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Friday, January 8, 2010

so damn excited ! =X

she's such a bytch !
now i only realize what kind of person was she .

The day starts with =| ,
I had tuition the whole day again .
before the tuition my mum bought us to the freaking counter for some courses which will be held in New Zealand . ==
so after this week I , Jessie Tan will not be the ' fei cai ' anymore
on the Monday , Friday , Sartuday and Sunday !
3 days free for me to visit them i think ...

tomorrow is my William's born day .
we asked ;
William's answered ;

what do you want for your big day ?
RM900++ Gundam .
no way ! seriously what do you want ?
RM 900++ Gundam .
arggg ! no oxe tough for your birthday dinner !
I want RM900++ Gundam !!!!

Carmen and I was like .
wow .. what a rich brother we had .
and yet my mum's birthday is on this saturday .
090110 .
and my dad said ;
if my boy want RM900 ++ things his mum sure need RM9000++ things .
my mum LOL !

ohhhh ! my house had a new sofa set .

one sitting .
2 x 2 sitting . =D
4 pillows .

Phang Saik Hoe ;
sini la kamu punya pictures ! <3

she told me that you don't need much friends .
you just need some best friends and ofcz you need friends
but not that much .
3 to 4 best friends is more than enough ...
and yet i found some what they call as best friends .

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