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Sunday, August 29, 2010

global colours.

You are my type but I'm not your type.
That's the only problem, I'm having now.

Won't be blogging, facebook, tumblr, tumblr or even we heart it for few days/weeks
due to internet problem and also exams!
wish me luck. ;(

Saturday, August 28, 2010

perhaps lonely is not a bad thing.

She is the new singer,
She sings for 10 years and now she's the new singer.
Kinda weird isn't it?
I'm not wrong but right..
She's in a group named, S.H.E
and now she's a new singer,田馥甄

Here's her new song.

click play and you will realize, being alone is not a bad thing but a good thing. ;)
Sometimes, human wants to be accompanied just because they are alone
but now I've realized human doesn't have to be companied
yet you will still happy to live your life.


還是原來那個我 不過流掉幾公升淚所以變瘦
對著鏡子我承諾 遲早我會換這張臉 一堆笑容

不算什麼 愛錯就愛錯
早點認錯 早一點解脫

我 寂寞寂寞就好
這時候誰都別來安慰 擁抱
傷到 快瘋掉 死不了就還好

我 寂寞寂寞就好
你真的不用來我回憶里 微笑
我就不相信我會笨到 忘不了
賴著 不放掉 人本來就寂寞的
還是原來那個你 是我自己做夢你又改變什麼

再多的愛也沒有 每個人有每個人的業障因果
會有什麼 什麼都沒有 早點看破 才看得見以後

這時候誰都別來安慰 擁抱
傷到 快瘋掉 死不了就還好

你真的不用來我回憶裡 微笑
我就不相信我會笨到 忘不了
賴著 不放掉 人本來就寂寞的

Friday, August 27, 2010

I get it .

Face the fact, daddy's little girl.

" It gets harder every day, every time and every single moment. "


" The best thing about picture is that doesn't change,
even the people in it do."

needs the pinkish pill right now. D;

He's the man .

I fall for a guy named, Jack.
He's tall, skinny and has a fair skin. (yes, is real fair!)
He likes to smile with showing his pretty teeth out. He got no eyes but still I love him, he's the man I love for no reason. People said he looks creepy or should be say as the evil look! His usual appearance is dressed in a black pin-striped suit and a little bow tie . He's got a dog and it is in white, it always carry a orange thingy on his nose which glow . Anyway, Jack falls for a girl who I'm jealous of.. She has a pretty body and a red hair, she never get hurt from anything even she knows the fact. She just like a rag doll. He does sing and I fall for his voice so much not that heavy not the soft but warmth . ;)

By the way, he is only one year older than me, 1993. He's cute, tall and sweet! When he smiles I just fall into him and I just don't know what reaction I should show back to him. He's got some kind of magic which can defeat some boogie guy..
ain't he's cute? ;X

oppsy, did I mention his last time?
It is Skellington, I know is a but weird but the whole name of his is Jack Skellington.
It is cool tho..
He can be emotional at anytime he wants.

He's not evil but friendly and be kind to all children who excited for Christmas.

when the feel is swinging around.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

loves the lyrics .

As you know I'm not good in Cantonese and am not really like to speak it .
However, I found this song which impress me with the 'three words' .

He's a Malaysian artist from astro ?
Well, click play ! ;)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That's my point!

She wishes she could be effortlessly good looking.

Like those people who can roll out of bed, run their hands through their hair, pull on a ratty old t-shirt and some skinny jeans,walk out their door, and still manage to outshine everyone they encounter.

Hell yeah, fuck those people.

let it spread!

What colour are you?
am not being racist but
to share you a little accessories . ;)

loves the style .
with these accessories .
All in a pack . ;)
By Luxirare *clickme!*

Monday, August 23, 2010

chop chop !!

