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Monday, June 29, 2009

Post for 270609 .

270609 .

She's back !
who ?
My sis baby .
She bought a bag for me n a skinny jeans .
I like the bag damn much !
in dark blue color .
after fetching her .
went back home and help her tidied up her things .
My house is full of things now ..
lol .
damn messy .
After that .
We went to Pavilion coz of Yin Ying's bday @ Red Box Plus .
gave her a surprise by my sis !
mayb shock .
Thn left me and my mum with my aunt .
makan lo .
we had ntg to do .
act wanna go n buy that converse but yet .
when we went up it closed !

"Jing . you going to buy wat color ?
we must be couple man !
chill babee / "

thn walk at the bar street .
until 12 like that went back home .
Done with the day .

x Chill babee .
o Mayb I'll accept .
x I want you right now .
o XD

J e s s .

Saturday, June 27, 2009

260609 , Grace returened . =)

200609 ,
Grace is going back to Singapore tomoro .
So the whole DaiBs went to Pavilion .
Peace !
Finally we can went out together again !
We have a long time nvr go out nia ..
the last time i think is last year .
or MidValley day ?
I had forgotten .
Sorry .
LOL ..
We went there for lunch and desert day !
our lunch all is FRIES .
and also Ice-Cream .
location : Mdm.Kwan , Baskin Robbins .
Pics were taken every where !
I edited these photos for 2-3 hours .
lol ..
This is the 1st time i use all my heart to edited it n attached it to all DaiBs .
Peace babee .

Pics time ..
You should view it from down to up .
I upload it in the wrong order .

I was spotting hot guys ! XD
Cant take dou Venn . Xp
Converse !

Is hard to edit tis pic . =|
hard to coloured it .

I like tis damn much !

Jing + Ash .
us again ! * Jing was outside ! *
Shout Out Loud !
Reflection .
aww . she kissed the stranger .

We do have a great time . =)
my 3rd . all given to Jing .
My 2nd kiss babee .
Spot Jing and my leg !
This was fake ! XD

Grace + Pei .
She kissed ! babee . =)
Blek !
Me & Ash !
We did kissed ! XD
Grace ! you took my 1st kiss ..
suppose to give boys nia ..
=( I lost it to you ..
Our pose ! i like mine ! XD

at '31' .
WE ! With a big smile ! =D
Daibs ! serious one .
At Madam.Kwan . the 1st 4 and also Ash forget to edit it ..
too many photos .

Quan and me . @ school . she came !

Aww . That was my kiss !
act . all are fake ! but i like the one i with Jing looked like real couple .

aww . i want that Converse shoes .
I want that Quiksilver shorts .
wait for me ! for tow weeks i think .
I sure want that Converse !!!!

x Next week , going to be dead !
o Result ? 'beh kua' .
x I cant escape !
o She gonna be back tomoro .

J e s s .

All of these memories
Collecting its dust
Rot in my hollow mind
My heart, it rusts

Was I being naive
To think you'd never leave.
Was this pain self inflicted
Should this have been predicted

I wait on the porch for you
every day
Will you show up for me
to take this pain away.

Tell me where I went wrong
What mistake did I make
Can I somehow take it back
Or do you dream awake

Tell me the truth
Why was I left behind.

Was I being naive
To think you'd never walk away.
Was this pain self inflicted
When I was here to stay

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lost control .

Sometimes, when I'm left alone,
Alone with my mind,
Sadness comes to me,
Reaching its hand towards me.
No matter what I feel, say, think or want,
I always accept that unfriendly touch
And I lose control over myself, my thoughts.

I feel
at a loss of control.

I try to pick up my feet,
but my legs seem to fall.

I say, go on, move on
but it's just so damn hard.

If I stay like this,
now that's control

but if I can't stop,
I've lost it all.

Again, not a shred of control,
I cannot start.

I cannot stop.

keep trying to pick up my feet,
I wonder why my legs keep falling..
Cant control myself .
For the things happened in this few days ..

although it was just a lie
But if that really happen cant imagine what i'll do .
Always for sure ..

Maybe I'm alright .

Everything happened against to three of us .
There's no truth from three of us .

Just finished viewed my sis's blog .
lol .
Carmen , you 'fong sum' . i'll use that bag ! and i like it !!
thx yarr ..9 steps to go Heaven . how easy ..
I might try it . =)

Sumthing happened today ..
No mood to say bout it .
Although I not dare to tell my parents ..
God bless me !!
I have a feeling that school might called him ..
Wish tomoro will be okay .
Hope Sir can helps me ..
Please .

Grace , you happy la .
My blog gonna be 15++ le .
On Friday !
hahaha .

x Really no mood bout it .
o Apologize to the school ?
x Disgraceful ?
o Fark Tart ! Liew + Kang ....

J e s s .

You should stop
Tempting me
To have what I want
Yet what I couldn't.

I might lose control if you kept on it.

Don't compliment me
No I don't need your care
Nor mere appreciation either.

I might lose control
Actually burst in tears
The instant I lose myself
Because of the deep desires
Within my heart
Which I had
For the longest time in my life.

Please just ignore me
Like the first time we met
That way it should be easier
For me
Not to go berserk
And disgusts all of you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alone . I'll be there .

寂寞杀死一个人 。
一个人杀不死寂寞 。

The last day of exam .

Students should be happy .

But for me is the unlucky day ..
1st in the morning i think i can relax n do my goeg but yet .

when i sat down the farking Kang came in .

== guess wat ? SOCKS !!

take off my shoe and also Jun Ee , Jeng Fatt kenal .

3 ppl also in 3M .
ols ..

She make me no mood to do my Geography exam anymore !
I sleep for 45 minutes just start to do my paper ..
Meta asked me am I okay . I said yea ..

