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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Earing ?!

I missed the time !
Weii , mayb you really rite .

The pics !
I took .
And now i just realize i nvr took pic with jing pulak ..

In the school . at 3M .After the celebration ...
me and da .
Nat and I .
Reflection in the Fish Spa shop . (dunno wat name izit .)
Without flash .With flash . at the same place .

Without flash . Behind the aquarium .

With flash at the same place . same angle .

After left my camera at Saik Hoe's home .
He took my camera n take pics ! LOL .
n i do upload up !
=P Sorry Quan i nvr delete tat pic !
hahaQuan .

Clinton .Hoe and Heidi .

N today i wen to her house again n take bac my things !
lol . they played my DS till no more battery .
Saik Hoe do used my Ipod too .
lol .

x I dunno what happen to you .
o If you wanna think tat . i cant force you !
x Damn it !
o I hate you !!!!

J e s s .

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cant stop the tears from fallin .

We used to be so fine when you walked into my life .
I tried to reach out for you just to be with you .

Teacher's day ...
Nvr see Mrs.Thas . =(
The Prefect performace were great n also the form 5s.
lol. I like WeiYi so much ! n also Li Ying .
after finished .
Went to T.S with Jing,Pei,Nat n Venn by cab .
5 of us ...cost 7 .
went to 'Sek Ho' have our lunch .
lols .
me n Nat were fine .
After having out lunch Venn went bac .
left four of us .
Damn sien.
Jing went to nail point for manicure .
n pei teman her .
While she's doin it .
me n Nat. went to Fish Spa !
lol .
tat's my 1st time le .
Quite nice .
and finally i found sumone who can teman me do fish spa again !
Nat like it !
after doin it .
meet up with Jing .
act just opposite !
lol .
thn went to walk walk .
walk till half .
went to StarBucks .
i bought a cup of JavaChips .
I cant even bite the chips inside it !
lol .
We sat there fot almost 2 hours .
while we sitting .
Jing n her B .
Went off .
thn Pei left.
Just left me n nat.
n Yang came .
slowly . Kg came too with Brenda n Xian .
and also my dear ! Saik Hoe ! long time nvr see him le .
lols .
after that. went to sweet chat !
makan 'tong sui' cant even bite !
lols .
Nat ordered Durian Pancakes again !? lol
while they eating i sms-ed with bobo !
haha .
After having it .
Went to Saik Hoe's home .
wait for my mum to pick me up .
lol .
I saw my babeee...
Phang Hui Quan ! lols .
about 3 months i didt even saw her .
lol .
miss her so damn much !!!
after tat.
my mum came n picked me from KimGary .
lols .
thn went bac home. n i left my bag there .
Sei mou .
my camera le...
wanna edit pic also !
pic will b upload when i get bac all my things !
Fine. Stop here ...
Babeeeee .

x Dont you know , i miss you so ?
o My heart is breakin .
x I do tried !
o Weii , mayb u r rite ...=)

J e s s .

Friday, May 29, 2009

There's no real life . I wasn't awake !

没有太阳就不会有彩虹 。
rainbow Pictures, Images and Photos

Today whole day was dreaming .
even in kang's period .
n I almost fall down 3 times .
damn fish !
I do have some reason for dreaming .
but cant tell here le .
lol .
Jing get her Lee Hom's shirt !
aww .
damn nice !
but i cnat get it .
the last wan i think Nat's goin to buy it !
althought i like it.
but i wan black colour !
with gold color words .
awwww ...
She was showing off all arouns the place .
yeah . the old her .
*silll dao gei * .
lols .
i think ntg much happened today .
orh i went to KFC with jing n pei .
sien !
ma de . i wait till 4:45 like tat.
went out form KFC n i saw gin and the two jun .
lols .
they were so late .
dunno y .
nvr say bye to them just the Hi.
lol .
Fine .
i stop here .
damn sien !!!

x I dun really like today .
o although,i dare to do tat .
x Sorry .
o I think ...

J e s s .

