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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

greenish yellow .

Within the the 24 classic colours .
Wednesday, the last second day of June . Year 11 was having special assembly and I got an awards for my English Intermediate high achievement !It's pretty cool tho , I NEVER get an awards in school before except those detention class forms , 'samans' and also community service in SM ! I told my friend about it and he was like 'really ? but you're having a true awards for yourself. ' and I was like 'oh, maybe you're right?' I just realized I never get any awards from school before . My sis always get awards as usual and William got from sports . I never though I was that useless last time and now I get useful a bit ? I was pretty happy about the awards but it's kinda embarrassing 'cause I got it for ENI ? However , at least I got an awards for my secondary life! =)

Thursday, looking forward to the two weeks holiday on this saturday ! Tomorrow gonna have acc test and I'm so worry about it ! How could it be when there's no one revision with me and let me look at the answer ? WTH !!! I need the old people who used to help me . =(
Let's forget about tomorrow and spend the time on my lovely blog ! <3

Scroll down the page ;
Jing remember i told you about the leaf thing ?
Here they are ..
upper one ; Billabong 'leaf' .
lower one ; Billabong 'heart butterfly?'

Choose one which you like the most or I will get you some other things .

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

J'aime quelqu'un comme lui

Looked at my title you probably will wonder what it's .
As my bro study French and I decided to write something with it .

The sky was blue and grey , it rained just as the same time I woke up . Prepare myself within 30 minutes and it stopped for 15 minutes . The sun rose and I walked out the door not more than 5 minutes the sky cried ! It came suddenly without any notice , William took out his umbrella so as I . Walked to school with the sky crying was suffering just with the muddy field . Shoes was in black , after crossing the field and it filled full with brown mud with my trousers and the sky turn back to blue with the orange sparks . School was as usual , the first time I brought porridge to school 'cause of my pretty teeth .

Gonna the right portfolio today and with 5 pictures within this week . it's like three days to go and I don't think I can finish it before the due date . English work also due on Friday and I got like 2 more essay to describe . School works are killing me !!! However , three more days I gonna heading to bed and computer everyday ! It's the end of term 2 and I might be have fun with the people in MY with the skype if they're free ?

study under the table will make me feel comfort .
*ignore the fats !*

If you still noticing with my fats and you will know this is the truth .
typed my CarmenTan
I love her phone !!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Postpone of my second goal .

This post suppose to be on the 26th of June but
I wasn't free to upload and talk about it .
It's an accident at that day ...

Well start with the morning ,
I woke up from my sis's room 'cause she called me to accompany her last night . We tucked ourselves in around 12 but we chatted in the bed until 2 something . Then we went to the factory sales from Billabong . Bought two things not for me but the two besties of mine , PhangSaikHoe and PhangHuiQuan . I don't know you guys will like it or not but I still buy it 'cause it's cheap . I was planning to get myself some clothes but what I got was a sunglass and one keychain . Got some 1 dollar stuff which it's pretty worth !! After the sales , went to Albany Mall walk around with Carmen and mum also aunty may . We walk separately at first and went to 'bling' get some accessories . I got a bracelet which it's pretty and a ring ! Carmen bought like tons of stuff 'cause it's SALES !!! Then went to a shop name as 'factorie' , their shirts are just totally suit my style as my sis said so and I do agree with it ! I saw a skinny jeans which it's like old style with holes about and within the hole there are laces in it ! It was pretty but there's only hundred and one size and I just can't fit it ,it lose when I put it on .

After walked around , went to meet mummy up and Carmen bought 3 bottles of O.P.I in orange , purple and brown colour i think ? Then mum went to Country Road to get some pants ... Went to have lunch then heading back home .

Until at night around 11 something I was planning to and sleep but since my baby , WaiJengFatt is online and we chat about 15 minutes my 'second goal' came and nudge me !
I was going to reject her not to webcammy her but she already sent me a request ! Look at her freak face just remind me how we used to be like . =)

The dumb face of hers , Carmen Pang !
acting like a suk lui ? =)
the prettiest pic I took .
p/s: I made this as my contact image in my phone !

around 20 minutes went off and heading to sleep in the same room as Carmen again . We were planning to chat but both of us were too tired so it ended with a sweet dream . =)

p/s: Ashley Hong , I couldn't find boardshorts for you all are in Jing's taste plus SHORT !!!
sorry , I will search for it again . <3

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Result was zero .

