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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

get out of my life !

Demons + Angle .

I stayed at home for the whole day and i woke up at 11 + .
I on my computer and there wasn't any one online .
I was like WTF ! another day boring day in my life .
around 2 something ,
dad called me and check the airline again and he said he might change the date earlier and different airway .
and it would be earlier ! =D
I feel 矛盾 'cause after my dad's call I chatted with honey , Yng .
we chatted awhile and i do think that she's right .
she told me about the ' wai - con' .
I was like wow that's cool i feel like joining with her
and I did a decision that i gonna study media
but i dunno which media i should join ...
- social ?
- public ?
i have no ideas at all !

I'm getting bored and bored !
WTH !!! I wanna get out of my house and hang out with friends !
I don't want to attend tuition and those farking class .
I hate the stupid coach !

I wanna leave this freaking place which
mostly without believing .

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