"Have you ready for you coming exam?"
"I'm asking you guys! ready?"
"Half way to go."
"So the final answer is NO?!"
*this is what teachers always ask.*

well, for me I have no idea with it at all. I studied last week but not this week and the day before which is weekend . Everyone is studying and working hard with the coming mocks exams and I'm the exception, I think? I always tell myself that I will be studying at home but HELL! when i reach home the laziness is dragging me apart with the books and the internet is absorbing me to fall for it! ;X

These is what I've learnt so far by today i meant. Maybe I will be work hard tomorrow? Well, I will try get myself out of the internet world face the true world and get rid of the lazy feeling that I have ? I got time to blog, fb, twitter, tumblr but I'm just too busy to get myself into the subjects books. What if facebook is a subject and I will get all achieve with it ..

I got a good news which is I got Merit for my Physics practice test and an Achieve for my Accounting test. Although, everyone got merit or excellent for it but at least I get an achieve as I always told myself 'not to think high or dream high, but face the fact and do your best in everything.' If you never do your best how would everything be pass through ? On the other hand, I'm nearly done with my art portfolio ! left two more colouring and making my own board! ;) It worths 12 credits and I really want it to be an excellent, well as I said dont expect high ! ;X

Anyway, my nuffnang earning as finally gain like RM2 ! Hell yeah, I'm so genetic just because of 2 bucks which not even a dollar in NZD . At least, I gain some right?
Appreciated for you guys to view my blog and click on the ads ! ;)


However, I was doing something like this instead of studying books for exam . ;) I know this thingy is for old folks but it's pretty fun tho . Was going to weave a scarf but a scarf with this colour wouldn't it be weird? So my mum decided change it into a pillow case . Am still working with it, if is it works I will make a scarf tho . ;) but if is fail I won't be making it anymore . hehe .

I need you to be right beside me and be my listener. ;X

continue with the ads and god bless you.

get yourself ready ..

Be prepare every single moment you are spending.
Even when you're sleeping,
you never know will there a paparazzi to take a snap of you
and post into some famous web page. ;)

Well, just be ware of anything you are doing now..
Not to think another way but positive plus negative . ;)
Get yourself a mix minded and life will be easier..

New status -
Love is the new hate .

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Who's the Russian agent?

20th August, Friday.
came back from school,
rest and com awhile.
Had bath 'cause I need to rush to watch SALT.
It's not pepper or sugar but salt. ;)

In July, i already told my sis that I want to watch this movie so frekin' bad.
and yes that day I made it!
Watch it at 8pm with Carmen, Anton(thanks for fetching us , dude!) and Steven.
yes, they are all my sis's friends.. as you guys know the truth that I don't really have friends .
Anyway, back to the movie.
Directed by Philip Noyce.
Main character is Evelyn Salt cast by Angelina Jolie.
To be honest, this movie is not that good as I thought
but is in the average... rate in the IMDb is 6-7/10 .

Since I've watched 3 movies this month which are Inception, StepUp 3D and Salt.
The rank in my list is ...
1. Inception
2. StepUp 3D
3. Salt

not to say too bad or too good but it was alright.
Let's be show you some scene..

She was listening to the Russian guy who named Orlov .
He said she is the Russian spy and
the most memorable quote by Evelyn Salt was
"I'm not a goddamn Russian spy!"

After she escape, she checked into a hotel and
try to do her mission which is to kill the Russian president.
*processing to be have a black hair*

After she dyed her hair.
I just love her style!
She's pretty!!!

At the back scene she was trying to get into the secret room
of the white house to
save the world from Ted Winter.

Well, I think that's all for the movie . If i say too much you won't have the chance to understand the whole movie. ;X

I want to watch Despicable Me. ;(

Saturday, August 21, 2010

All these things I have done

might be wrong.

Don't hide your tears.
Be honest. Are you really happy?
---That's the question.

Most of the people would say this ..
and no one will realize what's the truth in their mind
'cause you can't read people's mind but
just listen from the words they say or
even the way he/she types .
no one will know the truth of a person
when the person doesn't want to say it out.


Anyway, back to the topic -
All these things I have done.

I've done lots of things which I can't remember ... but some are saved in my mind like
- the paper hearts I've done.
- the story I have told
- the money I have spent
- the photos I have taken
- the people I have met
- the place I have been
& etc.
Honestly, I can't tell what I have done so far but I can tell you that I got lots of things which are haven't done yet! Just like ...
- going a trip with the besties
- earn money by myself
- lose weight
- study for the coming mock exams
- think what I should be
- find the one
and etc.