Thursday, May 28, 2009

you're right ! Scorpian is always like one who's acting brave !

I asked = no answer .

ntg special happen today .
but now i just realize .
Kang nvr ask me where's my skirt .
now is Vivien's turn to get it .
lols .
see i became good girl le ...
but I dunno why still very scat of her.
Fine stop talking bout kang .
er .
teacher's day is coming on Friday .
I remember what Mrs.Thas promise .
She said she will be coming back on tat day !
yeah ~
means i can see her last face .
lol .
kind a miss her so much !!
She's the best BM teacher ever !
Awww ...
waiting Friday .
cz goin out sum more .

她告诉我,天蝎座的人 。
只会扮坚强 。
可能那是真的 。
就算她爱他 is just the same ...
nw i just realize .
The old has passed
we cant get it back any more !
Babeee .

Haiz ...
my dad ask my mum sumthing just now .
guess wat ?
he said he goin to wait till i form 5 just left m'sia ...
aww .
Is tat a good choice ?
I dun really understand wat the adults are thinking about .

x I hate you !
o Do you noe it will get hurts ?
x you want sumone forgive you ?
She had forgive but u did the same things again ?!
o I wunt wait you .

J e s s .

no body will welcome bac
and said bye with a big smile !

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stupid Param !!!!

I hope you are beside me right now !
I want you .

Fark Param !
She said I am in class is just for entertain the boys .
and she's goin to tell Peter tat i do tat ?!
Fark you !!
If I really entertain them thn what about her ?
She is more being slut all the time !
She's getting more bytch now .
I hate her !!!
Aaaa .
Fine stop talking tis 1st .
Err . today ntg intersting happened , I think .
Ah ! got Mrs.Meta !
she thought blogging nid to access money !
noe hw stupid is she??
Err ... I think ntg much bout today .
n yeah !
I really dunno what to do with the class ...
I cant even join them in .
Single !
Alone .

x I hate her more then everything .
o She's the only one for you .
x Slut ? fark you !!!!
o I'm not entertaining them !!!

J e s s .

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

awww ....

Time has dead n gone !
I want it bac right now !!

Today ?
An ordinary day ...
Class is getting better than those days ...
Now is Kah Mun turn to be naughty !
n i support her .
she quarrel wit Meta today !
damn rude !
but i like it !!!
n today is the 1st day with 2 big holes to school .
Everyone smile to me .
cz they knew i will reply them bac ...
n i forget bout my teeth i really go n smile bac.. Zzzz
damn fish la...
the 1st person is Thang Yi Jing !
awww ... she knew tat !
n she do tat obviously ! with everyone looking at her n me ..
see hw dao gei is she ...
But nvm . someone appreciate it.
er ...
n whn i eat things i was like .
wow . tis is the 1st time i eat my lunch so slow ...
n my teeth is pain today. cz i forget to bring my medicines to school .
okey . i stop talking bout m teeth .
let's talk bout the Badminton !
haha .
Sze n Pei involve today ...
Alex too ..
Alex n Zhi Kang were lose to Tack Hong & Zhi Kang's bro ...
21-19 .
haha .
the marks damn close la.
bout sze n pei i dunno .
cz my mum came earlier tat i thought ...
nvm tomoro i will noe the marks !
I didt take my dinner le ..
hungry now .
bt cant eat anything ...
awww ...
I miss the meggi !
right !
I might stop here n go n sleep if not i dunno i will eat wat .
LOLs .

x Sorry , my bad !
o I dun really appeciate to wat you did .

x I hate her !!!!
o I want Babeeee ...lols .

J e s s .

Monday, May 25, 2009

There was no “relationship”, as you put it. There was an attraction.

Alone Pictures, Images and Photos

What kind of fucked up world is this.
So much fucking tension you cld cut it with a knife.
Fucking childish la pls.
Grow up, all.

The love ones ...

The stars from ur heart ?
The loves from ur heart ?

