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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have been blogging for four years and I never get bored of it until I know there’s twitter and tumblr which is so convenient to use. Not to say blogging is not convenient but I actually blog more on tumblr than in blogger. I don’t know why but it seems there’s like nothing much I can blog about nowadays. I remember the last time I blog because I want to share the story of my life with the super ‘lala’ english and the xs’ I used. Omg, I cant even look back into my older posts. To be honest, that’s pretty embarrassing to mention about. *pleasedontlookbacktheolderpostsiwrote*

I can say I spent at least two years time on blogger just to blog and be a blog walker. I tried to earn money with it but it seems to be so hard just to get 50 bucks MY it’s been two years I joined nuffnang but I only got 50 bucks once and I was so glad at that time. Yet now I’m like wasting 50 bucks a day and still not enough. The life I live in is getting harder, everything is getting harder the educations, friendships, bonding with family and also getting into a real relationship. People were saying that the life is easier with the technology but the truth is it changed our life. The life opportunities and the way we communicate. People used to write diaries and now they blog them out. People used to get photos printed out but now they upload into Facebook and that’s all.

Nowadays, people just don’t get how to stop judging a person throughout their outfits and the way they speak. Sometimes, a person could be speaking in a wrong way but maybe all he/she wants is just you to put some attention and understand him/her. A person may tell jokes all the time not just because he/she wants to be the entertainer but all he/she wants is just deliver the happiness to others or ever he/she just wants to over the sadness on their face. This life is complicated, you wouldn’t know what a person wants unless you ask and he/she tells.

So… I may not be perfect like other but at least I know how to get my thing done just before things turned too late. I admit that there are times when I feel regrets with the shits I have done yet it’s never too late get over it and have a new start, I suppose. ;L

I’m not skinny, rich, pretty, adorable, friendly, sociable or even party animal like others but maybe I can just get the friends who accept who I really am instead of acting like I’m comfy with everything when is not. :)


I love my twitter’s dp.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Week 7, term 2.. four more weeks till midterm break. To be honest, I can’t wait till I get my break but before students get some rest all they need to do is rushing to get the assignments done and done with the internal. So week 7, it means I gonna be finishing my photography assignment and start another new one yet Sociology has the internal coming up and statistic internal on Thursday. Orhh emmm giii. I need to finish up my photos and get them printed then sociology survey analysis and the social issues internal’s facts. Holly shit, now I just realize how much work should be done just before the end of this term. So Chinese day is coming up and school’s prom night is coming up. I have made up my mind. Im going to go Chinese day but not the prom that might only happen once in a life time. So I gave an stupid excuse for not going is just that I cant accept myself with dress on, make up, heels and omg I just cant think of it anymore. D; this is depressing.


I just realize I have nothing to blog about these days. :x my life been going through the same routine every day and night. There’s no dream or even goals exist in my life anymore. I can’t crave for anything but just work. Work at mum’s place, school, home and perhaps life.

I don’t feel love but I wish to be loved. I’m totally over to somebody and I’m giving up on him. As a friend I wish he wouldn’t be doing the same thing to other girls. It hurts, you know have known.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Long weekend turned my switch on.

Thursday after school went out with Lydia, Rachael and Belinda to Takapuna to have dinner. Waited Rachael in school’s library until 430 then took a bus by ditching Nic alone. Heheee got home around 10 after coffee and food. J

Friday, went downtown with Selina.. was suppose to go karaoke but the rainy weather actually turned both of us off. :/ so we just had our brunch, shopping, and some kinda random stuff. The day was alright but it was so damn cold that day. :3

She trying to discover my BB. :)

Saturday, woke up and meet Rachael up to get another ear pierce. Hell yea, i just got the normal ear pierce done last Thurs. Just after a week I got another one. Heheeee. I was scared of getting pierce before but now I’m alright with them. Another two ear pierce? I can wait till it recovers but it only been for a week. To be honest, it hurt so much when you’re trying to sleep with them for the first day. Then went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides , overall it was just alright. The whole movie doesn’t really relate back to the previous ones. 3 stars maybe?

second ear pierce.

Sunday, finally winter with the sun rose up and woke me up around 10 then mum brought the family off to Northcote get our brunch. Then off to Wairau to get Mr.Alphard a clean look with the sunshine. :) Used about 6 dollars for that day surface and from that I’m all wet by Carmen she spread all the soap on me instead of the car. OH WELL! We are genius anyway. Then got home round 3, off to cricket park and had a run with Fluffy and met Selina and Kirby. :) they both played for like 2 to 3 hours and I got home around 5; had bread as dinner. :( around 9, sis and others came back then off to watch X-Men: First Class. To be honest, I think it is way better than what I watched before and it’s better than pirates4. :x *inmyopinion*

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