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Friday, July 31, 2009

Is Canteen day !
erhumm ..
1st thing in the morning went to canteen .
almost everyone are wearing non-uniform !
is the day who lets all the students SHOW !
lol !
i reached the school at 7:00 .
meet up xuan and weii .
all black !
Xp .
we should take pic of those blackkies .
is bored ! the whole day .
the 5 went to make nails art .
and yet left out me, venn and sze .
we walked the 2 floor almost more than 10 times !
there's no fun cafe this year .
so we went to assembly hall and wait for their nails to be done !
almost 11 something there just done with it .
and before we at assembly the ex-form5 came back !
and i took some pics ..
for my dearest sis ! CarmenTanKarMunTan .

so let the pics continue the story !

Group photo .
taken by Raymond .

JessieTanJiaXin ; TeeJerVenn .
JessieTanJiaXin ; NatalieLahPuiShi .
JessieTanJiaXin ; TeeJerVenn .
TanChuXuan ; JessieTanJiaXin .
JessieTanJiaXin ; SawJingWei .
JessieTanJiaXin ; SawJingWei .
JessieTanJiaXin ; ChewXinYiing .
JessieTanJiaXin ; KwanJieYi .
JessieTanJiaXin ; LohSzeNee .
JessieTanJiaXin ; EeWeiYen .
JessieTanJiaXin ; LeongMoonNie .
JessieTanJiaXin ; LaoEnPei
JessieTanJiaXin ; CarmenPang .
JessieTanJiaXin ; BrendaNgSzeWen .

Star from here .
is the picture for my sis to see .
They miss you so much !
Nick said tat !

Lie Chin , CHing nian , Jia En .

Is us !
Carmen Tan !!! Do you miss us ?
we missed you so damn much !!!!
* hug hug hug *

x Tenji night photo will be upload soon .
o I think i should tell you the truth !
x Everything ; everyone changed !
o Cant control ..

l o s t .

Thursday, July 30, 2009

How do I live ?

a quick post here .
I'm back from school Canteen day .
Every students are at their stalls having duty .
but all the form 3 are just having their fun and let the teachers duty !
Yesterday - 290709
I went to Tenji again !
hahaha .
'carmen dun scold us ,
Debby invited us to go geh ! '
we had our supper buffet !
is full ..
Xp .
with the Siew's family and Klye's family ..
we have our fun at playing choc .
photos will be upload ltr .
gonna go tuition .

x I H Y !
o you fark tard !!!!
x ppl ! joing Plurk !!!
o wo yao yong gan qu ai he hen .

h a t e .

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Worried .

I don't know what to do.
When you get like this.
I feel helpless.
What can I do?
What can I say?
I try to help when these times come.
I try and make you happy when you are like this.
Does it work?
Does it help?

You mean the world to me.
When you are hurt, so am I.
When you feel pain, so do I.
I share your emotions.
I can't live without you.

I only ask one thing.
What can I do to cheer you up?
I know you can be happy.

Did I do something?
Was it me?

Please, I ask you.
Be happy.
I'm worried.
Worried you'll lose it, and something will happen.
I don't want to lose you.
I can't live without you.

You may not believe it
But I've been through what you have been through
Maybe not exactly, but very close.
I know you'll pull through.

sitting here, I write alone
as I see the worried windows watching
to my soul as many marching

Sitting here, I write alone
words are questions, are you crying
are your tears on no one drying


She said I never care .
You can’t say that I never really cared
That I’m not scared
You can’t try to not tell the truth
But you say they’re only hooked on you
You say you’re bored of this routine life
And you’re bored of every day
While you’ve lost all your pride

I can’t stress this enough, I’m worried about you
I keep writing and writing and I don’t know what to do
I can’t tell you to stop, but I won’t tell you it’s good
I’m telling you I care, and that I always would .

I care but you ?
you thought of everything .
But not this ..
Nothing else i can say .
Chill !!!

x Day's okay .
o He asked .
x I'm helpless .
o Sorry . forgive ?

a b o u t y o u ?

Monday, July 27, 2009

wanted .

He's alone .
Just like me .

I stayed at home the whole day !
felt sleepy , moody and bored !
I played my Kung Fu Pets .
but still !
I feels bored.
so i decide to write some messange for canteen day for them ..
check these out !
I'm too free to do these .