Do you actually remember what you have done so far ?
Think to yourself,
what have you done just for today..
I bet, it is something like fb, taking photos, shopping, chatting, texting and etc .
Have you done something special and something worth ?
Try to think
what if there is 2012 ?
what if there is 'the day after tomorrow' ?
'if' equals to got chance a.k.a ada chance . ;)

therefore, try to do something worth at least one thing each day.
or a thing that you can save the world although
you know there is no way not save it.

Remix with the lyrics .

Have you ever listened to a song named,
My Life Would Suck Without You In My Place .
I bet you may heard MyLifeWouldSuckWithoutYou by Kelly Clarkson
but not with InMyPlace at the back .
Well, some people may heard this song before .
This is a remix by DJ Earworm .
A famous DJ who likes to remix songs into a song .
I think most of you guys heard United State Of Pop 2009
p/s: this is my favorite!

Anyway, I'm here to tell you about this song
click play and you will get what I mean.

This song is pretty good (in my opinion)
but I don't know what's your taste .
In this song there is two songs which is :-

My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson
In My Place by Coldplay

DJ Earworm used this two hits songs (2009) to
reveal the power balls lurk with the beats ! ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

she tried.

Thursday might be the day off.
things to do when reached home was
switch on the com, eat, fb, tumblr, weheartit and twitter.
Sometimes do some blogging.
is obviously, life can be real boring without these websites.

Anyway, inbox -ed some people and the most impressed one was wifey's . I have no idea I should laugh or angry about the post in her blog or not. She was like commenting on me but in the truth fact and the thing I thought of .. Before she posted that, I already told my dear those things and she is the one who taught me what to do next and be cheerful when the guy who used to like you already fall for someone else. Besides that, also tell the girlish girl that I gave up and not to get over react after listening the truth. Honestly, I got so happy when she told me the truth of 'em . I wasn't angry or depressed but happy which is pretty weird. Perhaps, I really give up and look forward to the real life that I am facing now.

p/s: schedule got changes. Everything back to normal which is 'idk' .

She's tired.
It's really tired.
She just wants to sleep
like real relax lying on the bed
not to think about the coming entrance exams.
which is coming within 14 school days. D;

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Time to relax after 2 hours of physics ,
chatted with the girlish girl and
I ended with this short result. ;)

When you are in love, you don't aim for perfect .
You don't aim for the most good-looking, smartest person in the world .
You aim for the person who can make you smile without trying .
You aim for the person who makes you laugh and who makes you feel good about yourself .
You don't need to find a price to find someone who is charming .

sometimes only paper will listen to you .

Sunday, August 15, 2010

question mark?

*click image to enlarge*

like or unlike is your own choice.

She was a genius of sadness, immersing herself in it, separating its numerous strands, appreciating its subtle nuances. She was a prism through which sadness could be divided into its infinite spectrum.

Something she wishes that she doesn't wanna think about has finally passed through her mind within these two days. She heard people say that dream high and reach for it, do dream high so you can reach it, they are made out of real things. She always tells herself that you are just a memory and nothing else but when the time he talks to her the memory just come back so as the feeling.

Honestly, she cried today just because of the teens problems which is friends, love but not family for her. She loves her family but sometimes she just thinks her parent is unfair . For friends are kinda weird, sometimes they treat her in a real good way and she loves them but sometimes they can just ignore her and leave her alone in the corner. Well, she know people doesn't have the responsible to miss you or always care about her but she just wonder why? Besides that, the only is love. The 'l' is just a lie, the'o' is just an opportunity, the 'v' is just in the vein and the 'e' is just expectation. In her perception, things change as usual, friends leave and life doesn't stop for anybody.

