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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hope everything will be okay .

Hopeless .
Back from tuition .
I'm so bored once again .
watched drama again .
I finished one again .
every time I think of those memories i felt speechless and hopeless .
She asked me weather wanna out for tomorrow anot .
I stopped my mind for more than one second why she ask me out ?
might be ...
negative things out again !
but still I can't go , 'cause I only have Tuesday , Wednesday and half of Thursday are free .
I'm not giving you excuse this time and
I might not going back to SM again .

first , no transport my sis not willing to fetch me .
second , I don't feel like going back anymore .
I went back twice I got some results .
I know our different just like chalk and cheese ...
I'm chalk , you're cheese .

once we're ; we always are .
I don't really think what it write is right .
Recently , I have an issue with anger .
but I'm
dealing with it.
It makes me
quiet , and seem distant ,
but I'm still here .
Just a little more
damaged than before .

27 days to go ; I haven't pack myself up to leave here .

Today's quotes ;

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