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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

red hot lips.

The 20th of November, Saturday.

Finished Biology test yesterday, it was alright easier than what I expected still I got some problem with microbes. Anyway, was Saturday. Stayed at home as usual to prepare exam but since Lisa is at shore and Karen wanna have dinner together. We went for a super duper hot place. It’s real hot tho. Si Cuan Restaurant, Newmarket. After you reading this post you will know how we actually eat this hot food at night. Like oh my god. It tasted not that hot at the first but when you continue with it. You cant actually feel what your lips belong to you and it turns red instead. Start our meal at 1940 untill 2130. Before you go there, you should bring a huge bottle of milk. OMG

Look at the lips and the colour of the soup.

Oily but yummy.

We forgot to take before but after.

Look at the hot lips we had. sexayyy

Monday, November 29, 2010

we're always the family.

5 days to NCEA level 1.

No matter what happened.

Here come the story on the 9th, I called to the birthday girl and it’s a short call. Anyway, I wanna tell you guys about my present that I received from my sister. What can I say, she is the best sister ever just she has mood swing too often. Still she is an awesome sister, she gave me a lava lamp that I always wanted to have one. I heard that cost a lot but still I love it. It’s blue liquid with yellow wax and it turns green when the wax melt. OMG, this is just awesome. ;) Besides, I have more present to introduce when the time come. Pictures will be captured. Thanks people for throwing me an awesome party when I didn’t expect it could be that ‘big’.


9th of November. The wifey’s birthday.

Happy Belated sweet sixteen, thangyijing. Hope you really had a great one and sorry I cant actually celebrate with you or go through things with you but at least you got them. Who still care about you and love you as usual. So yea, I love you babe. ;) <3>

Best memories, we had was having tuition together. Created a family at there.

Tuition for 10 hours non-stop then heading to night market.

We cam whore a lot, nonstop and enjoy those moments.

Our memories will always stay, let’s face the fact.;)

The Green Hornet

Love Jay Chow/Chou周杰倫?

For no reason you gonna miss this movie.

The Green Hornet.

Release on the 14th of January 2011.

Cast by,

Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz and also Jay Chou.

It’s in 3D too.

Here are the two trailers of the movie.

Click play. ;)

Even you don’t like Jay. There is one reason to let you watch this is…

The way he speaks, anyhow watch Seth Rogen to be in the movie will be awesome so yea don’t miss it! You will never want to leave at the side of your friends’ topic for missing this movie

Sunday, November 28, 2010

its not a premiere.

Hey people. I’m interested with anything, everything of you guys’ life. So yea, tell me more about how’s life going on there and here. I had my last paper on Friday the 26th of November it was Chemistry. One funny thing with that paper was extension people thought it was hard but for a normal student like me thinks it was totally alright to get an achieve.

Anyway, it’s Sunday already. Uncle Tom came from Malaysia yesterday with his family. We threw a party for them, well it’s a small one of course but taking a seven years old kids and a six years old. It’s a hard work. Before that I woke up at about 8 thought of jogging but the dust just make me wanna vacuum instead of jog. So yea, I vacuum the whole house as usual then wait till they come back. I sweat for the first time when I was vacuuming. The weather was too good that can actually burn my skin. It’s hot and I just cant imagine how am I going to survive when I got back. They had fun so as I when we went to the park behind my house, met Nicole with her sister’s friends. Kiwis are always ‘LOUD’ , as they are all in intermediate. I suppose that can be forgive with those annoying voices that the whole neighborhood can hear. Got home, then people left one by one. They slept and we slept. Time just flew. Anyhow, they went to south island this morning, gonna be back on the 8th.

However, I watched ’16 wishes’ just now.

It is a 2010 television film starring Debby Ryan and Jean-Luc Bilodeau.

Oh well, it is a Desney Original Movie, was pretty alright to watch. I like the present that Jay Kepler (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) gave Abigail Jensen (Debby Ryan). It is a necklace with a half of a heart saying “BFF”. Jay has other held which he uses a charm on his key ring. It looks so pretty and it says “happy sweet 16” at the back with “from Jay” that’s so sweet to have a best friend like him.

Debby Ryan

is an American tee actress. She is best known for casting as Bailey in ‘The Suite Life on Deck’. Oh, she’s only 17. So young …

Jean-Luc Bilodeau

is a Canadian actor. He appeared in “Trick ‘r Treat” , I just realize he really did. I watched this movie and I nearly forgot that he did exist in this movie. Well, to be honest this ‘horror’ movie is not worth to watch for me it’s like pointless although HE’S HOT. ;)

Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Schrader in “Trick ‘r Treat”

Seriously, OMG!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

after today.

Oh well, I’m just too excited for my last paper tomorrow. So yea I can’t wait to get back my blogging life back and I know tons to say. About the life here, I haven’t cried for sometime which make me feel like lifeless without those tears coming out. I know it’s weird but I miss the feeling of it, at this stage. Stress been in my mind this year and after the 26th i will say bye to it.