Went to tuition today .
cz yesterday didt go ...
lol .
i was late again !
round 3 sumthing just reach le ..
but nvm ..
at least i'm not absent ..
lol ...
before go for tuition i on my facebook .
n saw Ng Tze Huey on9 too ...
haha guess what ?
she's goin to make a cup of Ice Blended Oreo for me when she's bac ...
n She taught me 1 word ...
Da Wei .
haha .
when she say it ..
i was like huh ?!
Da Wei ? what izit ?
haha .
but now i just realize what izit ...
Fine ..
After my tuition ...
I went to Belakong Jusco n watch movie ...
Lol ...
Night at the Museum 2 ...
quite nice .
I like the Cupids !
the three Cupids with Jonas Brothers face !
damn cute n when they sang !
cant imagine the Cupids with their face .
after finish it ...
when bac home .
have quarrel with my dad .
just because of my farking bro !
puiiiiiii !
I hate you William Tan !

That's all ...
thinking tomoro hw am I goin to do with my mouth .

x Cupids ? make me realize sumthings else .
o Da Wei ? haha I love him ...Zzzz
x Cant believe you have him ...
o Shyt ! I cant eat waffle ,Jing ...

J e s s .

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is that the reason ?

It's never too late to tell you that .
I Love You ...

Went to visit the dentist again !?
this time damn pain today bleed for 3 hour just stop .
How I make it stop ?
Go and sleep thn it will stop bleeding !
LOL ...
now i just realize .
but my mouth is still pain now ...
Awww ...
I was suffering from noon 2 o'clock till now the next day of the same time in the mroning ...
Need help .
can sumone please help me buy a mask ?
for covering my mouth !
two big holes le ...
OMFG !!!
pain a....

this time were more pain thn last week .
n the farking dentist nvr wait till u got 'xin li zun bei' thn pull out dy ...
pain le ...
makan my porridge AGAIN ?!
porridge with fish + kicap again .
SUFFERING with my farking teeth !!!

x I want the truth !
o Nobody cares ?
x I hate what I love .
o all of it !

J e s s .

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aww ... I want to call you Babeee .

I think she wish that too .
Not only me ...

The 2nd day without Jing .
Today, all prefet went to camp .
n the school is fun without any prefect + Kang .
Yeah ~~~
no nid tuck in shirt n pin hair ..
But I got pin le ...
see hw good am I .

During KH ,
the damn new teacher Ms.Sri .
give us free period .
We were like .
wow . she damn lazy la...
n the 3M family were sien !
cz without Jing as i noe .
n the class is play with songs .
Jern Jeit geh ...
n Jun Ee ,Alex play gmaes with phone .
Fatt ,Kiat Gee play cube .
Me,Xian, Da , Kah Fook chit-chat .
Lik Hong just sitting beside n listen n looking at Jun Ee playing games ...
see hw sien were we today ...
But nvm la..
I will try my best to bring up the old 3M Family bac althought Jing had been chged .
zzzz .
If im not wrong she aslo wish that . isn't it ?

After the bell rang the class dismiss n i went to 3M .
n look for Sze n I shouted Babeee .
Haha .
then I think Sze noe what happen next .
Hope he dunno la..
LOLs .
then saw Jing .
She told us bout the safety kiss ?!
haha .
only 1 can accept is just him ?
the other 2 le ??
wakkaak .
then we down to locker room .
Saw my bro at canteen .
Zzz .
so damn early la..
thn went for tuition lo .
a bored day .

Still got 2-3 weeks towards his b'day .
I want you realize that ur b'day i will wish u with a funny post .
n for sure u will laught .
but u didt view my blog dy .
thn suan le ba .
wo yi zhi dou zai ai ni .

x wo de xin mei bian guo .
o ni de xin zai ta na bian .
x I hate you did you realize ?
o farking slut !

J e s s .

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sze !!

Is her Birthday .

21/5 ?!
haha .
Many ppl almost forget today is what day ....
But our gang will not forget !
is Sze Sze's b'day !
we must thank you Weii cz she bought the cake .
but we also gonna pay bac her ...

