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Thursday, January 21, 2010

the colour of violet in her body .

She said to herself ;
Sorry doesn't have cure .
I change my new braces colour today .
Is violet !
I think it is great i love it . =D
everything happened .
after i checked up with my dentist and
now I left one more appointment with her
'cause i'm leaving and i gonna get my transfer letter .
I feel like the time flies faster and faster .
It was getting faster and faster
people changed faster and faster .
People realize now they trod people last time .
I chatted with the boys today .
they are three of them ...

- TanChunWeng
he changed , he changed to be mature and being so speechless nowadays but still i think the old you is better wont think too much .
- NgoKiatGee .
He didn't change much the old him is still here . He asked me the same old thing again . I love the you but please change your target . =X
- YapHanXian .
He changed his status to ' InARelationship ' . that's meant he change to be a big boy not that small smart child .

I'm glad they still remember me is in their life .
He asked why you leave so late ?
I said you want me to leave earlier ?
He answered No , I just want you to stay longer .
That's great answer . =D

I think I know what happen .
They trod me like a small child .
But i'm not girls , I hope you know everyone will forget what they loved before
When you're getting older you would been forgotten .

Countdown for 29 days ; take a deep breath .

Today's quotes ;
You are reveling in good energy today .
if you start to feel off, just wander a bit and you should get back in good spirits.
Almost every aspect of your life turns into a fun game!

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