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Thursday, January 7, 2010

the last day of my bro ! =X

Was Wednesday ,
and my sis and I suppose to go KLCC and search for the Instax 210
However , we changed our plan thanks to Harry Choo !
early in the morning , sis and I went to Yahama to take a visit to my piano teacher , Vivian .
she's still the same except her daughter !
after visited her we went to fetch Harry then we met up Saik Hoe at MBS !
after picking him up went back home wait the time pass to 3:30 p.m for Quan .
'cause my sis decided to take ' da tou tie ' for her lappy together !
Harry , hoe and I went to Sri Garden used not more then 5 minutes .

we parked at the site of the school and walk through the entrance and yet
we waited for more then half an hour for her and Jing came out !
they are always the slowest !
after that we went back to Quan's house again for her and settle jing's transport .
If i'm not wrong she took an exam and she missed her van . XD

after few hours , we ' Harry , Hoe , Quan , Carmen and I ' went to TS
for our lunch and dinner equaled to harry's breakfast , lunch and dinner .
at BBQ plaza !
before we had our meals .
me likey ! <3
the lonely one . XD
While we were having our meal ,
Chui Yi and Hon Hoong came awhile and chat .
we had a great time at the restaurant !
after that we had our dessert which is Kindori !
and is totally free 'cause is by Phang Saik Hoe !
after that we went to Sungai Wang for these .
the first we took .
second one !
me likey ~~~ <3

both of it ! =D
quan ; jess .

after that , we went to Kepong for the last met .
'cause he ' sher lok ' will be going Melaka after today .
the photos go on and on please .

the friends .
always the lonely one . =D
peace ! =D
always the perasan one but Sher Lok blocked them .
always them . <3
they fighted again !
like what huh ?
again the perasan one ! <3

He asked me where's his present ?
we said in our heart and there is a big suprise for you !

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