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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hate them...~~~

Today,lunch time...
my shirt dirty liao......there all laught until cannot talk....excepsially JACLYN~!!
Hate her...`!
she laught lounder u cannot telk u all noe...then i very bu siang de call jane take tissue gif me loh....she also laught oh`!
i also dunno y shirt dirty got preblem de ar?
hate them de loh...~!
i go to wash my shirt there all juz SHUT UP`!?
coz i push the chair mah`!so hard...there all noe i angry liao...then i come bac n sit....there all quite liao...haha....
i juz noe i can be like tat de oh~!
beforbt still very angry....coz juz the shirt dirty abit there all laught like nvr laught e...~! ma de~!



He say i open the from1 locker oh`!
MA DE`! be a teacher can like this de meh?
hate him...~!!!!
so....i must find out who is the STUPID from1 ~!?
haiz....he say the from 1 tell him the girl who open my locker is tall de got abit fat de n the name tag put inside the pocket...
i juz think y is me many ppl also got name tag in pocket la..

i got guess before....coz tat time mr.liew catch me tat time is yi jing call my name de...
i guess is she bt at last she come n tell mr.liew not me...
i very 'mou tun'...haiz...
at last i also think yijing is not tat kand of person..
i wish it too...~!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

In skul like this......outside of the skul get scold from HER`!!

Skul~_~ => in skul also like tat no body *h** me juz go to yijing de gang sit loh~!
if Hui Qian at there i also nvr got tat feel la....
haiz....When i sit at Jing's gang she say:Jessie there all also did't *h** u u come to our gang la...then i juz say dunno...
my heart juz like.....(tat feel)...i noe de my attitube like tat also no wan like la...
i juz dunno y i juz always think like tat...
haiz....i like to wif them but got....
very hate En Pei ah~!coz when she sit at my table juz like the whole table de ppl also like her n Jaclyn juz like.....dunno how to say also.....tat feel cannot explain...
bt haiz...

Outside of the skul....=_='''(SAD)~!
After skul my mum bring my sis go tuition n me n my bro juz stay at the car nth to do n sleep...we two like SO HAI~! Wait wait wait~~
haiz....then we Wait until 7:30 then juz go to eat dinner in Kajang (near my house)....reach the restoran about 8:45...then we call food to eat then wait until the food come around 9:15....
then Start to eat when my bro eat finish he use the water a 'puo' out of the glass to my hand then i very angry i also 'puo' the water loh~!
we two 'pou lai pou qu' loh`!
then my mum juz scold me n she use the whole glass n 'pou' to my face n my shirt all wet n i juz scold bec my mum is William 'pou me 1st de then she juz say no i see u 'pou'1st de n then i juz not me she like wan to use the water again~!!
i very SAD loh~!!Not fair juz scold me like hell n very YU~!!
the whole shirt wet liao....
haiz...i noe de lah....thw whole word de ppl also dun like me de sad de loh~!
go BAC home juz *r*~~
juz *r*in Bath~!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


HAIZ.....i always ask myself dun think too much about that fell bt cannot....

in tition,in skul ,at home in shopping mall,where also got tat feel....

In tuition...tat girl who sit beside me last time always talk to now no....a words got bt is juz only a words....


in skul i also dunno how to say i always ask **** i wan to go there or no....she juz say dunno u choose urself....then i always think...if i change they will be angry me.....n ****de g**** wil nvr choir me bt so now i also dunno how liao.....

at home there all juz ask me to do thing for them...
in shopping mall...i also dunno how to say....
looks like all is my wrong...
u all dunno the feel de la...
nobody can be teruk than me de.....
把你失去的找回來 去相信 他真的會回來??

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My 'bao' leg~!?

Haiz...yesterday PJK my leg gone to 'bao'~!!

so pain now....
n wan to take so long de time go to Hospital take X-RAY`!!
haiz....thursday wan to wear this the skul~! sad`!

Guess~!?wat bone is this?? bone so smaill then my skin so fat de oh~!

This is my bac bone~!!
haiz....still so pain.....

this also but not so clear~!
is in the front of the bac~!

When i went to office AH Kang is shirt de bac to tuk in so then she tell my dad say ur daughter i very untidy then talk talk my dad...

then my hair did't pit up then she scold my n TALK TALK TALK again....

all the time also let her use~!!!!??? PAIN`!!

My 'bao' leg~!?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stupid Choong n Kang...~!!!

Hate them`!!!
yesterday....lunch time...when we asemble finish can go bac to class de bt the Stupid Choong catch me,Xua sze,Jer ven... out of the asemble

Ah kang there la`!!

Kang catch Yi jing out~!?

she scold Yi jing a while then ah choong go to call Xuan out~!!

say we 4 in maths class we noise wor....

Ma de~!in his class.....David ,ei jin,joel n more boys noise then us he jus ask me out of the asemble n take us go to see ah kang~!!