Hope i dare to give them these .
to DaiBs and also Babeee .
is just hope .

Today , he said that .
it really feel weird and im angry !
for no reason .
hmmm ...
maybe i just missing him .

x James , I L Y !
o Yea , sorry no cure .
x So ?
o what should i do to solve it ?

s o l v e ?

I heard ; I leave .
you happy ; you alone .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

the feel is weird . i nvr tried it before ..

It's sad,
How people lock themselves up,
In their own little world.

We lie to ourselves,
Say that everything's alright,
Everythings fine.

We wear the mask,
And act the part,
And say it's all part of the show.

We live in boxes,
See in darkness,
And yet we lie to ourselves .

I't's our world
That we live in,
Why should it change?


Is Saturday .
people are going out with friends or family ..
and yet I'm staying at home the whole morning and having my tuition .
although i have dinner with the Siew's family .
I still thinking what can be solve .
Just chatted finish with ynG .
we had a long time never chat ..
hmmm ...
i miss her face and her sound with her braces . LOL !
we chatted bout the school life .
she knows .
but i cant think too much .
I just know that i miss those day .
I think i miss you guys to be like last time .
but i don't think you guys want ..
Sorry for thinking it .

x I think everything gonna be alright .
o I was telling lies to myself .
x I missed .
o I loved .

i h e a r d t h a t .

Friday, July 24, 2009

I wish the days with those happinese will come back

I'm dead !
in a light .

Today's parents meet teachers day .
and yet im at home .
cz my parents were not at Malaysia .
So i should make appointment to the school and meet those teachers again !
How are we yesterday ?
I heard what she said about us yesterday .
I was damn angry when she said that .
but I cant do anything .
I want those days to be come back .
although is difficult ..

I dunno why you can chg so fast .
and within this few days ..
Maybe she's right everything will change ..
not just things even human will change .

I knew no use to apologize now .
but i still wanna say sorry to all of you .
No forgiven ?

My mum's back ltr .
she told me she brought some shirts and a wallet for me !
thanks !!
I L Y .

x How's today ?
o sorry for not going today .
x I think i should try it ..
o tell me now .. please .

i ' m s o r r y .

How do I live ?
without those friendship ?
those opinion from you guys ?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

alright all is my bad , okay ?

Smile =)

She's victim ?
than what about us ?
we nvr stop her .
and we nvr hate her .
we were just dun understand everything about it .
and we nvr say about it , so wat's the point for writing tat post ?
if you dunno everything just STFU !
i dun understand why you're involve in tis problems .
yea , we're not close to tat boy .
YOU'RE la .
and yet we nvr help him or wadever .
besides that , we said he wont wait her anymore !
do you know that ? i knew you wunt believe me .
since you so close to him go and ask him .
actually ,
wat the boys did today 4 of us also dunno .
so wat's the point for telling this out ?
and showing those faces to us ?
Yes , i dun understand everything .
but we didt care we were just sitting a side a talk to ourselves .
However , we know that is her happiness .
and we didt stop her to do anythings .
just like today .
they sat together and we didt do anything to her .
so is this our wrong ?
you figure it out .

I'm sorry !
I'm not angry or what .
I was just think that is really unfair to us .
please .
If i'm wrong tell me .
I wish everything gonna be alright .
not only me . the others three also ..

I just received some of the pics of 200709 .
was the day awesome ?
haha . yea . me and Saik Hoe is pinky !
the pics are here ..
still got some. Jia En not yet upload .
when i receive it i will post it here or in facebook .

spot my bro showing wat ..
McD !
BIG BREAST ? Saik Hoe dun have .. Xp
Jia En and me ..
The pinky surrounding the pink lover !

Heart !! left out Kah Wai
Super Model ?
is us ! we had a great time .
just like the poster for Super Model ?
Bye Carmen ! =)
We're always there for you and also you in our heart !

Everything gonna be alright .
and yet i dont want make this to be the last stage ..
but i think it will be ..
what is important at outside ?
what is happening today ?
clap ?
i know what you're thinking .
wish it ?
we'llfarkoffourselfnoneedyoutosaytous .
ifyouwantto .
school was okay .
i think ..
they laught !
they smile !
i miss the old time
but i know it wunt be happen again .
as sze sent tat msg to me .
i agree with her !
seriously . i feel the same way ~~
* speechless *

x leave ; happy ?
o worried .
x are we involve in it ?
o ithinki'mlovingyou ; ithinki'mmissingyou .

m i s s t h e o l d t i m e .


