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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the first day of them .

040110 .
Monday ,
the first day of school reopen for them .
and yet I went back SMSM to take my result and deposit .
only Sze , Nee and Brenda know .
I got 2 a's for my result .
i think is great !
I reached sm at 3 minutes to 1 .
after i take those stuff i went to canteen awhile to meet the daiBs and nee they all .
the school is so dman different maybe is 'cause without those gangster and the naughty students .
after meeting them i left to Lot 10 with mum , Carmen and Harry .
had lunch and Choon Wei came and meet us . =D
after awhile Nat came .
after that mummy fetched us back to SM .
reached at 2 something .
I went up to 4L and meet up Brenda we chatted .
the class wasn't teaching thanks to Ms.Chuah !
everyone sees me like :
- ' wow , why aren't you in school ? '
- ' why aren't you in uniform ? '
- ' what you come back for ? '
- ' when you going back to New Zealand ? '

I was like . O.O
can you guys stop ask me so much ?
i need you guys' hug !
after that we chatted outside the school and
I headed to Pavilion with David , Choon Wei , Nat and also Brenda .
we suppose to have movie but when we were going to buy ticket .
Carmen phoned me to go Sungai Wang .
and yet the movie plan didn't work .

On the way to Sungai Wang .

Then meet up with Carmen , Hoe , Quan , Kah Hoe , Gi , Bian , gou lou , gf and zhen .
then my sis plan to go hoe's house and wait for my sis .
then we been separated
I followed sis , kah hoe , hoe and quan back home
thanks to Harry !
he fetched us all day .
and we did something new at Hoe's house !
not cake , not singing k , not playing computer !
we did these !

we used the new Instax Mini 7 of Quan's to take these !
I love that so damn much but the film is farking expensive !
RM 3.90 per one .
the perasan one .

Us . =)

we end up with fun and perasan all along the day !

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