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Saturday, July 31, 2010

be the class protector .

wants to be the one
still is far apart and can't really reach it
by now .

Today was awesome !
Went to Dress Smart to get some clothes for the home stay and yet we bought tons ! The reason why is 'cause Levi's was having sales and it's cheap until you can't imagine which is "buy 1 get 1 free!" whatever is in the store are all buy one get one free ! Even you bought a 200bucks jean the other pair you are getting is FREE ! Isn't it worth to get two pairs ? Well, I did so ... the result is two pairs of Levi's jeans , a jumper of Hollister , a shorts of CottonOn which cost 5bucks ONLY and nothing else I think ?

Let me be the the sale girl and tell you how cheap were the stores sell stuff ;-
Levis and Glasson were buy one get one free ,
Canterbury was 30% off ,
Puma 50% off which 12 bucks for a jumper ,
CottonOn nothing over 20bucks ,
Nike buy first pair for original price then 2nd item is half price ,
Addidas is 50% off ,
Fila's socks only cost 10 bucks 4 pairs ,
JustJeans with 30% off,
Ralph Lauren 50% off which only cost 39 bucks for all Polos in the store and
tons of shops were having sales I just can't finish the names .

I love shopping with my family but sometimes just got so frustrated with it 'cause of the sale stuff ! ;X was like too much and can't really know what to get ... anyway, I missed the one shop !!!! Lacoste , we were in rush back to fetch someone and have dinner . We bought clothes so as the home stay . ;)

After fetching someone then back home had bath , heading to Takapuna have dinner in BBQ Duck Cafe i think ? was where Karen works is pretty cheap and alright to me . After blowing water , talk craps then home sweet home and facing the computer !

The night was dark and left me in the study room and click through their profiles refreshed the memories of mine with them .

Wondering what's the best memories you had in your life ?

We used to ...

dream as if you
have forever ;
live as if you
only have today

Today and forget about yesterday ;
Had the science test andthe news is I didn't realize there's question 5 which mean I will fail in Science again ! I worked not that hard obviously, before the test I didn't study properly but fb and viewing people's blog and not studying the orange Chemistry book ! ;X Heard they ki siao people got through it and yes I wanna watch the live show so freakin' bad ! Wanna see the titanic show "nearrrr , farrrrrr where ever you are ..." and the hip hop show by the form 4s and what gi po gonna do in canteen ! Well, it's impossible that I fly back on that day I gonna have the NCEA exam in 5 or 6 weeks time . I'm not prepare with the exam yet and I can't really get through it should I get over it ?

Had dinner with my family and James' family at Waiting Bar . After that went back home together and Shally came with Anton to play with the wii ! (my wii get fixed) After awhile Aunty May's family came by and chit chat along with the movie on . They had fun and we had fun too ... After they left Shally and Anton stayed and chilling around with my sis until 1 something just heading to bed .
Sometimes listen to the chill stuff they said can be accepted .
At least you know what they are right
'cause they've the experience of what we are facing now .
He told me "If you can't get through the thing then just get over it and face the life in here."
and yes I think what he said is right. Anyway, people will change in their own way we can't make them to be back the old him/her .
I need to sleep. Badly .
I want to.
but not yet .
tossing around in bed is a waste of time .

Friday, July 30, 2010

delayed post !

It's my very first Winter Holiday trip ! ;)

Dad arrived and the next day we went to Roturua .
First station to the Hamilton Zoo and this place it's not in the plan !
The whole trip is without that much of planning ! ;X
Let's scroll down and I will show you where we went and enjoy the trip . ;D

Before we went in to the zoo , there's a peacock welcome us ! ;)
Don't you think it's huge ?
natural ;)

After visiting the zoo we went to the skiline which is in Roturua .
a cable car to get up to a mountain to play something really interesting ! ;)

in the cable car. ..

we played a car thing i forgot what it called but photos are in my FB ! ;)
After that got back in car and enjoy the view with the green grass about and farmsssss
Hell yeah, we stopped and relax and face the lake ! ;)
the natural of NZ .
the Tan family and yes
blue lake .
the black swans which make me think of the love one .
(TanChu'Swan') <3

Then overnight in the motel named CouchMan .
It provides wifi but don't really have time to use it 'cause we were tired about the trip ! ;)

woke up in the morning next day and yes ! It's freezing but still i love it ! ;)
wanna know how cold is it ?
scroll down and you will know the truth .
the car is filled with ice / snow ?

after that had breakfast with steamboat ! ;X
'cause it was freezing and just love it when it's freezing to have steamboat with the sweet family .
check out and

After that we went to Whakalewalewa .(not sure with the spelling)
Visit the Moari village which is interesting !
let's see the view of that place . ;)
spot the sun ?
it's not other things but the water vapor of the tunnel ?
I don't know how to say so .....