It's Sunday , the 27th of June .
One more school week to mid-term holiday , I'm looking forward about it .

It's rainy day but still we went to city again with aunty may again . Parked the car at Sky Tower and search for lunch , most of the restaurant are closed 'cause it's sunday plus korean need to go to church so ... we went to a Chinese shop to have some porridge . Since my teeth are now ' biteless ' so my lunch was porridge , it was alright but i dropped my phone in that restaurant which it's really @#$%^&* . I forgot to zip the bag and when I stand up I dropped my phone with the battery out ! luckily , it doesn't hurt that much (i think)...

After lunch , the sky was still crying with some drops just like something happen to it but it just don't wanna share to everyone or there's no one to share with ? We went to the upstairs of Withcouls which do sell clothes . Carmen bought 1 and so as mum , Will bought two headsets and I bought ... NOTHING ! Pretty surprise to see that result , I was planning to get myself a bracelet at the City Market but since the sky it's crying all the stores are close and I just couldn't find myself to get something really nice to buy , that's why my result was ZERO !

However , mum bought some pearls and we sit the side and do something like ...

these .
My Will-I-Am ! =)

Then went to the sky tower to wait Uncle Ben come out from the casino and we do suck thing as ...
this is what tourist will do so as us ! =)
while we're waiting .

this picture it's kinda *erhemm* .
Don't ever think much about this pic .
I laugh soloud just because I took this with my sis .
Get the joke if you can .

The day end with sushi , snowflakes and zero result !

Friday, June 25, 2010

still there's a long way for me .

Day wasn't that bad .
I been like four days never blog . I am getting lazier and lazier nowadays , as I tell them I gonna put on diet but I still eat a lot but finally one thing help me not to eat much ! BRACES , I went to dentist yesterday and I changed my colour to baby blue and purple (love it) ! ofcz there's two more new friends accompany them - two squares which form by the new rubber bands in my mouth . It's getting pain today , I can't really bite a sandwich which I bought to school today . I used like 35 minutes just for a sandwich ! (wtf , right ?)

Mum called her friends in M'sia today and my sis gonna call her 'lau po' soon and after she said that sentence I said I gonna call to my friends too , all she replied was ' you have friends huh ? gonna call Saik Hoe or Gi Po right ?' my reaction was like er ..... *speechless* . I though of that question like 15 minutes the answer I got was no one . I just wondering who to call which can chat for sometimes and there's no one . Maybe she's right I don't have any friends who can really chat to and no one I can really talk through things . Even my brother said 'You don't have any friends so stop talking about the friends problems you're having!' . I was like 'yeah , you're right I dont really have friends.'

That's all I got from the day's topic .

Conclusion was
JessieTanJiaXin doesn't have much friends to
share things with or even chat with.

can see my pretty teeth ?

She says He's no more longer here .

It's been so long D;

The King Of Pop .

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

taste of lollies just like us .

Everybody said time flies
I do agree but I hope it can fly faster .

I wanna say thanks you for the memories but you will never say welcome 'cause all your remember is just now and then not the past of us . I hardly ever blog nowadays , sorry to say that I wanna blog but there's nothing special happen in my life . Even I have I always can't really blog it out it's like too sad to blog it out and blog what I'm feeling it's kinda boring ? So I decided wrote everything in my phone instead in the web .

ohh , last Saturday the first outing with the girls in NZ . They are not blonde but yellow skins most of them are from M'sia , 1 from China and another one it's from Taiwan . I though I could enjoy it but all i got was just only walk along the street only XiuQi and I chat along . It's kinda random I spent like only 8 bucks for the day's outing . Pretty sad to say so !

I heard Grace went back to M'sia and they spent time with her too . It's kinda good to hear that from her . I hope I can do so but the time I have to wait it's like ages to go . although it's only 6 more months but for me it's like 6 more years to go back . Life's simple here but I took it seriously with a word 'complicated' . Things are actually simple only I seem to make it complicated 'cause of the jealousy .

So school holiday ended in M'sia and yet NZ's it;s coming up in 1 or 2 weeks time . Looking forward to it 'cause no school and I got time to get enough sleep .