Wat Stupid maths teacher is he~!?
always say we waste time `! accually is he waste time`!!
n i dunno y he can be a maths teacher....he teach maths~!!
like SHIT`!!
wat a Stupid teacher is he...dunno how to teach maths`!!also....always skip page n theach`!!!
so angry now~!!!
(dun say him liao say ah kang...)

then he pull us out ah kang there the Stupid say my watch is not suitable in skul is very fashion wor....n i think Natalie also got wear my sis also got wear a foem 4 girl also got wear....she juz scold me`!!!

not Fair`!!
then she scold finish my watch then scold my hair.....say.....fastion wan to cut again~!!
dunno cut wat la`!!
haiz....yijing same as me also wan to cut bt i still dunno wan to cut wat?!
bt i cham then yijing ~!!haiz.....
dunno wat to do now?
the Kang also catch Jer venn&Xue sze de hair....
haiz.....alll same de`!?
Kang not fair wan`!!!
Choog Stupid~!!
hate them`!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008



我左邊的肩膀 輕輕的碰到你右邊的肩膀



你想喝可樂 卻拿錯了可樂






其實我比任何人都希望 你還會有很多個不小心


而他 知不知道你喜歡他啊 ?

有時候,不勇敢 是更需要勇氣的。
Ai zen de yao yong qi~!

Wish u got this 勇氣~!

Monday, January 14, 2008

I muz cut my haor or no??


today very very 'yu'in the assemble te stupid Kang~!!
catch me out n say ur hair style was very very fashion not a hair style for skul n then call my mum....
Ma de`!!!
i wan to scold her liao...
scold her my mum gif u money is 4 teach is not 4 calling my parents every i also did't say it
if i say it this thing i also dunno how...
now...i still thinking i wan to cut my hair or no....
haiz......haelp me ah~!!
wan to cut mah??
bt if i wan to cut also cannot coz my mum not free....
n i also dunno wan to cut wat~!?
my mum juz say clip it up n dun let teacher see loh~!/
how oh??

ask xuan she juz say teacher will gif u chance de...
bt i dun think so....she will call my parents de~!


Saturday, January 12, 2008


Tat day i got eat a lot of day n the next day also got eat hah.....`!

eat wif Hui Quan~!

Got more de but in the camere u all wait lah`!! i think u all also dun wan to wait coz no body see my blog...

next time juz put.....

Wat can i do? skul got a feel like no one wan to 'choir' me n teacher something like not fair only call the pro tat there like Example....:Xing ning,Yen jing,Jer venn,n more....ecerpt me~! home a feel tat every one not like me juz only like my bro n sis...juz like me born for bro got my mum &my grandma to like my sis got my dad,my grandpa & my leh? got wat ?NTH also dun have~!
N my dog~!My dog also got ppl like then me leh?NO tuition the teacher nvr ask me thing juz ask the gilr beside me n when she ask us to read the book he will ask myeto read bt he nvr let me read finish....~!

haiz....the feel juz looks like tat day i feel..Haiz..~!

not only tat...haiz...i think bt not my family...

they juz say :i'm helping u then say a lot of rubbish n juz scold me...










你知道 沒有暖身拉筋
嗯~! 老師都有教.

關於上一篇的問題 我想很多人心裡都有了答案 呵

也許你會選擇載老人 因為他再不送去醫院就會死去


因為他曾經救過你一命 現在是你報答他的最好時機


因為這時候的他最需要滿滿的愛和溫暖但 也許





陪著他一起淋雨 不管是走路或等公車也好


這一場狂風暴雨 也會變得比較有意義

但 我想 很多人在把車鑰匙交給醫生後 看著醫生載著老人去醫院後


即使喜歡很久 暗戀很久的夢中情人就在眼前




Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A feel....一万个不快乐

Tat feel i also dunno how to say...

but i ask xuan if u got this feel u will??

she say dunno nth to do also...

haiz....i also dunno..

but this is the feel tat i have i dunno how to 解决


who can help me??


do u have this feel before??


Friday, January 4, 2008

Haiz...u lie me~!!

Today is skul reopen de 1st day`!! so nervous...
coz jer venn change skul liao...i think my Sejarah die de loh`!
bt when i in skul around 7.10am bt after 10 minute i saw Jer venn i thought jer venn juz come bac 4 fun bt she wearing uniform lah`!!!
she 'xia' dao wo lah`!!

originaly she juz lie me....let me worry...until i die...~!
when we in assembly hall to separate heart 'pong pong pong pong'diao...
finally noe is in2k`!haiz....die de lh~!
the form teacher is Cik Ain....haiz....i will be die coz in form 1 i very very naughty....
n in my class is all the pro student lah`!
in last year no 1,2,4 also in my class haiz....swt~!!
goin to die....
i wish i can study in 2m coz all i noe de frien also at there...~!

Haiz....must Die this year~!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goin to say Bye bye......T_T 2007~! day so sad...n bored...

Sad is becoz 2007 is goin to finish more 50 minute i think...haha
Bored is last day of 2007 also wan to tuition so sad~!!
haiz....sad de lih`!
then skul also wan to start liao....sad~! ppl ask me miss skul i say....dunno coz if juz start the skul will very shuang if holiday is very i also dunno how to answer...

In 2007 very sien....n skul gif ppl 'pao qi'
at home gif ppl scold very sien de loh`!
n Sad~!

dunno in the whole new year will how leh?haiz.....sien...
hope can happy n dun be sien...
n i wish in the 2008 will get all pass in Exam 尤其 BM , English,Math , Sejarah n i think nvr pass wan ...
Sejarah&Sains i dun have Jer Venn how can i have pass wor....haiz.....
Must be fail`!


Wish u all Good luck`!

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