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm alone .
you happy ?

I'm facing a book with a face nowadays .
* Facebook *
lols !
So .
I was asking myself .
how's school ?
how's the problems going on ?
how's their relationship ?
how's the gang ?
how's the friendship goes to ?
There are many many questions jump out from my mind !
hmm .
is these good ?
I'm wondering now ..
She asked me .
can I dun make it ?
I said i didt make anything happen ..
* inside my mind i was like .
is not my prob to make these prob out .
not just only me , not my faulth .
and is not anyone faulth ! *
Is weird !
Everything gonna be okay .
wish ; god bless me .

x killing myself .
o sumthing bad gonna happen ..
x Do you ? Because of you ?
o i think i miss your voice .

b r e a k i n g . h e a r t . .


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sis is back !

I was back from the airport ; KLIA .
for my sis ~
She's now in the Roal Brunei Airline to Brunei .
After 12 hours she gonna back to Auckland for her studies ~~~
means she's now sitting in the plane and relaxing herself after 2 hours in Brunei booked a hotel for her .. and after 12 hours she will be sitting the same airline for the same journey to Auckland . for sure she'll be very very very very boring !
I miss her ..
lols .
for no reason ..
there are so many people went to airport and 'song ji' =)
what a good friends she has .
she cried again ! every time she gonna back she cried .
she received called by Joe Yang , Harry and Ming Sang i think .
lols .
When Kah Wai arrived she saw him she cried again !
LOL ! Saik Hoe went today ..
We took many many pics . but all is in Jia En's camera ..
gonna receive from her tomoro .

Carmen Tan , I will miss you !
no worries ..

x I gonna leave . Happy ?
o Bet ?
x Deal ?
o I hate !

m i s s e d .

I want the old attitude .
No changes please ..

Tenji yummy ~

190709 .
Is Tenji night .
and also pei's b'day !
They came to my house .
Jia En , Kyle , Chee Sum and also Kah Yan .
act they were just come to visit my sis
but the aunty from New Zealand came to my house and sleep overnight .
and they go to airport together at the next day .
so my dad brought them for dinner !
and they followed by my dad forcing them . lols.
without paying !
all of them damn 'bu hao yi shi la' .
didt bring any money to there and makan makan saja .
There were 12 ppl .
Me , Carmen , Natalie , May , Kenji , Chee Sum , Kyle , 'Tiger' , Yan , Kah Yan ,Jia En and also William ..
Kenji said i should write
' Kenji at Tenji ! '
lols .
here are some pics !

i like the dessert damn much ! X)

Tenji ! written by me ~
By my sis .
The three ?
again !
all of them ..
Oppsy ! she forget to close the door ~~
is us . =)
back to the car park , we took this random . who know jia en has her pose on ~

x i dunno why .
o we gonna leave .
x I H Y !
o I L Y ~ please ..

h a t e s . .

Monday, July 20, 2009

Is pei b'day .
I'm late to wish her .
Iish .
sorry ..
But i'm the last one who wish you !
so you should love me babeee !
All the best Pei ~
I L Y .

x back from dinner .
o pic upload soon ..
x tata .
o sigh !!!

J e s s .

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What izit about ?

Just friends?
After everything
After all I’ve done
All I’ve been through
All of it just for you
All we are is friends?

After all the times you kicked me down
After all the times I protected you
Held you
Comforted you
All we are is friends?
All we are is buddies?
Not anything more
I mean nothing more?

After everything… such a slap
Such a kick
I will not survive
I will not live out another night
I needed more from you
The one thing I asked for
Only your love
And all we are is friends…

After all I’ve done
It never was good enough
It never was enough for you
You never could see my love for you
You never could see my need for you
You were blind…
And in the end…
All we are is friends

I love them and I hate them,
I need them but yet sometimes I want them far away.
I hurt their feelings sometimes but expect them not to hurt mine.
I wish they would be this or that but I love them they way they are.

They are funny and loud,
They are quiet and reserved.
They are obnoxious and immature,
They are clingy and needy.