The Tiramisu cake was nice ... but we still cant finish it .
took 2 pcs out .
1 for Ray .
another 1 for Liew ...
Happy 15th Birthday . SZEE ! :D ❤
(Before !)
After ? lols .

Wish you have a great b'day .
and have great result and !!!
Wish all your wishes come true A.S.A.P .

From : J e s s .

Without you were sucks !

Is just the 1st day ...

Early in the morning that Thang Yi Jing was late .
I thought she dun wanna go to school dy lo ...
but when shecame to skul .
n bringing the BIG SMILE to me when she walk along to 3L.
I was like wow finally she's ntg .
When we have out target setting the class like so damn quite !
wow .
1st , Nick n Kah Mun said loud loud .
Aww ... I miss YiJing so damn much !
everyone was saying that in class .
n me too .
without her the class was like no more 3M geh attitude !
even Jun Ee , Fatt,Lik Hong ,Kiat Gee also say that ..
We really miss you in 3M .
and i think wat Fatt said is rite .
When YiJing not here we treat her like grass ,
When she's not here we treat her like treasure ...
Haha .
n that also means YiJing is the noisiest in class ,
She makes us laugh .
She makes us have a great time in 3M ...
awww ...
And she aslo makes herself in trouble to fight for normal person !!
haha ...
see hw good is she ...
The class still got the 3M family ...
we will try our best to do wadever thing .
n me n Kah Mun decide to have a fight with Meta ...
haha .
See hw izit ...
n I have once with Mala today .
Just cause of Gen's rubic cube ...
The feel was so damn shuang !

x we miss you .
o The old me have ...
x The feel was like ...
o Awww .

J e s s .

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pictures from ...

Just finish checking my camera ...
Lols .
From that day sports day ...
i nvr preview my photo n video .
all cacat wan ..
so sincce i was free just now.
I edited some picture.
1st is Jing n 3M wans.
then there are ..

sorry guys every pic also with my teeth ..
cz i wanna see how is my teeth goin to chg after i wear braces ..
Hehe .
so now i must take more pic of my teeth ..

x I want to on9 .
o I want to chat with you !
x I want to ask you something ...
o I want to hug you once again !!

J e s s .

Bad News .

The bad news come towards to all of us .

Today .
I thought is an ordinary day ...
But when we attended Eng class ...
We was like wtf !?
cause teacher goin to chg our place ...
and i was so damn excited .
cz i finally can chged my place .
but the answer is no for me .
meta dun let tim ...
Zzzz .
She chged Vivien to sit beside me!?
I dun wan fark face !!!
n Jun Ee chg to my back .
Aimin chg to vivien's place .
Nick n Kiat Gee exchg places .
but .
The bad news is when Mala came in to class n scold our class .
scold till half way .
she said . Yi Jing tomoro early in the morning go to 3L n have ur class .
I was like 'What The Hell ???'
The two teachers also looking at me ...
cz i didt think dou this moment will b so damn fast .
I heard sumbody say bout it before ...
Means me n Jing will be saperate n it was hurt .
cz now is my turn to be 1 person which is the whole gang got 8 study in the skul .
but only me is the one ...
althought Xuan lat time is like that .
haiz. nvm la.
I also feel sorry to jing ..
dunno why .
lol .

Jing , This is the only thing i can cheer you up ...
hope u dun cry anymore ...
There are no others can join the 3M family ...

x What can I do for you ?
o Hmm... Mayb i really not the one .
x Err .
o BaoBeii ? Zzz

J e s s .

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

D , is always the one for me .

Dead and Gone .