As in my msn and fb also wrote the same status , most of them said ' YOU ARE NOT! ' but still I wondered and I do asked myself am I thinking negatively again . I'm not this time , I'm 100% sure .

Friday, June 18, 2010

the taste of mine .

I love skulls as everyone knows that .
Went to Diva with mum and sis , Carmen went yesterday and she told me diva has sales and we went today . she got me a camera ring I forgot to take picture but I bough those which are in the photo . you guys would be wonder that I've bought 4 rings right ? actually not ! there is only two of them . the 3 of the right hand side are stick together which mean it's in 3 fingers . The other one on the left it's skull too with a rose and spider . You can't actually look clearly in this photo . LOL ! First outing tomorrow , worry and scare . The first time with not that close people out , i think ? Wish me luck peeps . They're asians but not blondes .=)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

they've forgot the fact .

She taught him to face the fact and he did it ! However , he saw something he shouldn't have look at yesterday . That was pretty sad when all he saw was the fact he should be facing now but he chose to tell the whole fact to her . The fact was they didn't mean to count the one country in but the other ones . Although , all of them are pretty close but they just forgot to mention . That refreshed his mind and telling her that the fact it's he's not involve in this 'relationship' . As he said so she wondered maybe she is the one who should face the problem she's having now . Whatever it takes , he knows the truth and he told her :
"I'm not involve , whatever ."
and she replied :
"me neither , take a deep breath and
look forward about their reaction."

Monday, June 14, 2010

nice title yet a bad index .

I recommend that
yet you rejected .

She is unique and she's in an unique family . Everything seems unfair and unique in her whole life . Different from others and the only one from others . It came close and went far away , after all she was the person they looked toward and tell them everything will be alright ; He tried to fill up the gaps that they left behind . However , she tried to appreciate it but too bad - time flies and it can't be rewind back to the time she wanted to be continue . She's trying to step one step at a time and being strong in everything she gonna face nowadays . She used to stop things for happen in a bad conditions but now she's trying to let things happen even it's in a bad or good conditions . She doesn't want to look forward or backwards , she just let the thing flows by itself and happen by itself .

She inbox - ed him and all she got was he's changed to a nicer person , caring and lovely but for her , she felt regret all what she had done to the old time .

Random stuff just typed with the feelings .

Sunday, June 13, 2010

J is her new name .

sunshine plus sunset .

the fashion sense .

New member of the sweet family . End of July there's gonna be a new member in my family as my cousin bro said her name should be call as Summer Liew and I just wonder why ? Summer it's so normal but that's their daughter they should call what they like . =) My sis and I just wonder that she could name as Kimberly as shortform it's Kim . I love this name but too bad she's not belong to us so we cant really change her name as we want to . Last few week I forgot what day , ah lok chatted with me and he called me as J so as weiyen's blog also call me as J . I just love the name J , so if you guys wanna call me so just call me J , Jess or Jessie ! J is just so cool as lok wants us to call him as L but I prefer S but he said if I call him as S , S it's just sounds like ass . =)

um ... It's kinda dead nowadays . I'm stuck with my art external which full of colour stuff and drawings . I showed my wifey my colour drawing but she preferred my drawing with pencil seriously , my colouring it's really suck maybe I will show you guys next time when I'm done with my portfolio . Just received a newest news it's my dad is coming on the 24th or July until 5th of August and one great news it's on the 4th of August my beloved Khalil it's coming to NZ ! woohooo ... I'm looking forward to it and tomorrow I might call and book tickets for sis and I . James might be joining too but I think we will sit at the different prices seats .

Saturday , went to dress smart again 'cause my mum left her phone in the fitting room and until friday the worker just called and tell us this . It's kinda lucky after one week my mum's phone is back to her and she don't need lose her contact number in her phone . If it's in M'sia they won't be this kind of people . The very first time went to Dress Smart didn't even buy 1 thing . == Kinda stress plus tired about it , I hope I can buy clothes without looking at the price tag but I can't ! LACK OF MONEY at the moment . At night , went out to have dinner in Waiting Bar again . After dinner they came to our house and chit-chat as we know adults like to do so and the children were doing to same thing watch horror movie , we watched case39 . I watched it like the third or fourth times already but it's kinda good , i think .

Overall , things are alright just as normal which make me feel neutral enough to think positively .

we gonna put on diet together !

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come and Go

like no one cares .

I can effort this , I think ?

