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Sunday, January 31, 2010

love falls to us . ♥

As you guys should view the preview post just view this .

300110 ; Saturday .
Continue with the day ,
I slept over 'cause my phone's alarm wasn't ringing .
damn it !
I asked them to meet me up at 12:30 and I woke up at 12 .
and yet I'm late again .
today had a small gathering with the primary friends
the one who attended were ChiaYin ; YeeKhang ; SzeNee and I .
around 2 we just met each other up at Pavilion we suppose to go Davidson but my mum dont willing to fetch me I spent my day there .
I was the first one who reached pv and I walked through the mall and Nee came with Quan ...
then we decided to go Sakae Sushi !
after awhile they came .
let the photos do the talking .

They were just acting shy !

after their meal went to times .

I love that camera so damn much !

them . me ♥ .

After they left Hoe came .
o.o he was so angry about HaoYi them .
and he came with Brenda and we were still at times .
we're so good students who like studies so much !!!
Nee bought some books and went out .
we meet Quan's friend named KC ?
i forgot the whole name .
met at Tangs and went to MOF 's 分行 to had the dinner !
after the meal we did the same old thing !!

Looked like gay !

Then G-po ; angle ; alison ; bianca and Reuzhen came ...
again .
first shot !

second !
and finally we took everyone 's face !

the latest group photo .. =D
I have in my album ;
can I have one more ?

Then went up to 5th floor to meet up Heidi .
and yet we're a huge gang at there .
then they decide to and some drinks at Rainforest .
However , I was super duper full and Da , quan , nee and I went to shopping !
we walk walk walk and went to Forever 21 ; cotton on and La Senza .
around 8 something parents came eat again !
at dragon-i !
after the meal went to nokia .
I suppose to buy the phone today but ...
my dad still thinking wanna buy N97 mini for me anot 'cause it cost over RM 2000 .
sigh now !
thinking should I get 6760 , 5730 or an E52 .
E52 is the one which same as grace ...
My dad gonna get a N97 ...
aww I want it so badly !!!!

more photos on FB .
click click

18 days left ; love her please .

Friday, January 29, 2010

the late night we have been together .

I love the night walk we spend together .

290110 ; Friday .
the day comes nearer ..
i suppose to attend course but i didn't attend it 'cause i beg my mum not to go !
I was so not feeling well plus tired !
after the time pass kah yan came to my house 'cause they're going Melaka tomorrow .
so she comes to overnight !
then after my dinner I got a called from PhangSaikHoe he told me that he's so bored at home and his dad went out station so he can out tonight !
and I asked him wanna go clubbing he dont want to . =D
a good boy la .
then i said ten i come by your house and out for movie is it okay ?
he said good !
and i called Nee to join us .
God blessed her parents let ~~~
So around 9 something I heading toward his house and on the way my sis did this .
showing of her new heels she bought on the day
we spent at Sunway Pyramid !

however , I reached Hoe's house around 10 something .
then his aunt fetched me to LRT station to Hang Tuah .
we did these while waiting for the train .

I love them .

me likey .
thanks to hoe !

dont ever spot my face ! fark ~

in the train .
lover of mine .
I heart her .
I'm in love with him ! =D
we're still in the train ~
the perasan one .
us !
da ; hoe ; jess .

'cause of this picture we missed the station which is Hang Tuah so we stop our train journey at the next station which just near by SM and i dunno the name .
while walking to pv brenda said the form 1s are camping in the school so we went in but the result is ....
the gate was locked !
and i took this .
view in front og SM !
loves .

then we walked and chatted all the way and
we decided to cheong K !
thanks to Hoe again .
this time we sang at the small box at Green Box which just cost RM16 for 5 people .
after that we walked all around the KL !
and made our mind to T.S wait Hou's aunt to fetch us back .

The last picture of that day .
more on FB ..

after I reached Hoe's house my sis came and in her car has got Yin Ying , HH and Ky .
Kah Yan be the driver then on the way fetch Yin Ying home some disgusting thing happen /
nguekkkk .
not going to talk about that
after settle him we fetched KaiWai 'cause he's drunk but not that drunk as HH .
then went to KW's house and take shirt then back home
guess what time I reach home ....

5 mins to 6 morning !
and 5 people slept in one room is so suffer !
wtf .
and yet ....

To Be Continue .

agree with him .

Human will probably agree with this .
click click !

voices carry by the wind .

Be the second i love .

Is thursday ' 1 week to go . '
Woke up and wake Yin Ying up .
went to fetch her and heading toward pv to meet up OngChoonWei and PhangSaikHoe .
we went to line up to but the tickets of Haunted University .
we bought 4 'cause David gonna come to join us after his school .
seems we need to wait we have our lunch or breakfast at the new shop er....
i forgot the name it located between ' WongKok ' and the shop opposite it !
finish then walk to food court then top up money back to Cinema and wait for the Mr.Wong .
went in what to say
Mr.Wong changed his pants in the cinema with a guy who just sit beside him . ==
the movie wasn't horror is just get shock sometimes .
It makes me feel like vomit when it cut the girl's body .
wth !
after movie went walk walk then to Starhill to wait my mum come to fetch us to Maluri .
'cause i gonna have tuition and the three guys have popping class .
what can i say they love dance so much !
after fetching them I had my dinner than to tuition .
after tuition Carmen suppose to fetch me but the guy change to PhangKahHoe !
he fetched us to his house and wait for my sis fetch me on the way we
' Kah Hoe , Kien Hao , Jian Yik , DS , William and I '
waited her .
then meet her up went to a shop which located around PGRM meet up PhangSaikHoe and OngChoonWei again .
then chat chat chat nearly 11 fetch Wei back then Poh Ying .
then headed back to home .
finally I'm back home .
chatted with them ...
today too much people plus promise not to say the name out !
something secret gonna be on .

anyone free during the weekend ?
out please .

