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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm ready to leave this place .

Dust Day !
is Tuesday ,
and my mum said was time to clean up the things to New Zealand .
so today I helped my mum tape all the boxes ,
my sis helped to count the weight of all the boxes and my bro just sat infront of the computer maple - ing !
damn unfair !
However , i did played the computer for some posts .....

there are over 10 boxes in my house waiting for the lorry come and
post it to New Zealand but haven include the furniture .

I was thinking what should i have for my bed .
'cause my sis is drawing those huge bed for herself which call as ' gong zhu quang '
and I think i should get a coffin bed to sleep inside !
I need to draw a demo for my dad's friend to do it !
any ideas ??

* spot the shoe . *
fill her with colours and musics .

' carmenpang , this is just the same shoe you had
but the thai's boy help me to draw this on i chose it ! '

the button ring for ' you '!
the small little chocolate bracelet for Quan .

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i'm late for the wish ! shit !!!!

These post starts with a wish !
the wishes for her .
she's the greatest friend !
we been together for hmmm....
start from standard 1 .
She studied in 1U ' if i'm not wrong '
we always meet each other at the small gates of the school .
and we played together remember i always went to your house and played ?
and that time we go Genting , Awana what we played together ?
Yes , is her !
Phang Hui Quan .
we have been together for 9 years !
the friendship of 9 years .
i though when we're in form 1 we got some argument 'cause of ....
just forget about it !
until now form 3 we're still together .
let's refresh our memories !

the 21st of June 2009 .
we went to Yin ying's birthday at Red Box Plus .

This was the one we at Ipoh we blow the balloons
with ' ci lap lap '

this is absolutely ugly ! but someone will like it !
and i like it too . with any edition !

23rd of September .
we went to fun ok and pasar malam !
=) and yet we had a great great time !

Genting trip . i found this photo and yet i remember i took this photo
'cuase you and Joe argued .

plus now i just realize you and I didn't take any photo in Genting .
arggg ...

24th of October .
At nee's competition !

31st of October .
at AAR's concert !
we shouted together !

the day before my birthday ,
we met up at Mid Valley and celebrated a small party !

Ipoh trip ! =D26th of June .
you sat in the corner of SM's canteen and wait for Nee to hang out .
and i'm the one who saw you !

14th of October .
Alison's birthday we met up at SM !
for alison's birthday .

17th of October .
we sang K at Red box and went to pv .
This is the Birthday girl of Christmas eve .
This year i can't celebrate your birthday with you but
maybe next year i will celebrate your birthday .
er ... however the year after 2010 i wont !

btw , i wish you a Happy Belated Birthday and
a nice trip in Japan .
don't ever forget about me when i leave M'sia .
I L Y .
You're the best !!!!!

Back with ?

she's back with something new .

I'm back from there on Monday morning 1 something .
anyone miss me ?
ofcz myself do miss myself ! XD
i bought lots of things .
5 shirts and 1 pants for myself .
some for you guys .
i countdown my Christmas at the street of Thailand and no 3 , 2 , 1 stuff !
someone celebrate at g-po's house and the Phang's family celebrated in Japan .
everyone weren't together but i think our heart is always together !

the new year is coming anywhere to go ?


I need some suggestion about my study !
any ideas ?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

gone gone gone !

is gonna be the last .
just like the spore live for a month .
then it just gone .

I'm at home and others are in school waiting for their results .
but I'm not going !
i didn't give them reason 'cause i think they will think that i'm giving them excuse for not going .
I'm leaving in a couple hours .

Will update soon !
bye bye ~

p/s : Carmen is going back to New Zealand tonight !
woots ~!

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's time for me .

Life is getting bored and i need to hang over it until March .

Random picture . =D

14th of December .
Back from Penang with family , Yteng and Poh Yiing .
we stayed in EverGreen hotel which is beside Gurney hotel .
we went to the Taiping Zoo for the last day .
yes , I had a great time . is fun ! =)

15th of December .
Tuesday .
I stayed at home the whole day doing nothing and ofcz i can't touch my computer .
is all in my bro and sis's hands .
I can't use my lappy unless i went to wifi zone .

16th of December .
Wednesday .
went to pv for Brenda's birthday . ' suppose to be 17th . '
as she's so boring we went for her .
I'm the first who reach there .
than da .
people went the Top Family except David , nee and carmen .
we watched ' Zombieland ' is disgusting dun ever watch it after having your meals .
is a bit scary and funny .
after movie lepak .
than i went to hoe's house to wait my sis fetch me .
but when my sis came she brought me yum cha with Harry , Lok , Kenneth , Poh Yiing and hoe's family .
they all ' blow water ' then end the day .
2 something just home sweet home .