Today we have our photo section again .
the whole gang expect Sze.
also ponteng 1 period ..
we learn bout .
the most dangerous place is the safest place ...
Damn sien la..
nvr take dou basketball geh photo .
cz nt enought time to ran down.
n when we reach the front door .
the flash *ci cak* .
finished dy ..
zzzz ...
damn it !
I want to take again !
the last year I took photo in Stella Maris with teachers .
look like weird weird geh .
Today , nvr go n attend the extra calss .
cz got tuition .
n i was late for tuition .
the stupid traffic jam .
Jam me n Jing for an hour le ...
I wanna thanks Tee Jer Venn the 'Fa Qiao Venn' .
for helping me in the BM ayat .
bt got 47 ayat nid to do le ..
nvm at least u help me ..
ntg much happen le ...
Tomoro will be bringing soup + bread to school .
for my teeth !
lol .
today no porridge !
yeah ~~~

I really dunno what happen to you .
Why are u thinking all the way negative ?!

x You !
o Are !
x Mine !
o lots of love . I want you !

J e s s .

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The day we met had passed .

The old me is ...
The new me is ...

I attended the extra class for B.M today .
tough by Ms.Chuah .
only 4 girls attending it .
me ,Brenda,Gen & Shi Pei .
cant believe i go n attend it .
boys got fatt they all.
Damn sien it was like having D.C .
for attending it ...
waste my time.
bt nvm i can pak tor with my fatt !
after the extra class .
I went infront n meet up sze.
thn we go to audi to watch the badminton match !
Alex won !!!
yeah hooo...
bt me n sze nvr watch dou ..
cz we were late .
when we arrived audi .
only saw weii n pei sitting together .
finish the match dy .
but at least i noe the result mar..
after that .
four of us go down to assembly hall n talk .
after awhile me n pei reliaze that sze nvr do the dare yet ..
n we saw ...
bt sze also not dare la.
still wanna say me orh .
went home.
and i ate poridge for my dinner again !!!
awww .
i miss the rice ~~

x I wan that hug again !
o Nt dare to do it again ! T_T
x Photo tomoro !
o haha. bytch , flirt , slut !

J e s s . ❤

Monday, May 18, 2009

I really miss that hug ...

awww ...
I fall in love with 林健輝 cz of 1 song .
This song was sooooo nice

go to tis wesite n view it !!

Eloo .

Hello Guys .
Long time nvr touch my blog + the keyboard at home ...

Wake up at 7am today .
damn early and is only for my teeth !
I went to visit the dentist ...
For checking & pulled my two teeth .
Damn pain lar .
and inside my mouth got 8 rubber band ...

see hw i bleed .

The tisue of my house.
Gonna use finish !
All of them used by me ...
n i pulled out at 9 . bleed till 2 pm .
u noe hw pain izit ?
Next week still got two more ,...
Today the whole day ate porridge + soba mee ....
no teeth still can ate soba .
See hw geng am I ...
LOL !!

n I went to The Mines.
for my sis squash + badminton racquets.
4 badminton racquets . n 1 squash racket .
damn expensive la..
n my bro ate two ice-cream in one day .
n is only Oreo Mcflurry for him ...
n we walk walk there ...
Damn sien ..
Nvr bought anythings .
just can walk n I cant even eat a chips !!!
x Pain pain pain !!!
o No chewing gum for me...T_T
x wa ai jiak sushi !!!
o I miss that hug ...
J e s s . ❤

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Babee ..
i wunt blog for sumtime .
cz of my computer's hard disk spoil dy ...
miss my blog nerh .
will upload geh la.. tata guys .~~~

Friday, May 8, 2009

OCW , Sorry la... dun angry la . smile bac. =)

Ntg much happened today .

I attend DC. 
damn sien !
althought got jing brenda n sze. bt also quiet sien .
after DC went to audi for 
The form 3 n 5 b.ball competition
at last. form 3 lost.
bt i like form 3 whn they played damn yeng !
Heart sei them a...

我听见有她叫你DARLING .
我有时候会想到我是她 .
他只会是她的 .
不管我做多少东西 .
他也只会爱她一个 .
这是个误会 .

x Sorry, OCW .
o Jun Ee , u tried once i tried more thn you !
x it really can hurt + will cried !!
o Sorry Nat. cant go 

J e s s . ❤

Thursday, May 7, 2009

D , where are u right now ? I'm missing you deeply !!!