*let's continue*
On the way back to car park and
spot my sexy dad's back w/ my mummy's handbag !
They're sweet couple .

On the way go to Whakapapa to see the tunnel ?

In the park and I saw a spider-web with water and it's pretty ! ;)

Devil's home .
get what i mean ?
well, it's really frezzing there and yes I got sweat after my sis and bro passed me all their clothes ! I'm like those stick rice filled full ! ;X

After that we went to a glass making gallery and hell all it's man made ! ;)

spot this pretty one ?
and it cost like 800 something I think it looks awesome with the lights shine on it !
Mum bought one vase with 3-D trees in it and it's so cool ! ;)

After visiting that we went to had our Shrimp lunch ! ;)
with curry prawn rice ?

after the rush lunch we went to play the HukaFallJet .

Before dressing up
and this is after !
It's like wtf ?

Before it starts
this is the hukafall and we went really near to it !

After the jet I got wet and it's freezing not to mention that !
Then heading to the snow mountain and it's awesome !

seriously, it's my very first time to see snow !
It's the real snow i never know I can see the real and the fake difference .
It's nearly the same thing .
spot the snowing mountain ?
the white dots are snow .
with flash .
w/out flash ! ;)

then heading back to hotel and rest !
After few hours we went to had dinner and it taste pretty nice and is all old fashion in that restaturant . ;D
i love the chairs !
The desert of that day !
WhiteChocolateBrulee .

heading to sleep after the dinner and can't wait to learn ski at the next day .

On the way up to hill !
'cause it snowed the last night and is filled full with snow the next day .

prepare to ski ! ;)

Ski is interesting but still I failed in it !
I fell 4 times and one of the fall I banged to a rock and luckily I didn't get hurt !
Well, I'm not good in things like these but not my bro is like pro in learning things like these .
He learned and never fall down once which is abnormal ! ==

After the skiing we went to see HukaFall !
Yesterday we saw it by jet and this time is by walk ! ;)
walked through the bridge and view it from upwards .

spot it ? it's pretty ! and blueeeee

After that we went to watch the sheep show .
I watched this like 4 years ago and this is my second time and they never change the program is the same !
spot the dogs on top of the sheep ?

After the show we went to play this
the Shweep ! ;)
which you get in the transparent thing and cycle it !
it's fun and after you ride on you , you can't really walk properly and your legs will be shaking non-stop !
I do mean so ...

After the ride and it's time to go back Auckland to face the school on the next day with my tests filled full in this week !

Story end here ;
Sorry for the late post ! ;X

Saturday, July 24, 2010

leave your message on me;

I will help you to solve it
and yes I promise I will keep it forever.

Yesterday 230710 ;
same things happen during day time but something change in the night time . after school , wake back home with Julie and I saw Shally in my house which is normal . She came and enjoy maple life with my sis and bro . After while my sis asked me when do you wanna go and bath don't tell me you forgot today we are going out to karaoke ! Then I ran up to have bath and yet went to city by bus . Hell yeah, it's the first time go city by bus at night which is pretty weird ? Before go to the bus-station we went to fetch Karen together which mean 4 people gonna go enjoy the night ! ;) We enjoy sing out loud in the room but not the food and the size of it ! The food are SALTY , the room is too small can't really move and sing with some action ? buahaha . Well, my voice is getting suck just don't know why I can't reach at certain pitch ! I need to improve it 'cause I wanna go back MY and sing with them not to let them look down at me ! buahaha . *jokes* ;D
back home around 10 and had milk tea after reach home ! Go by car with the fake licence ? ;X well, we do enjoy each others i think ? I've learnt some Korean and yes ! I can't wait to show you what I've learnt !