The people around her just take her feelings as a joke and they never know how much it fuckin' hurts . However, she found a place to talk to and a place to cry at. Place to talk is the deck of her house and a place to cry is in the bathroom . The transparent liquid will washed out your tears and get into your body and tell you is a new start for today or even a new hour . ;)

A sign like ";)" doesn't mean he/she is happy or even not angry anymore . He/she just doesn't wants you to worry too much about her/him. (that's her opinion.)


Breaking news, for this current nerdy genius has conformed when is she going back to her sweet country, Malaysia and when is she coming back from Malaysia to this boring green place, New Zealand. For more information leave a message in the the right side's chatbox or pm me. ;)

I rather stay on my bed and

keep my head under the pillow,
cry out loud and try my best
just to forget everything.

Sky is grey and wind blowing loud just feel like I can get into it and let the wind blow my tears away.. Woke up in the morning, try to finish my art work when I still got tons to do . Anyway, had breakfast and cleaned up the house then continue my works . Physics is just hard enough for me to hurt myself . I clicked into fb and all I saw was ...

Yesterday was awesome ;
We enjoyed yesterday;
hope not to be end ;
It's the happy ending and stuff about yesterday's party .

I was wondering where are the photos and videos that people promised to post? Then I continue thinking negatively, honestly I was angry about people giving excuse and people forget about others but that's alright I just tried my hardest just to forget the past ! About eight hours later, finally I watched the video of them.. They were awesome for the first time as he told me so?

You guys were awesome and hope you guys enjoy in it!


Although I'm not in England but I do feel lonely everyday when you are not around.
Friday, the 13th really is a bad day for me! I knew the truth of someone's love and I get the percentage of how much I mean to them.. That's my Friday, the 13th .
what about yours ?
I believe there is always a little bit of truth behind a lie so as a truth .
"She cried out loud when she was taking her bath,
she was really depressed about some certain things,
she needs someone to be her listener,
she wants everything back to normal like last time and
she wants people care about her."

Saturday, August 14, 2010

wants to tell you the truth

Life can be simple once you get used to it .

In my opinion, life is simple perhaps I am the one who makes it complicated . Everything just happened and will be happen real soon . Don't you think is too fast? I came here like 6 months and things changed, happened, lost and have been found back to the world . It just came and leave me alone ... I told her shouldn't have compared from me to others or even from one to another. You should put yourself down and mind your own business and be true to your own self.

Seriously, I'm pretty regret of what I did last few years .. I wasted my time on boys, on people's problem, not studying hard, coloured the whole report card in RED and being a busybody of the ones who so call as friends. I never know life can filled full with the regretfulness, the feeling is like you wanted to kill someone but you just kill the one you used to stay closed with . Always wonder what if I had you and forgive myself for being so bad last time ? Everything is just too late to regret, too late to apologize, too late to remember and too late to forgive .

However, things change ; people move on ; just full of surprise.(dont you think so?) There is a distance to tell you how I feel right now. There is a distance to share my love for you. There are some moment when I need you but there is something blocking me from you which is the distance . You know from Auckland to Malaysia there is a huge gap - 5419.44 kilometers not to count in miles. Wonder how's the concert ... my status was 'Do what you willing to if you don't just forget what I asked you to. As you know I never expect much.' I was so angry about some certain thing . FML!


Went to library by bus today. The first time study in library with friends and worked hard with the test which is on Monday and Thursday. Although, I used sometimes to tweet but still I worked well before the couple came . ;( Perception of mine which is not to go out with those sweet couples is like suffering from what they talk and every steps they moved. I will never go out with couple again.. Reached library at 11 then out of the library at 4 , out to have lunch then walked around had NZ natural then stayed in the bus-stop. Bus came get in after 20 minutes home sweet home . One hour later, fetched Will and that guy out to badminton . Left three of us heading to Takapuna to have dinner with the Japanese yummy shashimi and also the banana tempura ice cream . ;) Had a tiring day and also depressing day I never had since I came. Took some photos will upload tomorrow.

I'm S.A.D
S- single
A- available
D- depressed!

I'm 'd' 'cause of some reason, if you don't mind to be my listener
can you pm me or even inbox me?
J the weirdo needs somebody right now . ;X

here come the empty bottle.

