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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today had my C.S.
was ok. bt tat Hoong Soong very over lor. called me pick all the rubbish n yuin also no nid to go...=p

I passed by many many times. 
Bt do u noe tat i really wan it to be like that?!
I really hope it.
n you really dun understand me at all. 

I wanna play
The Sims 2 arh!!!!
WTH to my com cant connect to the CD-ROM!
wan to bring to skul again n let tat sohai help me ask again.
btw Thx also lar. =]
sien arh! watching cartoons. sien till wanna die.
can anyone tell me.
what to give to a boy? [at our age~]

Is that really call sweet.
I think i will do more n more n more.
bt I cant. mayb im just suffering with doin all this.
And i cant control my mind to stop it!!!!

Not going to school tomoro. babe..
Love and always.

如果可以我要你是我的. 也是她的...

x I am just waiting.
o Love and only.
x Thank you very very much.
o bii, I do love him.

J e s s .

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


See~ my grandparents and my cousin who is goin to Japan soon. haha leng lerh.

I am the Camera men! hehe...

the two cousins borthers!
I do *HEART* him! 
Suz with me...
Happy Falmily the 1st!
me, Sharmaine n Susan.

Sharmaine .

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Get my goeg today...
Pass! finally haha.
got 3 passes jor~
goin to ask my dad bout thursday get things jor~
God plz let him promise me!!!
God Bless~ 

I did talk to him...
but is just sum rubbish!
that Ong Choon Wei lie to me. make i ask him tim..
very fish lerh...

But nvm i have got you!

BaoBeii Men +  Sze!
Is not sweet at all.
althought i feel happy when he showed to me...
I was still thinking... babe~

x I dun believe it.
o I dun wan any lies please .
x Bytch!
o 520?!

J e s s .
Went to celebrate my grandpa b'day at Sumday.
forget to write my post tim..
too happy liao. all cosins come to my house n meet each others.
n we did wedczm with my sis. n guess wat time?!
at NZ is 11 sumthing n here was just 6.zd rite?
she goin to sleep cz she had exam on today!
hehe. geng lerh! =]
took sum pic uploading in a new post! haha. cz very slow nia... 

Sei lar u. BYTCH! [nt the one in previous post.]
sek si!
u thought u r wat?! 
the whole gang also dun wanna chang u la.. still thought tat.
use ur brain! 
will get the blog links soon.

x BaoBeii Men! +U wif my *baobei* lar... hehe
o Carmen! hw's ur exam?
x get 6 fail now...=]
o I heart you.

J e s s . 

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Sorry.

I'm sorry is all that I can say. =[

It not only for you. 
And that is so unfair to her! 
do u even think tat she one day will hurt more thn YOU?!
althought last time I hate her much BT! 
Now she is chging...
u were like please him n everybody else for helpIng n throw my 'ooiiii' away!
can u stop it?! 
Always like : 
-I was hurt.
-She's standing where u had before....
-she had the place.
so can u just stop writing tis n tat?!
If u really like a will just let him/her to have his/her own love. nt waiting n waiting!it was a way for wasting time.!

p/s: Ppl. the paper love. is only for asking.
No and NoWay!
i wunt do for tat stupid SoHai de.
plz stop lar.. 

x My ooiiiii cheer!
o I support you!
x Im not tat! Althought i am last time.
o A FOOL!!

J e s s . 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Answer for the questions?!

THe answers from SoHai are....

1 . veli happi orhx .
2 . dunno
3 . 1994
4 . sure 
5 . if i have enough time 
6 . yes
7 .of course.. i so perasan
8 . friends 
9 .keep .
10. 520


From my
BaoBeii Men de answers are...
1. If a girl/boy make 365 paper love to you,will you feel happy? surely will be damn happy !
2. If he/she give the paper love to you on the Valentine's day n he/she ask u to accept him/her will u? depends on who .
3. If a girl/boy wanna gif you sum paper love u will like to have hw many of them? ALL 
4. If the paper love alrdy gif you will u keep it all with you? yeaps .
5. Will you open all the paper love? will open 1 only . cos i dono how to fold back xD
6. Will you remember all this even he/she leave? maybe ? LOL
7. If you get a present on ur place which you sit .Do you think is for u? err . 50% 50% ?
8. Who will you think ? With the present. [ relative with question 7 . ] someone who admire you .
9. Will you keep the present? or u just throw it away? keep it . even though i dont like him/her 

From the no name are...
1. ofcourse,Yes!
2. See who is the girl lor.
3. as many as she give me.
4. I will forever keep it.
5. yes...
6. forever in my mind i wont forget de..
7. i think so.
8. the girl tat i love.
9. i will keep it.

How bout you?!
I want your answer. please.
p/s: another new questions.
the 10th! 
10. U wan the paper love be 520 or 365??
520- I love you
365- from the last year v'day the boy/girl start to make the paper love for you till the next year v'day.
wat's ur answer??
J e s s . ♥

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Answer please.