Weekend ; 240710.
hell yes ! Dad arrived today with uncle Loo and his son who now is our home stay . My dad's arrive and he bought something just like ....
Play Station 3 and a Wii which mean home is now filled full with electronic game stuff 2 psp, NSD , PS2 , PS3 ,Wii , laptops , iPod and iTouch . Well, something left is an iPad and a karaoke machine ! If we have two of these our house gonna have party EVERY NIGHT and yes it's non-stop . Let the music play and no pause button on it .
They arrived at 1pm plus and had lunch at Brikenhead . well, I think my dad lost his weight but he said he gain some ? some little ps here I gained like 7kg from that day I'm in NZ until now ? seriously, FML ! After some hours shopping then went back home and the funniest thing is .... Cooking Mama's cd got stuck-ed in the wii and now we can't really play the Wii ? what a great Wii we had for the first day ?

p/s :Gonna skip school from Mon to Wed and go on a vacation !

Not gonna blog until I get back home,
maybe with tons of photos ?

I want the bitchy camwhorer here .
I want the people play hard here .
I want you to be here . ;X

is just loading.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let me be the one,

Day and night
I am always the tired one

but at night
I stay up just late enough
until I am exhausted enough
until I can fall into my bed
and into immediate slumber

because I can't really stand
to lie in my bed in a room
with a lamp on
alone with all my thoughts
for so many hours .
It's just suffering from the dream .

The day was really boring and yes it's totally GAY !
I might now be the white ones nor the blonde girls they want but I have my own life ! As an asia teacher you shouldn't be that racist to your student tho... well, I do hate Science class . The teacher change people places so as I , but she changed the people beside me all away which mean I am now sitting with a girl only . However, usually people will have three to four people in a group ? Gosh, I just hate science class now . ;X Double science tomorrow and yes I need someone to tell me some survival's secret ! The science class I am having now is way more worse than having Mrs.Khang's classes .

I, JessieTan is currently having asian friends more than the whites while I do prefer some whites but too bad they don't really like an asian like me ? I do enjoy my geog class these two days 'cause the teacher was away and tomorrow gonna face him and wearing a mask with a really big eyes on ... While the same feeling I can't wait for my dad's arrive ! am so gonna clean up the house by Saturday morning ! ;X

Wii gonna arrive and maybe a PlayStation3 ? I can't but still internals next week am so gonna be dead from the wrong timing . Dad arrive which mean we are going on a vacation and I gonna skipped school for few days and gonna miss classes and the most important thing is test, exam , assessment ! Seriously, I can't really stand this kind of 'stress life' in here .

p/s: khalil fong's concert ! am coming !!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am a lazy perfectionist .

It's kinda woke up in a different world.
I wish I would done more stupid things when I still could.
Well, you are my one and only hope
and it's all gone as
I expect .
Let me be the bad one so
you wouldn't suffer from it;
although I was and now
am trying to get used to it .
school life is always the same!
people smile, laugh , gossip and
somebody is always an exception.
I've learn a lot these days,
thanks to my sis.
She taught be about what she used to feel
so I am.
William is currently sick,
walked to school alone but
met someone in the middle of the walked way,
loves the feeling...
Still I wish I'm sick either .

Monday, July 19, 2010

I love you is 8 letters... So is bullshit

So where over the backyard .
Life is totally complicated !

First day of term 3,
just the same old feeling but there are new international students walked around the school which look pretty hot ! I saw a girl from Germany who makes me though of the WorldCup ! Whatever, let's see about today ...

Walked to school but we walked another way 'cause the old one has closed . One shock thing is I got like asthma of something, I can't really breath unless I sit down and calm myself down . I just dont know why when I reach school I'm like dying for the air . However, got settle after a while since I dyed my hair and had a new hair style . People were all like pointing their hair saying 'orhh, you dyed your hair !' and all I gave was 'yeap, I had a hair cut too! ;D' These were my reaction, had all day through and went to tuition straight after school . All day long was tired, boring, cold and confused !

I don't really feel like going to school already and it's just the first day ! FML .
well, phone ran out of credits and text ! I wanna get some reload ! ;X

dad gonna arrive soon ! I cant wait to see him and my extra holidays ! woohoo .
love my family !

Sunday, July 18, 2010

you broke my heart into pieces .

hell, time really flew.
holidays are ending soon; so must my self-denial.
now's a really bad time to start reading fan-fiction again.
you know all my histories .