GoodMorning, can I have a hot chocolate and a chai latte, please ?
I'm sorry we sold out our hot chocolate but do you mind to try our new hot caramel chocolate?
Nahh, I prefer hot chocolate or I will have one chai latte, white chocolate latte with a walnut muffin, thanks . ;)
So that's all?
yeap, don't tell me you sold out your muffins .
Nope, but left one! you're lucky. ;D

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thoughts I had .

School's topic is the same ...
- Do you know what subjects are you taking next year?
- are you taking 3 sciences next year?
- you continuing with accounting ?
- taking history?
- what you wanna be in the future ?

People were asking me and I was asking people about it. All about future which is pretty fast for me? I don't even know what am I going to be in the future.. Never though of these things in this short period of time .

Science teacher told us these;
Do what you like and not what you wanna earn in the future. Not to have the mind that you want to have a job which can help you earn a lot of money but you don't like it. Think properly and ask the older to help you with it . Don't force yourself with certain thing .. You never know what you want to do after you are 20. she was saying herself ..

After listen to her I thought of the same problem.. I don't know what I like, I should make myself a goal with photographer or a hair dresser or even a job which is comfort and random. ;L

I'm not good in social
I'm not good in accounting
I'm not good in memorize stuff
I'm not good in helping
I don't like to be locked in a place
I don't like to do jobs which is hard

I am just not good in things and I don't like certain things.. However, what if I just take Physics and what I can do in the future ? What if I hate Geog but I just wanna get credits with it . What if I take History of Art next year? What if I take design next year? What if I give up in accounting next year ?
There are tons of 'what if' in my mind, when I was really young I thought of being a lawyer helping people but I am just not that confident enough. When I was 12 I told my mum I wanna be a hair dresser, she agreed but my dad was like *erhemm* . When I'm in secondary school I started to like the way people capture and the way people have wearing a true smile, sad face or even a emo face to be a photographer but the same answer I got from my dad . My mum was saying want to be a photographer can but make it as a part time job and get a full time job which you like . Then I was wondering what is the job I like until now... the 'job' still haven get into me and I have fall into any job yet . ;( a composer? nahh, i'm not good enough .

I'm thinking too much.

Monsters .

we were that close, that cute, in that kind of love .

Heard they have concert today and tomorrow ? anyway, I don't really know about their stuff 'cause I'm far apart . Wish they make it through and is in the awesome way with everyone stand up clapping their hands and some of them cheer like what I used to .. Hope photos will be taken by some photographer like her or even him . ;) Video will be recorded clearly and also the cheer leader will lost their voice after they finished the concert . AllTheBest, form 4s . ;X

She was joking but I answered with a serious case .

lucky or unlucky

It's the Friday of 13th, in M'sia today might be the day where people don't like to go back home late, scare about of 'the thingy', burning 'money' beside the road/ infront of house? or even stayed at home all night not dare to go out . In the western culture every Friday of 13th is something similar to Chinese culture as I mentioned.. Not to say you don't care or care about it, something happen just without any notice . People are all afraid the number 13 and Friday the 13th because it is said to be unlucky because it combines a historically unlucky day and unlucky number . The #13 has long gotten the human race riled up -- back to ancient times. It's even led to a condition called triskaidekaphobia, the fear of # 13 . That fear for 13 has led to some strange decisions and unusual behavior in the past .

According to Wikipedia some people are so paralyzed by fear that they avoid their normal routines in doing business, taking flights or even getting out of bed. In the past, "it's been estimaed that USD800 or 900 million is lost in business on this day. Despite this, Airlines dont suffer from any noticeable drop in travel on those Fridays' .

As we can see there is a Movie also titled as Friday, The 13th. I wanted to watch like ages ago still doesn't have a chance to ? Anyway, in 2010 there's only 1 Friday is in the 13th but in 2009 there are three months . People just never realize about it ..

Here is some superstitions that show the fear of this day .

Thursday, August 12, 2010

when loves not around ..