Few questions here.
can boy or girls answer it??
plz. =]

1. If a girl/boy make 365 paper love to you,will you feel happy?
2. If he/she give the paper love to you on the Valentine's day n he/she ask u to accept him/her will u?
3. If a girl/boy wanna gif you sum paper love u will like to have hw many of them?
4. If the paper love alrdy gif you will u keep it all with you?
5. Will you open all the paper love?
6. Will you remember all this even he/she leave?
7. If you get a present on ur place which you sit .Do you think is for u?
8. Who will you think ? With the present. [ relative with question 7 . ]
9. Will you keep the present? or u just throw it away?

No More!
Paper love. =]

x Love & Always.
o A whole New Life.
x Forget!
o BaoBeii Men must answer!

J e s s .

Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm tagged by: BaoBeii Men , LaoPo Jing ,Yuin Yuin & old memorize friend Moonie!

Tagging 10 person:
❤ Darling ynG .
❤ Babee Nat . 
❤ Carmen Tan .
❤ Baby Grace .
❤ Xuan Xuan .
❤ Lao Po Quan .
❤ Nee [choc] .
❤ Jane [apple] .
❤ DaiB Ash .
❤ The Bi .

Why you tagged him/her as number 1?
Cz she's my Darling. XD

Do you met number 2 before?
Ofcz YES! =]

What will you talk when you meet number 3?
Family things?! n NDS!

What is the relationship for number 4 and 5?
Member of DaiBs?!

What is number 6 favourite singer?

What is number 7 favourite TV shows?
Saya Tak tahu nerh.

Do you talk to number 8?
Yes. bt less.

How does number 9 look like?
Ash?! er..with long hair, Love h.k?!

Who is number 10 lover?

Which numbers are couple?
I dun think they are... XD

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whn to T.S yesterday wif Nat,Jing,Pei,Sze & GACE!!!
miss her soo much!!
Miss everything of her.
n without her in skul nobody teach us do project at all.
n no free printer!!
for more information of the day. 
Click the links which is beside.
N a t .
G r a c e .
there are many many pic! hehe.
all sampat de. XD
cant post it out de...

Went to MidValley today.
was fun. [I think.]
wif the all DaiBs!
n today also the last day of extra class .
haha [yeah!]
the 2nd time all of us went out lerh.
today we just took sum pic only.
bcz of sum prob lar.. haiz.
makan Sushi.
Walk walk n brought sumthing.
n went to The Garden n makan Baskin Robins.
thn go 'sing K' 
n all go bac thn all of us went home. i left there round 7.
cz my mum went to 女人我最大.
n brought sumthing.
[xuan! I brought the black colour thing.]
I wan Converse arh!!!!
at nite went to Shop n meet up my uncle.
thn makan together.
nw only reach home nia.
round 11:40 jor~

x Love it!
o BaoBeii men i brought the paper! hehe
x Carmen goin to come back![nt sure]
o Thx SoHai!
x Converse! wait for me...
o I want the Be@rbreak lar!!!
x Babe. I wan u to stay...
o teeheeee...

sick rdy...-|-
J e s s .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Went to tuition today...
Sir. gif us 9 esay to write lar!
haiz.. sei lor.
i dunno hw to write tim!
after tuition bring jing home thn we went to Leisuremall.
n i brought Danson's newest CD [D新引力] ! wif signature lar...
geng lerh!!!

See! leng lerh~~~

didt went to extra class today. heard all ppl say they have fun lar..
n today the sumply tomoro wan to sit according to class jor~
n almost every one ask me y i didt go to skul n hw was my exam..
n the Sohai hor~ memang sohai! sleep late thn no nid go to the extra class jor~
FAKE dao yao si orh..
He told me O.C.W did go bt heard Jing said tat he also didt go lar..
two FFK each others. haha
gtg now lar...

x Luv sie him arh!!!
o Heart you.
x Carmen!!
o blah blah blah

J e s s .

Monday, March 16, 2009

Exam day!

Today went to Jasmine skul to have my piano theory exam.
i noe hw to do lerh!!! wakkaka
bt nt sure with the answer.
exam started at 9:00 while i having the exam i sms with d0ng & Nat.
ps lar. too sien jor~
thn i do finish the paper at 9:30.
i wait in the class round 9:45 the examiner just said tat the students who have finish may go out nw..
i was like =_______= . so long jor jz tell us ?!
i was the 3rd wan who went out nia.
took some pic of the school.

The view of the skul...

The garden of the skul.
I have reach the skul. XD
2nd view


the corridor. like got ghost nia.. haha

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The LOVE n only one!
The four n only.
[my eyes were goin to close.]
pai seh lar..
d0ng & Me!
the box we made. in assembly hall!
cacat + nya

I have decided to call ynG in the morning. 
Bt dunno y my phone cant even call to Singapore.
thn i have used my mum's phone CAN'T also.
i was like WTF!
I have promise my honey lerh...
sei lor.
still thinking wat to surprise u...

Went to aunt's shop today.
n we cooked at there.
Cook wat?!
算盘子 [hakka food!]
n we did make a war there.
haha. gib my mum scold till i die.
haha. cz i put all the flour on her head.hehe
n my cousins draw my face using it.
Have lots of fun nia..
The winner of the war is Jess + KaiYang!
loser is... Regina + Jess (nt me.)
thn after making it.
round 8 jz can eat cz there is lots of them.. 
to cook.

x 白色情人节快乐!
o What do u do?
x Sory Honey!
o The next month of today were Black V'Day! [For single only!!!] XD

J e s s .

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