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Friday, January 29, 2010

voices carry by the wind .

Be the second i love .

Is thursday ' 1 week to go . '
Woke up and wake Yin Ying up .
went to fetch her and heading toward pv to meet up OngChoonWei and PhangSaikHoe .
we went to line up to but the tickets of Haunted University .
we bought 4 'cause David gonna come to join us after his school .
seems we need to wait we have our lunch or breakfast at the new shop er....
i forgot the name it located between ' WongKok ' and the shop opposite it !
finish then walk to food court then top up money back to Cinema and wait for the Mr.Wong .
went in what to say
Mr.Wong changed his pants in the cinema with a guy who just sit beside him . ==
the movie wasn't horror is just get shock sometimes .
It makes me feel like vomit when it cut the girl's body .
wth !
after movie went walk walk then to Starhill to wait my mum come to fetch us to Maluri .
'cause i gonna have tuition and the three guys have popping class .
what can i say they love dance so much !
after fetching them I had my dinner than to tuition .
after tuition Carmen suppose to fetch me but the guy change to PhangKahHoe !
he fetched us to his house and wait for my sis fetch me on the way we
' Kah Hoe , Kien Hao , Jian Yik , DS , William and I '
waited her .
then meet her up went to a shop which located around PGRM meet up PhangSaikHoe and OngChoonWei again .
then chat chat chat nearly 11 fetch Wei back then Poh Ying .
then headed back to home .
finally I'm back home .
chatted with them ...
today too much people plus promise not to say the name out !
something secret gonna be on .

anyone free during the weekend ?
out please .

21 days to go ; for you and I .

today's words .

zip your lips ;
turn off your eyes ;
close your ear ;
let the heartbeat kill you .

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