Mufti Day!

This is the second time I attended mufti day in this school. It was on Thursday the 12th and is in Day 4's timetable . Geog first and first step into the school the bell rang however first to go is the toilet just to wash my sweat ? On the way, saw people wore something really vintage, punk, emo and normal .. Some asians wear what they call as 'cool' = 'la square' in
M'sia . I forgot the take photos at the first half day but in the last period I met someone who really like to cam whore just like the last time I cam whore around with people in M'sia . ;) Just me and her so have taken like over 30 photos within 30 minutes . ;D Let me introduce you guys ...
JulieHo, the girl I mentioned who likes to cam whore !
math class..
She's a bear . ;)
Novena from Indonesia; J. ; Julie from Taiwan .
outside math class.
Suzen from M'sia, me, Julie and Novena at the top .
ignore my cam whore skill and fats !!!
SumYee from HongKong in my Art class .
Easter from S'pore in my Accounting class.
These are what we call as the M'sian .
three of them are from M'sia the girl at the right side with white jacket is the girl I first met in this school .

However, after school walked home with a bit smile on the corner of my lips . The first time I took photos with Asians only . There is no such thing as white ... As you guys know I'm not that goos in social so i didn't know how to start with 'can you take a photo with me?'

I forgot to take photo with that korean girl who is kinda close with me;
I forgot to take photo with that accounting girls . ;(
I gonna take photo with some whites next time ! ;X
and I gonna take photo with that guy who is mixed !

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Take a move .

Step Up 3-D.

Tuesday, sis text-ed me . Let's watch movie tonight while I was in school and I never say yes or no she just bough it . Well, is lucky my sis bought the ticket for me if not I will be regret of not watching it . If you are a person who likes to dance or a shoes lover , you will totally in love with this movie . For those who like movie which has story line I dont recommended you to watch it . Anyway, movie started at 8pm and we were all early to pick up the tickets . Karen, Shally, Carmen and I went together before get in we went to Countdown to get some chips, popcorn and also chocolate . ;)
The movie is in 1 and half hours.. Not many people watch it just some teenagers

Honestly, I don't really like that main character, Luke of this movie
but the cute Moose and the twins !
I love this scene when they are dancing in water with some asians .
Their moves were awesome !
Moose solo which is awesome !

The last battle was real awesome which the LED lights on their clothes and also the nike shoes . ;) I love watching people dance but not myself, I love what people wore on them but not for me .

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Love The Way You Lie

Rihanna felt that the song needed to be done. “It’s something that, you know, [Eminem and I have] both experienced, you know, on different sides, different ends of the table,” she said. “It just was authentic. It was real. It was believable for us to do a record like that, but it was also something that needed to be done, and the way he did it was so clever. He pretty much just broke down the cycle of domestic violence, and it’s something that a lot of people don’t have a lot of insight on, so this song is a really, really powerful song, and it touches a lot of people.

obviously, Megan Fox is hot .

Expired Rubbish

a music video which is real worth to watch !

made in Malaysia..
You never though of the family love after you watch this .
Not only to watch and listen every single words DaMonSter sing, they are awesome !

Sunday, August 8, 2010


i'm sad, i mean real sad.
needs you right now,
can I call you?

Sunday late morning, I ate lots, slept lots, watched lots and sing lots.
Windy came and sunny dropped by, said hi and he left ...

You are the features that are only present because of people.
You are to do with people or are made by yourself.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

am addicted to wasting time .

It's weekend, what are you doing ? - I wondered.
What are you thinking about? - I was thinking about you.
Who is right beside you? - I wish is not a girl but a woman (yourmum).

Saturday is the 7th . Remember what will happen in the coming 3 months time? Not to mention it but just wondering what will happen on that day without my dearest friends in M'sia, my hun in Australia(Perth) and the bitchy nerd in S'pore . I miss them but still there is a distance .