They are sometimes rude,
They are sometimes mean.
They don’t always understand me,
They don’t always listen.

Some secretly hate me,
Some don’t really care,
Some don’t know what to say.

I love them all the same though.
I most definitely need them too.
But I just don’t know if they need me…

I dun care .

I don't care .
But we should .

Woke up at 12 .
I was tired ..
but i still need to tuition .
Tuition at 2.30 .
start car at 1:45 .
finish tuition at 4 .
reached home my mum said she wanted to bring me to go Sunway alone .
for waiting her dinner finish .
and i beg - ed my bro teman me .
and yet . he going by giving him a set of Gundum ..
I reached there round 6 .
so i brought my bro buy gundum as i promised .
after that .
shop shop .
at 1st we have ntg to shop about .
until 7:30 makan .
yummy la .
after having my dinner .
I went to 'Rhythm' to buy some tee .
and i bought 1 . my bro too .
after walk walk .
went in to ' Catch up ' brought t-shirt .
with the words .
' abfuckinglutely
I like it .
my bro bought the word with
after buying these .
my mum called !
finally i can go back .
but yet my wallet became 'kosong' .
is okayy .
i will get it back in 1 month ?

yea . you're done with it .
But do you know how many ppl get hurt by you ?
Stop being a SLUT ! please .
even he said so .
Is okayy if you wanna scold me .
i just want you to wake up from these problems .
cheer !
sigh ~

x Friends ?
o you dun treat us like that anymore !
x I hate you .
o Dun say that again . please ..

t r e a t - e d /

I'm done with you .
please ..
Don't drive me blind

Saturday, July 18, 2009

chill kh , 'smk'

Can I get out from here ?
I want it to be alright .

Just back from home .

aww .
went out the whole day .
and yet i bath - ed at 11.40 /
not really tired . cz i rest - ed in car .

hmm ..
i was thinking .
What happened to us ?
been wat ?
just because of him and her ?
i cant stand on what you guys do .
are you thinking positively or just negative ?
we're not helping you only or him .
zz ..
no comment on you guys ..

x I'm out !
o even she says the same things ..
x Friends ?
o We're not ..

X f r i e n d s h i p ..

Friday, July 17, 2009

move forward .

Bored !

I skipped class today .
without telling anyone .
I knew they will call me .
and yes ! i guess it right .
Ash called the 1st
and i missed it .
sorry ..
Venn the 2nd ,
ask ask ask .
talk talk talk .
done with it .
and i was half awake .
i answered her ern , orh , ya only .
pai seh la .
i stayed at home the whole day !
for doing house work only .
without doing those home works .
sure kenal diu tomoro .

I was wondering what happened to me ?
Why am I doing tis and that again and again ?
It was awful .
and yet .
why are you text - ing me ?
you give up ?
hmm ...
speechless .

x how's school ?
o i'm far away from you guys .
x get everything away from me .
o please , is the last year ..

l o v e .

Friends ain't always there for you .
I knew .

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Zealand ? coming or not ?

The day's coming towards .
Unfair ?
Fear ?

Sunday .
Watched Transformer 2 .
Is nice !
Guys go and watch .

Monday .
School was as usual .
But i was thinking what happen to us ?
We separate again ..
I dun understand why ?
all is just because of you or all of the ppl chged ?
Please , tell us if you need help .
dun keep it all inside your heart !

Tuesday .
School was okayy .
Tuition .
I was shock when i received the massage .
because we were not close at all .
but you text - ed me .
But i wish you can chill ! and all the best for you 'fight'

Today .
Received something unhappy for myself .
but for her is awesome .
I'm not happy to that !
Damn no mood at the afternoon .
mayb i'm okayy now .
I used almost 4 minutes to fark off those things .
suan le bah !
forget about it !
I was playing skype with Weng , David and "SZE"
lol !
that "SZE" is sze's bro . and he keep on scold us lcly !
and the two of them were scolding him bac .
He damn childish la weyy !
Sze you should scold ur bro !
How's tomoro going to be ?
anyone ponteng ?
aww ..

x I want him to be like friend .
o Yes ! I like him but not love .
x all you have is just about it .
o SWT !

J e s s .

什么是爱 ?
要怎样珍惜 ?

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