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Thursday, January 21, 2010

being silent doesn't mean lonely .

Take a seat if you dare to .

As you guys can see I changed my blogskin again !
I'm too bored that's why I changed again ...
I did this for an hour and i think time pass so slow .
I want it to be faster can it ?
sigh ..

I chatted with ynG the whole morning and afternoon .
as you guys can see in fb we agree with each other .
She called to me appreciate everything and everyone but I just answered ...
If they don't appreciate me why should i do so ?
I think for so long about that and we end up with chatting others
but still I love her
like so she know how I feel 'cause she tried before .
I've tried not to think negatively but i can't control .
When i click in to her blog i was like .
I have no idea what to do I feel that
I'm getting lazy to explain ;
I'm getting tired to them ;
I'm feeling bored with them ;
I'm getting lesser to get angry with them
and yet I found falseness in my dictionary .

I'm sorry if I say too over .

28 days to go ; stop having it in my mind .

The feeling inside is silent
The pounding strong and hard
so now again i search and wonder
for a cure to a silent thunder
Silent thunder is moving in
coming up from under .

Quotes of the day ;

The world's as ugly as sin ,
and almost as delightful

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