Day was totally alright,
woke up and went to have my brunch . After that went to get something for tomorrow's things which is school snack ! I CBF with school tomorrow . I want extra holiday and I want my dad to come right now ! I can't for the 5 more months, I wanna go back so badly and I wanna meet new people in here , please . I dont wanna spend my holiday just like this . It's totally boring without someone like friends ?

Well, I think holidays are just like money; you waste them in a small amount and in the end you will realize everything has gone !

am so gonna face the truth tomorrow . The 3rd term, and I need help with everything again ... I miss holiday even tho i'm still in but after 45 minutes it will back into normal and my hope all doesn't go well at all .

you're my junk and draft !

I believe I should face the truth;
people don't have the responsible to miss you
when you're far apart - J.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I . miss .

I wish you lived down the street .
I miss how close
we used to be
I hate how far apart
we have grown

I . MISS . US .

I feel like I need everyone else more than they need me .

I hate looking at myself and realizing that I don't like what I see . I hate looking back at things I did and wondering why I was like that . Everyday there's something wrong . Just one trivial thing that can make me unhappy just for a moment . It's like it's not even possible to have a day without one bad feeling !

and I just cant keep living this way . So starting from today, am so gonna break out of this cage , am standing up , am facing my demons . I've had enough, now I'm fed up and it's time to put my life back together now .

I know I am

ache day . ;X

It's Saturday which mean school gonna reopen REALLY SOON and I'm still wondering what to do in next term . No one new to meet and no one gonna meet me ?
Totally FML !!!

However, today the weather was rainy , sunny , rainy and sunny which is totally NZ weather ! Went to City with the same old people and shopping ! As i mentioned yesterday , am so gonna cut my hair and I did it today . It looks awesome at the back but the fringe is SHORT ! I hate it when i got a new hair style and I just cant get used to it ! Forget about the hairstyle and continue with my journey of the day . Since I spent my day in city and yet I bought a tee and a pants ! I love it although it cost pretty expensive just for it . (credits to Carmen, she paid for me.) Besides shirt, we went to a Japanese shop and get some D.I.Y stuff and I just wondered what I should add for my new table in my room just to hang my Polaroid ! Just get those paper and glue we used around 60NZD for it also credits to Carmen . After that went to had some Starbucks which is our favorite ! I paid for it since she bought the things and my acc just left some money ! ;(

Around 4 reached home, before going back home mum went to see the duty free shop which just like Pv, full of branded . Gucci, Prada, Dior , LV, Burberry, DKNY, RL and etc ... I though of getting a perfume for my wifey but maybe next time ? 'cause my mum was there she stopped me from buying things .

Home Sweet Home and I started my first thing to do which I bought today ... Keyboard stickers filled full with Spngebob faces and still I love it !

Spot it ?
This is my new clothes for my dear Pacman lappy !!!
still wondering I should stick all of them in or just left it in half .

After sticking it, I start with my second job which is my hanger of Polaroid photos .
I used up 3 to 4 hours to finished decorate it which makes me dont have enough time to take a bath ! I know I smells . ;X

scroll down to view my brand new room with the new table I received few days ago ...

#1 :
first spot , the angle from the door .
*ignore the messiness of my bed !*
p/s: i don't make bed ! ;X

#2 ;
second spot from my wardrobe .
love my Elmo ?
it just cost me 2 dollars . ;D

full angle of my table .
width if in 1.2m x 1.2m ...
tall I forgot !
I know it's pretty big to .

#4; spot my D.I.Y ?
I coloured it !
There are more Polaroid but I just can't hang all up it's too heavy !
So i decided to put some .
The middle one is my 9 years buddy !
Ron and Quan .

#5; the accessories corner .
I need it to be full ! buahahhaha

#6; my wire corner and
my love ones, Jackfamily !

#7; my handset stand .
ain't it cute ?

#8; my perfume & lotion corner
which I doesn't touch really much
except my DKNY !

#9 ; last but not least !
my camera and films corner .
There are space for me to get a DSLR and
a Holga too .
(i know I'm greedy !) ;X

5 more months to go and
yes, I can't wait anymore I just wanna go back and hug them tight !!!!

p/s: just realize I never take picture with the gang last year end . ;X

am so gonna save money for a wallet !

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