But seriously , I'm not okay at all !

I knew that my attitude and also my style of everything were not good as other ..
But I had use all my effort to do it ..
Why dont u guys just left me alone ?

I need the time to ched everything not just 1 hour can do it ..
Tomoro gonna go n see Peter with Sze .
Cz of playing ..
1 socks and 1 shoe ..
== LOL . farking Liew !!
Sorry Sze ! Seriously I'm damn sorry ..

The school is having a rule of short socks .
take off the shoe the whole day .

And tat Liew go n make a 'NEW RULES' by himself ..

Take of the socks n shoes !
FarkTard !!!!
Fine I dun wanna say bout it anymore .. Score of the exam ..
Fail my BM, Sejarah .

Science mayb will fail ..
Need to check .
Need 2 more marks to pass la .
Kang plzzzz
God bless me .
with ur rubber band .
XD .

Guys I'm sorry .
I really dunno wat to reply u .
I wanna know you believe anot .
with all ur hearts . babee .
If you wait u waste ur time .
If I want you , you n I will be hurt at the same time .
No others ..

x Chill , Jing ..

o Chill , Jess ..

x I cant love it anymore .

o I regret what i reject to say that .

J e s s .

Monday, June 22, 2009

The continue story .

Continue on 200609 .
Everything was fine after Gary's 'shou mai hui' .
went bac home take a shower went to Pavilion !
lols .
cz of Yin Ying's B'day .
went to Red Box + .
lol .
with Hui Quan .
Saik Hoe came round 1 .
lols .
With G-Po ..
quiet sien .
But we took lots of pics .
But i can only upload 6 of it .
Cz is too ugly to publish up !
Pics time babeee .
She's Mine !
braces ~ Toilet .
See wat's she trying to do .
Quan and Me . =)
again .
And again ! =)

When I reached home ..
Saw my dad sleeping on my bed .
Cz he was tryiing to teman my bro tidur .
So i sleep with my mum pulak .
But my dad give a present to my grandfather .
and guess wat ?
is a Sumsung Plasma with a DVD player ..
I also want le ..
Happy Belated Father's day !
Dad and grandpa !
Had maths 1 seni and also Sejarah !
lol .
I left two blank page in sejarah paper .
cz i have no idea wat to write ..
Seni !
Is the 1st time i colour till so leng !
wakkaka .
dman happy with it .
Thx to Venn given me the concept .
After school go mamak .
with Jing,Sze and also Pei .
Saw the boys .
but diff table .
Gtg now .
Need to do Sejarah proj for many ppl !
Tata ~~

x Thx babeee .
o I regret for no reason .
x Where did you die last night ?
o wo qi dai ni de ta an .

J e s s .


200609 .
Early in the morning get up for tuition ..
After tuition went to Sg.Wang for Gary's album .
Supermarket ; 超级4th场
Damn nice la ~ I like every songs inside the album .
And Yes ! I'm Not Good At Being Sociable !
Get two 单曲 two album .
But i dunt think Gary's Fans Club is suitable for me ..
Cz all the senior inside were like so big but they are friendly . *i think .*

While I'm lining up for the album .
xiao yuk .

the gift + 单曲
Album .
Everything .

To Be Continue .

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Swine flu = Babi flu .

Swine flu .
Babeee .

Is hard prevent them for coming to us ..
So what to do?

I've been reading about the swine flu, of course. I've been finding out about what to do right here on -- what to buy, what not to bother with, what it might mean for the economy. But what do I do about sending my children to school or going to work? That part I haven't figured out yet, so as a precaution, we're all staying home until we hear more from the school.

Whatever we've been exposed to, we've been exposed to it already obviously. Regardless of whether this latest illness going around is the dreaded swine flu or not, there's some kind of contagious disease going around our day care center, and even just a mild fever is enough to send our two-working-parent family into an organizational tailspin. But I couldn't deal with the guilt of passing on anything to anyone else. Last week, my daughter came in for Take Your Kids to Work Day, was sick the next day (but not the swine flu...), and on Saturday a colleague who was nice to her got sick. I feel awful about that.

Since I heard about the exposure, I've been thinking about my day yesterday -- riding on the subway, shaking the hand of a job candidate, going to an office party, and even just handling the sink at the office to wash out my mug. Did I pass on this thing unwittingly already?

Maybe I'm the one ..

I wanna hang out with friends !
I wanna do wadever I want to .
I wanna think that way .
I wanna say sorry .
I wanna heard you say it !
I wanna apologize .
I want you to say tat to you .
I want you to be mine !
I want you right now ..

我的愛沒有限制期 ..


We had our Science paper today .

I had study for science .
but wat i study just come out sum ..
most of them are metals , compound .
Fark Tart ! nvr study thn come out la ?
diuuu ..
After sience paper 1 thn seni . tembak !
thn break thn class again .
Students who taking Chinese class have got exam ..
the others in class for 3 periods .
although is bored .
But I used the time for Sciene !
I thought it will come out the chemical again !
and Yes it do came out for it .
But i nvr study for the reproduction of plants .
forget most of them .
Kidneys ? I noe ..
but i left 2 blank pages !
fail my science .. mayb la ..
Maths one on Monday .
I think ..
Is the only hope for me in all tis subjects ..

Grace came bac today ~!
We took some photos today .
and yes! she's darker now !!

* spot Jing's hair ! *

They're mine ! dun even touch them !
The lut grace !

x 我知道已經來不及 但我也不會去說明
o Nvm , I'm okay .
x Babeee .. If i'm goin to die now . wat u guys will do ?
o Jing . Dun tell anyone . pls .=)

J e s s .

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