She told herself to be herself and the conclusion it's just that she can't . She bothers how people look at her and how people laugh at her . She tried her hardest just to ignore everything but she just can't do so ... According to the calender the time are flying but she just hope it can be faster 'cause she hope she could refresh the memories of her and them . She wanted to be the important one so she's trying her very best just to catch people's life there .

Day free after being retard in tuition center . I'm back from tuition and it's free for today .. I didn't bring my eng work 'cause today went to library to study . I didn't bring my art 'cause I'm lazy to carry the colours come and go . I didn't bring my geog's work 'cause I've done with my internal . I didn't bring my acc 'cause I've done dealing with it . I didn't bring my chem 'cause I'm done with it . I didn't bring my math 'cause I know all the algebras .

Today twitter's search topic is ' #OurFriendshipEndedWhen ' and I left one message which it's kinda stupid ? However , I saw one it's " #OurFriendshipEndedWhen you started acting like a totally different person to me in front of your new 'peeps' ." This sentence made me feel like totally right and another one which it's really true is "#OurFriendshipEndedWhen I notice you only contact me when you need something." Maybe these reason might end a friendship just like last time what we did but it's all the past we should look forward to the future which just not far away from now . =)

Until today I just realize the topic between me and the boys are all clothing , girls and braces . Everytime I met someone new the topic it's always start with clothing , I just wondered why ? Besides that , I think a girl wanna be girly it's not wearing skirt it's being like a girl so I don't think a girl like me needs to wear skirt or even dress ! I prefer jeans , shorts , polo tee , big-t and sneakers . What's the fashion now ? I'm kinda out now as my sis said so ... She told me the new style of this season and I was like is it ? I don't even know these . WTF !!! I gonna update myself with what ? When I have no idea what I should do next ! ==

p/s : no heels , please .

Days were bored bored bored !

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a moment like this won't let you feel as sweet as candy .

She's away at previous days so as now .

Tuesday ; finished with the long weekend and I got my Science internal back . what a great news ? I worked so hard in it and all I get was a N (not achieve) I though I could even get a M (merit) but it's a good news to announce ? there's always a questions mark . Felt just as bitter as cud just hope I can put on a face which just like a devil's sick of sin . I wonder why i will type those words but I just felt so fed up ! I work so hard and the result i got was like this piece of shit . It's Chemistry this few weeks , I dont even know any symbol of the ions and metal ! It's killing me and now geog it's done but art assessment it's coming out I drew another today it's kinda lucky I didn't get late for the next period of it but it's just stress !

as you guys can see yesterday and the day before yesterday . The wifey and I were having fun on skype . I had a good feeling on that day ?

Photos is in her fb and this is on mine .
Kinda free to edit it like this . =)

I spent two days on skype with the wifey to have fun and camwhore ! It's pretty fun when we do so . I'm looking forward by who's the next one who would rather have fun with me ? Monday was Queen's Birthday so it's a public holiday spent to day at home with the people who also having mid - term holiday in Malaysia . I wonder how were they doing in the holidays ? Boys are as normal went to Jun's house and girls hanging out with some of the boys .

Saturday , 5th of June . Had a party at house which full of auties and the funny thing was we watch Paranormal Activity in a room with the lights off . All teenagers and something relly funny is the very first time i got scared and Carmen , William and I slept in a queen size bed ! haha . I just cant stop laughing at it ! ==

Sunday , 6th of June . Went to shopping at Dress Smart bough 2 shirts , 2 singlet and 1 pants . It's sales that's why we went to enjoy our shopping day ! at night webcammy with the wifey and end the day . I enjoyed buying things but not trying them on . I wore a super skinny jean which is really skinny for me i think ? haha and I don't even feel like taking them off after I had them on .

there's a blue-black in the middle of my hand .
dumb people do so .

Thursday, June 3, 2010

you bring me down just like gravity .

I wrote tons of things but not posting in here . Something secret that I wish I could share but not everyone . I wonder why blogger don't allow the blogger have some private post which key in password just can view that post ? Like that just count as a blog i think ?

Something really strange just happened but I just couldn't tell ... However , I attended a really easy tuition class as my bro called it as a retarded tuition ? It's kinda bad when he said so . LOL !

End of story .

CarmenPand , TCW dan WJF find me ! Something interesting wanna share with you guys .

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