Ntg much happened in school today .
coz tis few days also nvr stay bac .
n today i get CS again !
Fark ! i really dun understand why i get 2 CS with 13 samans 
+ i ask many ppl. they get more thn me also do 1 CS jek .
Damn !!
Today i had my 1st DC ~
damn sien le.
althought the form 2 students are making fun with the duty teacher .
bt i think depends on them is funny but i dun think so .
sorry for saying that guys .
But now onward DC got things to do dy .
today saw the form 2 doin Sejarah. form 3 Eng. n form 1 do BM essay .
Damn sien .
I skip my tuition today. just because my mum is having meeting tis few days + i was lazy today.

I hope u were here today .
dunno why .
feel like missing + finding sumthings .
lol .
What happen to you guys ?
so ?

Miss everything from now on !
miss form 2.
that we having our fun in class with 3S.
Shout till the ex-principle came down n scold our class.
damn shuang that time .
she was asking who's the one shout till can sang opera .
damn cute . n miss that time .
Miss the trip we had last year .
althought i had spoiled my phone .
we had lots of fun on the night with the boys !
Make-Up !
the boys were so leng luii !
n i still remmber the cat walk the guys walk .
i miss the genting trip too .
althought i went for 2 days 1 night .
we also have lots of fun went we went down for yum cha in StarBucks + the truth or dare !
Lol !
i still remmeber wat we dare to Grace !
dunno why suddenly will remember tis things .
mayb is the song !

x I miss you .
o LaoPo Jing , cheer .I support you !!
x Please dun do that .
o Wee.. tomoro dc 17 ppl !! 

J e s s .

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lee Hom ROCKS !!!

Pic + video .
just upload dou 1 video jek .
tomoro upload again!
damn tired now.

你可不可以愛我 可不可以想我

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sorry guys .
For not uploading for few days .

1st .
I wanna said tat Lee Hom ROCKS !
I love sei him a...
wait awhile i upload the video up . =P
He was awesome He's the best !
bt A.Chord , Alfalean also !
boys singer ! they're the best !!!
the concert were nice n many sm's students went too .
Me,Jing,Venn,Nat,Jun,Gin,Zhi Kang . n many many .
Damn High a!!!
I miss the time .

2nd .
School ?
I was like diu ?
school having dunno wat board .
Weii told me that i'm goin to get in .
damn sien a.
Dun even think that i wanna go school .
D.C ?
C.S ?

3rd .
Kang told us today .
next few days she will not in school for sum reason .
dunno y  le .
bt happy dun have her class.
+ nobody call me to pull up my skirt and nobody call me tuck in my shirt !
Tis few days gonna do the 'peka' for science PMR!
a ....

4th .
Kenal C.S !
damn sien !
took by the prefect who sucks !!!!

5th .
got 3 DC !!!
act got 5 .
but dunno y kang give me 3 dc only .
got 13 samans but get 3 DC damn good le .
*wehre got ppl get DC till so happy geh ? *
heard Ting Wei said DC gonna have thiings to do .
lol .
form 1 is Essay .
form 2 is Science .
form 3 is Eng + scince .
mayb only .
but i noe tomoro D.C is took buy Mrs.Kang !!!
Hope she's in good mood !

6th .
I dunno what happen to we two  lar.
but i just noe that .
Act I'm not a  person who can b trusted !
not even you all .
all is my wrong .
what about u ? u ? and u ?
If you really wanna think that thn k lor .
I'm Sorry Guys + DaiBs .

7th .
to the bb in my chatbox .
If you really hate me ?
Just tell ur real name no need use all those fake name to scold me .
Like i killed ur parents .
Siao !!!

8th .
Act what happen to two of us a ?
I really hope i can do that bt dunno why .
whn he or she said that i cant do it anymore !!!
i hate my life !!!

lols .

x I still miss you in my mind .
o Blek !
x Peter , Sucks !
o Carmen , sir call me to ask u wear mask to school a ...

J e s s .

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