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Friday, January 15, 2010

None but my own .

I'm so in love with this picture .

As yesterday Hoe told me to change my look ..
I was like my look ?
Seriously , i need to change my dressing look and hair style all that and yet i wonder what should i change to ???
I dun like to wear those girlish things and the colour of pink .

He , me .
Have you ever think that you would be girlish just like wearing dress all that ?
Nah , i never ever though of that .
You should 'cause .....

* the coming words can be some secret .*

However , i do wonder .
change hair style ?
Would i be girlish after i get over N.Z ?
think think think .
100 thousands of questions in my mind at the moment .
I like to make myself believe .


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