Anyway, I went to city today not with family but friends. Three of them . 2 from M'sia and one form China, GuangZou. They had fun holding hans with their boyfriend and left me and the other girl behind being lesbian and trying to have fun shopping and also eating . Well, I left camwhore apart while that is the only thing I regret and forget about . Both of us chat a lot , eat a lot , try a lot and laugh a lot but not cam whore a lot ! ;X well, that's alright I bet we will have another chance ...

I feel like study real hard for the coming weeks 'cause as I mentioned week 8 is the test and I have no idea where I should start with . Math i know the basics stuff not the excellent stuff, accounting I don't know what they are talking about, science alright but not in chemistry, geog trying real hard, eng being alone is not worth and art still colouring with the 12 credits thing. I know everything need to work hard just will have pay back yet I gonna do so ... However, everything I say and I never do so, just like what I promised . ;( Things are stuck with each other in everything .

Friday, August 6, 2010

jealous ...

perhaps, that's alright.

Finished my assessments with the 5 subjects except for art ... I am still dealing with it as I made the aim of it . Had like the whole week internal with Geog and finally I'm done with it which i have no confident in it at all ! Finished my math test got a Merit which is alright but I though I can get an excellent is was easy . Science just as normal the big NotAchieve with a plus beside it .. Besides that, I have nothing interested to post !

orhh, teacher changed my place in accounting class. am now sitting with a guy and a girl . A guy who from Taiwan and a girl who from guong zou . It's pretty boring tho we have no topic to chat about .Well not to forget to mention that I think it's time to take a risk as she said and I think we should have a honesty hour between everyone !

Something impossible happen which is LeeLikHong the bold guy skype with me and chat along . Just can't believe that, the very first guy willing to do so .
Sometimes a call can accrue with tons of things and it can makes someone feel way better and smile which filled full with love .

Jing, bila ialah kamu punya masa lapang ?
Sze, reply saya in inbox .

let the music play !

I promised to post about the concert I went on Wednesday the 4th of August and it was in weekdays . If I watch this concert in M'sia I would probably absent from school on the next day but am now in NZ . Things are in an extremely different situation than last time . ;( Forget about that and enjoy the party photos .
The stage without lights on .
this is because i'm not good in taking photos .
I admit it !
Before the concert started, we went there by my dad ride .
Met Jason my sis's new friend who is LipHan's friend .

Party started and Khalil popped out on the stage !
He's awesome and HOTTTT . ;)
with the different effect with the LOVE SONG . <3
He didn't do well in this concert 'cause of his sore throat,
he can't really speak well but sing well !
He is really good in singing tho ...
look at his sexy back !
OMFG, I'm in love . <3
the last but not least he took photos of his fans do include me !

I love the song he sang especially BillyJean and 'wan le' .
The feel just come out and let me refresh my mind of the time we went to RedBox or Neway to sing his songs . <3

love love love .
Music play along with his voice is awesome.
That was a wonderful night . ;)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I made promises but I just forgot about it until that day the sexy ace remind me and I just realize I always make promises but never do so ...
Start with the T.
I promised him will not gained weight and will be skinny when I get back but I gained weight like non stop until now also the same . I feel like giving up with this promise but we seemed so long never chat so I decided not to give up and work hard !

Second with the sexy ace.
I promised him not to FML but i just did in the conversation between me and him . He was like 'well, you broke the promises ! dont tell me you already forgot about it.' and my reaction was like 'hellyea, i already forgot not within a week ;('

third with the friend.
I promised that I will lose weight within a year and the result I got now is like plus plus plus but no minus . I wonder can I have a square rude ? (iforgothowtospell) ;X

fourth with the girl.
promised him not to give up in everything that I am having now but all I think is just let's give up in it and work hard in the next test . ;X I kept giving myself excuses was awful !

fifth with the group.
I promised to wear skirt when I get back but I changed my mind to 'if they dance I will wear that skirt.' Well, of course not mini skirt , not school skirt but the skirt I think is alright for me ;)

sixth with Jane.
Work hard together and will tell her when am I going back in the first yet I still don't know when I am going back .

I think six promises are many .
Well, I went to Khalil's concert!
will upload about it during weekend if i have time .
dad has gone back . ;X

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