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Sunday, January 10, 2010

any stress ideas ?

Being single doesn't mean alone .

I'm so happy by being that single not in a group .
I'm glad that i'm leaving .
I'm hyper by not making it clear .
'cause i know when i make it clear would be super duper hurt and fake - ness in my heart from you guys .
at first , i have the same mind as he has
but now i'm totally change .
I have my own mind and my own decision although i do miss some of them but still i don't feel like staying here .
the environment here sucks !
the people i know suck !
the one i loved suck !
the one i hate rock !
Maybe I don't really care what they think about me as she told me that i'm negative seriously i'm !
He told me not to think that way i said i can't stop in that way .

ends .

random stuff .
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' pairing . '

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