17th of December .
Thursday .
Brenda's birthday !
we gave Brenda and Quan a surprise party at g - po's new house which located at ampang .
before that Hoe , Carmen , KahYan , Choon Wei and I went to Hoe's house for cupcakes .
around 5 i reached hoe's house for the cakes .
is tasty !
love it damn much ~
although it didn't success compared to the first time we did for Yteng's birthday .
we used up 7 hours to do it for 3 people .
woots !
10 something 5 of us went to g - po house .
and there is so many people !
let me see ...
Alison , heidi , quan , da , g - po , bianca , reuzhen , sam , raymond , harry , lok , angle , chui yi , kenneth , nick , ' gou lou ' , marcus and 5 of us i think .
the house is totally empty and we messed it up !
after we took out the cakes for da and quan .
5 of us went to mamak .
after few ......
went back and we got complained for being too noisy !
around 2 somthing me , carmen , kahyan , hoe , quan and alison sat on a small Kelisa back to Maluri back home for dropping them .
then head back to Kajang .
around 3 we reached home .
finally we end the day with tired , joy and boring !

p/s : Nick is totally drunk after 1 cup of vodka and we drew something on his face !

Thursday, December 10, 2009

i'm lost .

lost without a thing .
stay like what I use to do .

Is midnight .
I haven bath but my mind forces me to come here and blog .
071209 .
I went to KLCC with the top family , carmen and poh ying .
suppose to go petro science but it didn't open on Monday so ....
we change our plan for movie .
before the movie Choon Wei , Hoe , carmen tan and I went to Isetan for perfume .
* something funny was going on *
We watched JUMP .
was funny , while we were watching there were a pair of gay lou in the front row .
Choon Wei was totally stairing at them while the movie was going on .
after the movie we lepak and yet again
Choon Wei and I punya love shop ! Machines .
than my mum phoned me . time to go back i forget what time was it .
I suppose to go airport on that day but my dad ffk . ==
so we stayed at home all night .

081209 .
Tuesday .
I stayed at home the whole day .
suppose to keep all my things to nz but i sat infront of the tv whole day .
and i knew somethng happened .

091209 .
Wednesday .
I woke up at 9 something and prepare myself to meet up Jane
but the whole family of mine didn't wake so I'm late again !
Reached low yat around 12 something nearly 1 .
than went to red box to meet up them ' Jane , Quan , hoe and Joe ' .
after that around 3 .
meet up bianca than went to Pv .
took pictures .
than Bian and Hoe went to The garden to meet up Alison and G - po .
left three of us we lepak !!
until half my mum phoned me .
was time for me to go .
nearly 5 I suppose to walk to Lot 10 by myself but thanks to Joe accompany me .
we chatted all along about QUAN . ' Quan , dont think much . XD'
haha .. than get in the car and went to saloon to have a hair cut while i'm having my sis and mummy went for nails art .
lol !
damn cheap nia and nice ! <3
after finish went to shop and picked up William for dinner .
after dinner around 8 went to Jun Hao's house for my lappy's window and others software .
' not teoh jun hao ' =D
than went back home and here I am to write another post about the day . =)

I don't know am I right for telling the truth .

It isn't complete as I though . =)
I wonder what will this world
feel like as it ends
and how the days will turn
without us here
to count them
to make them whole
award them reason
allow them cause

yet as we lose the ground
beneath our feet
and die before
fear hits
the death of future
and humanity
results in completion
and an end to
meaningless musings

her life with them like gonna end . =|

feel like it's going to end .
she said forever but ...

I'm here to update my blog 'cause of something i know yesterday .
Yesterday .
was the last outing with grace and the boys a . k . a macam yes .
I saw what Xuan wrote she's totally angry with me .
once again I giving excuse for it as she said .
no cure again right ?
i text - ed with him and he told me that they had fun and they did talk about me .
' yan cai ' but left me . ' they're totally pissed ! '
but I'm glad she said so not i don't want to join i have my reason .

GraceNgTzeHuey .
i know they plan it cause is the last day of yours in Malaysia .
I know no point to apologize and also i'm going to NZ next year and
you gonna have ' SPM ' there .
so no time for you and I to meet .
However , I just what to let you know that I'm not attending got my reason .
so sorry about it but here I am for apologize .

TanChuXuan .
I know you're totally pissed when i reply your message back that moment .
Yes , i did lie to you for not attending .
but i just need to let you know that I'm not attending the last gathering got my reason .
however , of the genting trip is real only for this .
sorry once again .

