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Sunday, January 10, 2010

as she said I'm so negative !

Like so we're so different
from each other .
Was their birthday .
two old women ;
Wong Kah Yan and Jenny Siew .
however , I joined my sis to celebrate for her ' Wong Kah Yan ' .
i woke up at 0930 .
Carmen and I done to shop then had breakfast .
then back to Kajang and headed to fetch Harry .
after that we went to Kah Yan's hosue to meet up everyone !
' Kah Yan , Chai Kar , Meng Hu , Jian Yik , Foo Sang , Kien Hao , Harry , Carmen and I decided to go ' Sungai Tekala ' a.k.a waterfall of Semenyih .
that place was freaking fun although there are lots of erhemm .
we reached around 1400 thanks to Meng Hu .
he found a very great place for us which have no one !
we played and take pictures until 1700 ++ .
then went back to Kajang and cleaned up ourselves .
around 1830 + went to Hoe's house .
actualy our plan is to go FullHouse for her birthday but they are fully booked !
so we change our plan to Sushi Zanmai ! <3
so damn delicious .
after that Meng Hu went back on the way out to car park we had a little tiny small mine accident .
then dropped Meng Hu at ts .
we 'carmen , quan , hoe , william and I ' went to Gipo's house and prepare the suprise party for the rubbish girl !
Da was there too .
we started prepare at 2318 .
left few minutes and yet
I helped up with the candle others were just water baloons .
i used candle and make a thing .

' ♥ K Y '

I'm totalaly pround of myself !
after that Chai kar and JianYik bought the Kah Yan came .
we gave her the suprise and take out the cake out
and the cake do had a great time with us .
it accompanied us pass through the accident and she swear to those transport things . XD
around 0020 + ends .
so we fetch Hoe and Quan back to home and my mum waited us there .
back home around 0130 .
hope ky will like the party !
here i am . <3>

photos are in my camera and I'm so not BUSY to upload it !
I need more sleep and time . =X

He said I always think negatively but
I can't change myself for think that way .
I do think the same way as what you said i can't believe myself ...

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