang out and shopping buy shirts !
However , my mum doesn't let . ==
she wants me to wear black during CNY !
I'm getting bored and bored !
I was just replying my life everyday !
totally lifeless .
I scream and scream ,
shrieking in pain ,
gasping for air ,
ripping at everything around me ,
losing feelings in my arm ,
watching the water around me ,
cloud red with sorrow ,
waiting for the last moment
before I'm lifeless .

30 days to go from now on I gonna countdown .

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