Dai Bs .
as what Xuan said :
once dai b ; forever dai b .
i say the truth .
i don't think what she said would be true .
but what it meant it has its own meaning .
as I pass through so many things with you guys .
I feel proud , happy and also appreciate .
i remember the last time we smile , we laught , we gossip and we also hate each other .
everyone been hate- d but I still think you guys hate me is totally hate !
and every times we been separate from one gang in two group i scared .
'cause i'm the last one who get in to this gang and also the last one who let the whole gang hate .
The last argument of us was cz of the guys and the love .
But is still the same i do though that is made by me .
fine now .
once again Sorry
' no cure ' .

I have no idea why i will write this post
if i said something wrong please correct me .
and i was just telling the truth and what i feel .
If you think that i'm writing this post for apologize or acting innocent
you continue with it . i have no reason what let you think that i'm position .

p/s : i didn't attend the last gathering is 'cause of that .

Blame .

Saturday, December 5, 2009

woots ! <3

party gonna be start !
celebrate baby !

Carmen had arrive home !
she bought many things !
all branded perfume .
calvin klein , Belvin and FCUK .
wth . non of it is mine !
but nevermind when i'm there sure is mine dy .
hahahahha .
we had BBQ party at home on the 5th of December .
everyone came .
the ex - form 5 of 5k and 5M .
after the party around 12 something went to ' yum cha '
yum dou 2 something just back .

wont be blogging this few days . someone is back and no computer to use .

p/s : bought a lappy for myself to nz . <3>

Friday, December 4, 2009

peace in heart .

I thought what i knew .
you weren't .

you were not who I wanted .
you did not stay up late and talk to me and smile for me and need me .
you were not there , you were not sober , you were not real .
you did not give me butterflies everytime those damn eyes looked into mine .
only lust .
you were not what I expected .
you did not caress me or hold me or touch me or feel me .
you were not it , you were not him .
you did not make me crave all of who you were .
only what you did
you were not who I thought .
you were not enough , you were not mine , you were not allowed .
you did not take all of me .
only strip me of everything I was worth .

10 o'clcok i have dentist appointment .
since i promise her i will change my braces rubber to glow in dark and tomorrow i will do it !
see whether she will realize ?
hmm ...
i'm tired but i cant fall asleep .
wth la .
maybe i was just drank too much tea and coffee today or maybe ....
' No way ! I wasn't in that situation .
stop it ! '
feel like killing myself for that thing .
dumb dumb .
i should stop and try to get sleep .

CarmenTan gonna be back home soon .
I miss her !
Saturday night I'm coming !

Like so ...

Since she likes so
I have nothing to say
She was writing me like i don't know .
Back from Ipoh
and yet I gained weight !
WTH !!!!
they are in Genting at the moment except me i think .
I knew there no use for saying sorry again .
erhemm ...
and yet she don't really believe me .
It ends with the lies , if they think so ..

Her post starts .
011209 .
Tuesday .
Is morning ..
got up and got ready for the trip to dinner .
Mummy , bro and I went to have breakfast .
then went to shop and dropped Jojo let aunt Debby take care .
after that we started our journey to Ipoh .
first we went to petrol station and wait for Quan's mother 'cause we are staying at her aunt's house .
and yet Quan was there with her mum to Ipoh !
i heard that Hoe and his brother were already there so we just straight to Ipoh then is done !
after 2 hours plus we reached Ipoh .
the city wasn't the same as KL .
Is totally different .
there are less car less people but more food !
haha .
aunty Sharon bought us to eat on the first day it tasted damn nice .
then back to home and had bath then out to had DINNER ! * sucks *
after the dinner went to have supper with quan they all to had Rojak !
while we were enjoying it we saw something just looked alike to a tv show .
we saw how people ' king sou ' .
we saw how people call their father and
we saw how people took a beer glass and almost gonna knock to another guys head !
and we also saw a guy which totally in drugs and his body were shaking all along the chat between them !
can't imagine how are they gonna be settle .
and my mum bought us back home .

021209 .
Wednesday .
the day they in Genting .
still in Ipoh ,
went to pasar at 10 something aunty bought us and taste ' pig lung noodle ' .
Is nice and the ' sek san ' went before .
is totally dilicious !
after it went back to home and took some pictures gonna upload soon .
then we had our dinner at food court !
rojak again and 12 people including the babies .
we ordered and ate

the day ended with :
we chatted , gossiped and ss - ed !

031209 .
Thursday .
we loved , we bye - d .
we went to the same pasar again !
ate the same things then chat for awhile
I went back KL .
and quan all of them are stll there went we have reached .
then straight to aunty Annie's house to take fish for the BBQ party on Saturday .
then went to Leisuremall and had lunch
guess what ?
we met Jia En , Ana and Poh Chin at ' wow kong ' .
then went to shop to pick up Jojo .
and finally home sweet home .
However , I cleaned up the room , washed up and finally I'm here to blog .

you suck !
why don't you tell me straight away ?
no way to write this crap and saying those fark things .

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