By the way, I’m pretty confident about getting them pass but about geog I don’t think so. Anyway, it’s past I cant change the answer now so yea work hard for tomorrow and enjoy life after that. Shopping, wagging and also sleeping not to forget enjoy food. Lifeless life gonna be back to me in a cycle. Chemistry tomorrow, I’ve spent more than 7 hours with you and please come out with what I’ve studied. I need at least a merit. ;)

Here’s a photo of me for the ones who actually miss me. ;)

random fact;

Changed my braces colour to purple and yellow.


he’s hot and she’s hot.



Saturday, November 20, 2010

He's the man.

Bruno Mars.

A guy who does music and also does facts. As in tumblr I saw one thing, Taylar Swift sings what girls think and Bruno Mars sings what girls want. ‘Just The Way You Are’ , ‘Today My Life Begins’ and also ‘Grenade’. The way he sings is awesome, he’s not hot but he just melts with his words. Gosh! I love him. ;)

Seriously, that’s a real piano.

People! Suppose his album.

Doo-Wops & Hooligans

9 months 2 days.

Here I am, this post is written on the 20th of November ,0957, I shouldn’t be writing this post unless I’ve done my studying about physics, chemistry and geography. Life been hard when educations, feelings, expectations and also heartbeat are around. These things could make you feel ups and downs just don’t know is a good thing or not. It could be complicated and simple. It should be say as everyone is just having simple like including me and you only our mind make it complicated. Like study, you got an achieve but in your mind you want it to be an excellent. Try to think in a simple way others got a not achieve and now you got an achieve will be alright and for the next time you should try to get a merit just to improve yourself. Not forcing yourself to get excellent when you got a not achieve for the previous papers.

Anyway, as we know life is hard but still we need to live with it every single day. There is a choice, live happily or just mood swing.. Life change from years to years, people change from days to days and the world change from a century to another. For me my life change from worse to better, poor to average family which can afford things that I want. People changed, even I changed just never know you change to better or worse. Saying better is like “hell no” ; saying worse will be like “did i?” . This opinion should come from the close ones, my friends change.

1. Besties > close friends > normal friends >friends who say hi and bye > friends with a name > byebye.

2. Strangers > hi&bye > normal friends

3. Friends > close friends who chat once in every six months.

4. Great friends > a friend only exist when he/she needed something.

5. Friend’s friends > twitter friends > hi&bye.

p/s: ‘>’ = to.

So yea, there should be more than 5. Shouldn’t have said they changed, should say they become mature, they are mature enough to think what they want and how they wanna treat a friend as. It’s funny, when I really treat someone as a friend who can share things with they just thought these are lies from me. Perhaps yea, I’m a liar in you guys’ eyes but didn’t you think who will be the “truther ?” in your life. You only trust yourself but not anybody else, that’s not a bad thing. The only way to express feelings are just looking at the sky or field thinking who will walk towards you and telling you that everything will be okay just get over it or get through it together. Wake up, if you think like that. That’s only a dream a sweet dream.

I’ve passed through a lot of things this year not to say a yea but within 9 months. Distance is a real bad thing, it can break whatever you thought of and expectations. I used to have a life where I can have friends everywhere, food everywhere and be happy anytime but now friends have lost, culture has change those yummy food and happiness only exist at home. I thought that’s enough for me, at least my family is still here for me but I should say I’m a greedy person I want a lot of things but not one branded things. Give me a month maybe I wouldn’t be so greedy…………….

Just Remember,

I gave a damn when no one else did.

Monday, November 15, 2010

fuck yeah.


Been there, still there.

I shouldn’t be here, at this moment. Accounting, English, Biology, Science, Geography and Chemistry are coming to me. I’ve done math and I was like finally it sounds like an entrée to me but when I got back home. People were saying math test was a “bigsigh”, my reaction was WTF. Anyway, it’s a past now I can’t actually double check by now. This war will be end within these two weeks and yea, do bless me. For the first time, I’m stressed out! Anywhere to release these fuckin’ stress ? not from pimples, please. I used to type them out and now it doesn’t work anymore and yes NOT FREAKIN’ MORE.

I’ve delayed the flight to go back, people.



Saturday, November 6, 2010


Wish to someone I love. ;)

Sorry I’m late like real late for like 4 days after. I actually haven’t got a real time to send you a proper wish. I really hope you don’t mind as I suppose ‘lah’ will always forgive people aight?



Sorry I only found these photos I was suppose to write a short story of everyone in these photos. ;X







Anyway, here’s a wish. I was suppose to take a video for yng to make a video and yet I did not. Sorry for that once again. Stop with the apologies here come the real wish…

Happy Sweet Sixteen, NATALIELAHPUISZE. I don’t know you well and you don’t know me well, somehow we cam whore together like nobody cares. I just realize I never been to a same class with you, and yes we are not close at all but still I’m glad to have a friend like you. I’m proud to say you love LeeHom, yellow and also ME(ithink?). The most enjoyable time was fish spa while Jing was manicuring and also overnight at Jing’s place. Other than that I remember that time we took photos sticker together and also we went to TS for Grace. ;)

I’m not good at social but still I really hope you enjoy your sweet sixteen and once again SORRY!

p/s: she belongs to someone’s so don’t touch her. ;) <3

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