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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

25th hour in my life rocks !

January gonna be end with 2 weeks plus .

As you guys can see i changed my blog link and skin .
I love my link ,
I discussed with Yng for the whole afternoon .
and yet i get this .
at first she gave me lots of suggestions .
just like ...

there are more but i can't remember
the most interesting one is jessloveyng .
i likey that but i wont use until i have a blog for that Ng Jiayng . =D
about the 25th hour .
I got my own reason for it ! <3
everyone has a day with 24 hours what about the coming hours ?
and yet i think of 25th hour will be no limits !
the 25th hour in my life would be my own world , own mind and no non - believeing and those freaking outsider in my life .
I live in my own world not sharing with those bitches and the men !

and I was searching the web about the 25th hour ,
I found that there is a book which written by David Benioff .
I dunno what was it about but i do feel like buying it .
searching where to get . =D
there are some quotes from this book ;

- Frank Slaughtery: You know what a man should never ask in a Victoria's Secret shop, Jake?
Frank Slaughtery: "Does this come in children's sizes?"

- Frank Slaughtery: You know, you're wearing a striped shirt with a striped tie, you know that, right?
Phelan: Yeah, I do it for the ladies.
Frank Slaughtery: Oh - the ladies ever tell you that you look like a fucking optical illusion?
Phelan: Yeah?
Frank Slaughtery: Go away, disappear... come on.
Phelan: I'm outta here.

I do think it would be great ! =X
It ended . =D

don't ever ask it ,
Is in the passed tense .

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