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Friday, January 29, 2010

the late night we have been together .

I love the night walk we spend together .

290110 ; Friday .
the day comes nearer ..
i suppose to attend course but i didn't attend it 'cause i beg my mum not to go !
I was so not feeling well plus tired !
after the time pass kah yan came to my house 'cause they're going Melaka tomorrow .
so she comes to overnight !
then after my dinner I got a called from PhangSaikHoe he told me that he's so bored at home and his dad went out station so he can out tonight !
and I asked him wanna go clubbing he dont want to . =D
a good boy la .
then i said ten i come by your house and out for movie is it okay ?
he said good !
and i called Nee to join us .
God blessed her parents let ~~~
So around 9 something I heading toward his house and on the way my sis did this .
showing of her new heels she bought on the day
we spent at Sunway Pyramid !

however , I reached Hoe's house around 10 something .
then his aunt fetched me to LRT station to Hang Tuah .
we did these while waiting for the train .

I love them .

me likey .
thanks to hoe !

dont ever spot my face ! fark ~

in the train .
lover of mine .
I heart her .
I'm in love with him ! =D
we're still in the train ~
the perasan one .
us !
da ; hoe ; jess .

'cause of this picture we missed the station which is Hang Tuah so we stop our train journey at the next station which just near by SM and i dunno the name .
while walking to pv brenda said the form 1s are camping in the school so we went in but the result is ....
the gate was locked !
and i took this .
view in front og SM !
loves .

then we walked and chatted all the way and
we decided to cheong K !
thanks to Hoe again .
this time we sang at the small box at Green Box which just cost RM16 for 5 people .
after that we walked all around the KL !
and made our mind to T.S wait Hou's aunt to fetch us back .

The last picture of that day .
more on FB ..

after I reached Hoe's house my sis came and in her car has got Yin Ying , HH and Ky .
Kah Yan be the driver then on the way fetch Yin Ying home some disgusting thing happen /
nguekkkk .
not going to talk about that
after settle him we fetched KaiWai 'cause he's drunk but not that drunk as HH .
then went to KW's house and take shirt then back home
guess what time I reach home ....

5 mins to 6 morning !
and 5 people slept in one room is so suffer !
wtf .
and yet ....

To Be Continue .

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