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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Caught you in my dream .

Throw it away ; forget yesterday .
Everything getting sucks .
I went to attend course then straight to saloon to have a hair cut
but still it look the same I'm keeping my hair long .
can you imagine my old face . wthhhh
then went to Vanezia which located around Leisuremall with
Carmen , William , Kah Yan , mum and I .
after dinner went to Kah Yan's house 'cause of my sis ...
Then fetch Wai Lun to Sir's place .
we didn't go down to visit him 'cause of some reason .
muahaha ..
then back to her house to watch
' da lang ! '
after that fetch Wai Lun back home then back to my home .
what a boring day i had .
we suppose to go yum cha with dunno who but Carmen changed her mind not to go i think .
I have no idea ...
and back to home .
I chatted with er ...
lots of them , plans are coming out .
Yang's plan , Brenda's plan , Choon Wei's plan , gathering and also Chun Weng's plan i have no idea which i should attend ...
cant say all ==
i asked my mum about Yang's she scolded me ..
plus i have no idea what Chun Weng going to have in his plan not even telling me the location . ==
I need to pack all my things again 'cause we change our plan not to ...
no idea .

I forget the old days let's start with new mind
and share the new life we're having .

I wish of lots of things just like .
- everyone can update their blog EVERYDAY !
- plan something on Feb but before i leave .
- a phone E72 please .
- free films of Instax camera .
- everyone remembers me .
- a X-mini .
- give back the hugs you guys own me .

23days to go ; i forgot what we had last time let's get the party start all over again .

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