21 days to go ; for you and I .

today's words .

zip your lips ;
turn off your eyes ;
close your ear ;
let the heartbeat kill you .

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ShiSah .

what's the different ?
Went to course again !
fetched by my sis back and go
back was accompany with Poh Ying ..
than went to ' LouHongKong ' for a dinner with those aunties but still have WaiTeng .
after that went to Yin Ying's house 'cause she had some problem with her love .
so went to calm her and out to yum cha
meet up Harry and KahYan at 118 then go to ABC for shisah !
muahahha .
I took grapes favorite .
I though it would be fun but.....
it sucks !
i wont be trying again for that freaking smoke ~
then fetch them back home
then home sweet home again .

22 days to go ; time for some miracles

Words from my heart ;

saw the sky in purple .

love like this is better .

Start the day ,
woke up at 8 bathed ,
went to KL to have a breakfast with my grandparents .
after that brought my grandpa to hospital which opposite sm .
* i dunno how to spell , ps . *
the we took one and half hour at there .
and my mum changed her mind and bring them go Pv .
my grandma bought a lot of er ...
what can i say .==
补品 .
cost RM 1700 ++
i was like i need it for a phone and shopping !!!
and we walk walk walk .
went to Tang !
I saw something nice but i dunno how to say ,
hmm ... after that something happen which is
my mum lost her parking ticket when she took it to the counter and ask for something .
and yet we paid RM50 for that .
a shirttt a .
back home ...

I chatted with them today just like
that fei po , grace , yang , ChoonWei , Quan and CarmenPang .
about the fei po ;
my shirt as you guys can view her blog . ==
Grace ;
gucci , prada and burberry .
Yang ;
everything just like a greater teller and listener .
ChoonWei ;
gaji & chocolate cake . ==
Quan ;
secret thing .
CarmenPang ;
her . orh ! i got things to tell you chat tomorrow !

at this time ,
8 days to go someone's big day i wonder should i attend my class ?

Yng , i need to talk to you when you on nudge me !
Thursday if you can . =)
love you ..

Quotes of the day ;

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Caught you in my dream .

Throw it away ; forget yesterday .
Everything getting sucks .
I went to attend course then straight to saloon to have a hair cut
but still it look the same I'm keeping my hair long .
can you imagine my old face . wthhhh
then went to Vanezia which located around Leisuremall with
Carmen , William , Kah Yan , mum and I .
after dinner went to Kah Yan's house 'cause of my sis ...
Then fetch Wai Lun to Sir's place .
we didn't go down to visit him 'cause of some reason .
muahaha ..
then back to her house to watch
' da lang ! '
after that fetch Wai Lun back home then back to my home .
what a boring day i had .
we suppose to go yum cha with dunno who but Carmen changed her mind not to go i think .
I have no idea ...
and back to home .
I chatted with er ...
lots of them , plans are coming out .
Yang's plan , Brenda's plan , Choon Wei's plan , gathering and also Chun Weng's plan i have no idea which i should attend ...
cant say all ==
i asked my mum about Yang's she scolded me ..
plus i have no idea what Chun Weng going to have in his plan not even telling me the location . ==
I need to pack all my things again 'cause we change our plan not to ...
no idea .

I forget the old days let's start with new mind
and share the new life we're having .

I wish of lots of things just like .
- everyone can update their blog EVERYDAY !
- plan something on Feb but before i leave .
- a phone E72 please .
- free films of Instax camera .
- everyone remembers me .
- a X-mini .
- give back the hugs you guys own me .

23days to go ; i forgot what we had last time let's get the party start all over again .

Quotes of the day ;

Sunday, January 24, 2010

backkk .

back from Genting .

Saturday 230110 ,
went up to Genting to watch that concert which sponsor by Astro and My fm .
although I don't like MY FM but still i went to see THEM !
OMG ! i shook hand with ; Nicholas , Eason and Kay .
but still i like Eason's ! XD
we ' carmen , meng hu , kien hao , foo sang and weng jun ' went to .
only carmen , meng hu , foo sang and I went in first !
so lets see where we sat ...

we just can only see the back stage .

before it starts .
It's empty !!!!
* kisssss *
tickets .
I forgot who were this .
BLUE J; 梁文音
谢安琪 。
OMG ! she looks ugly in this photo . sorry !
陈奕迅 。
can you imagine who near i stand with them ! WTFFF .
方大同 is so good looking !!!!

getting started .
* i took lots of video !!! *
Meng Hu looked like a lady bird !

after we the show we been chased by a paparazzi .
and we ran all over the hill to the cable car .
back to Kien Hao's house which is in genting and over night .
our dinner are 4 packets of HAR MEE .
2 something get to our dreams .
I woke up 4 times from my dream . ==

Sunday ; 240110 .
woke up at 10 .
went out of his house walk to the club .
before we out we spotted his hosue got a big flag of China ! =D

No pictures ?
then went to the strawberry park which is near by .
is quite big there .
then dad came back home tuition again !

25days to go ; surprise please .

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