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Monday, November 30, 2009

Is so not simple as i thought .

The most beautiful things
are often the most simple .

The day gonna end .
As i went to SGM today .
It seems to be ages I haven't been there .
i got a good feeling when i reached there for no reason !
as we did the donation for sis , bro , aunty , mummy and I .
after that mummy and I prayed for 1 hour plus .
then went to Quan's house to fetch her some shirts for the Japan trip .
and I wasted the whole afternoon there .
around 4 something went to LeisureMall again for movie .
but the same problem , the show time was too late and my mum didn't want to wait for it .
then straight to popular i suppose to buy some books since my mum don't let so no books for me but she bought herself a recipe for baking cakes and bla bla .
then went to have our dinner and took Jojo back from aunty Debby .
finally Jojo is back to home and now it's sleeping on its own bed .
It seems to be so tired with red eyes . O.O
that fat dog ! =D
Wanna go out but cant !
tomorrow going tuition again then Tuesday gonna be in Ipoh .

Give me a dozen healthy infants .

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The expression of emotion .

You and I stand at a moment in time that is preceded by yourselves .

Is the day of those Malays ' new year' ..
And those who work were having holiday today .
and yet , the road of KL wasn't jam as what i thought maybe all of them went back to ' kampung ' .
last night when we were back from KLIA the way to J.B were totally jam !
I wonder how's Grace .
hmm ...
the day started with tuition again .
I tuition - ed the whole day then back home for Golden Horse Awards but my dad call out for movie suppose to watch ' The Christmas Carol ' 'cause of my bro he wanted to watch ' Astro Boy ' so we decided to go The Mines ..
when we gonna arrive the car park .
It was Full and lining up long long long 'cause of the book fair so we changed place to Balakong Jusco the same situation came for no reason !
then final decision , we go Leisuremall .
but still the movie's plan didn't work 'cause the ticket was sold out plus is at 11 .
then we lepak , the main entrance mall we saw old books .
and yet my dad bought some all about work and studies !
- Psychology .
- Feng Sui .
- Sociology .

then went to Speedy for discs and popular for album .
then straight back home and here I am .

No cure this time .
Xuan's angry i have no idea to others .
Grace wasn't so happy about it .
others ?
I'm sorry ..

An observational technique .

Saturday, November 28, 2009

the 501st post . =)

Like I'm going to sick .
arggg .

We loved ,
Tuition today .
tomorrow is just the same tomorrow will be tuition the whole day .
I want to rest again , my hands don't work .
Went to Quan's house after tuition is 9 something and yet
Joe and Jane were also there .
Jane gonna go Penang on the next month .
i miss her . =(
We smiled .
we laughed .
we cried .
we gossiped .
we gathered .
everything we did for sic years together .
I love it . and i won't forget the first day we went out together .

There's a bad news to them .
I'm sorry that i can't go Genting on the 2nd of December dy .
I text - ed the cow but i dunno she get it anot .
I can't go dy , 'cause my mum needs to bring me to Ipoh for relative dinner .
I know you guys gonna say lots of thing but i still need to apologize again .
I know this was the last trip that we gather but the dinner cant be push .
so i ...
Sorry , the whole gang .

I'm back from that place ! that was ...

It was fun .
Again ?
I went back from Sabah last night .
and yet i'm here to tell everything i did .
it was fun , awesome and everything seems to be wonderful plus no pressure inside my head at there .
and this will be a long long post ! =D

it start with the day ,
23th of November .
Monday .
i woke up at 5 something to prepare myself and went to airport with aunty Debby .
we reach there around 7 .
the airport was full of people i wonder why so much ppl came to Malaysia for ?
we self check - in and choose our place in the flight .
we sat at the back .
after check it went to put our luggage then went to had our breakfast .
then 0840 on board .
on the flight i took some photos .
The very first time i think Malaysia was so damn beautiful .
Photo will be upload soon .
after 2 hours and 5 minutes we reached Sabah .
and took our luggage and went out sent to search hotel plus my name !
Found ! then went to LeMalidien to meet up my mum and bro .
when i reach i just know my bro get the 4th place for his Robotic Competition .
=) *clap clap* .
then we rested within the few hours we shopping 'cause the opposite of our house there are 3 shopping malls we brought many many things then went back until 4 o'clock .
the driver pick us up then went to a small village to have our tea time and wait until night for the fire fly ! =)
i saw many of them in the tree just like a Christmas tree it was wonderful and it flies wildly towards the boat .
it was beautiful is much then i though .
after seeing it . at night went to had our dinner and went back hotel .
we took bath and rest .

the day was wonderful and fun .
p/s : the hotel is so damn nice and it's totally FREE !

on the 24th of November .
Tuesday ; was someone birthday . XD
on this day we went to Mountain K . K .
we went to the national park of there and we saw many things .
we saw the smallest orchid in the world .
It's as small as an ear ring . It so damn small .
after walking it went to the Hot Spring park .
before going there we went to cross the bridge .
It's high and my mum shout on it !
hahahha . cant believe she scared of high .
after that we went to see the biggest flower in the world .
Rafflesia .
a normal Rafflesia needs to use 6 to 18 months to process and grow and it only grow for 1 to 8 days .
and what we saw is the 5th day of it .
It was in dark red colour .
and there are some others which haven grow heard the village who found it say on the May of next year it will have 2 of it grow but dunno what date .
hmm ... feel like going agian to see it .
after it went to the hotel of the moutain .
all the night was cold and lonely .
luckily , got them to accompany me ,
my phone , ipod and my camera .
and the guys who texted me . XD
Something happen went I sitting alone outside the room .
I ' bb ' beside my room took a called , i think is his gf .
They called and talked come thing ' yuk ma' . =X
i feel like getting it too .
being alone outside the door like ..... but still i got the guys .

The day was boring but i have fun in my phone . =)

25th of November .
Was Wednesday .
the day for the view of the tallest moutain .
I woke up at 5 for the picture of it .
It still with the clown all arounf it and it was cold as last night .
10 'c , i wore school shorts and a t - shirt . WTH !
being so cold at night and the next day . phewww .
This is real ....
after that we went down the moutain and bought something
straight to White Water rafting .
It was fun althought the level of it was only 2 .
the coach push all of them down except me !
haha . too bad i made him forget to push me down .
* yea hooo *
the same we took picture and i flow all around the river it was big !
after the rafting then went back to city the same hotel rest then have dinner seafood again !
I'm gaining weight .
WTH !!!
then back to hotel bath and texted all along .
XD thanks to them also . =)

It ends again with suprise and fellness . =)

26th of November .
Thursday , last day of the trip .
went to Pulau Sapi .
we played lots of thing .
Sea walking , parasail , banana boat and also snokling .
we use the whole day in the island and we bath at uncle house then straight to airport .
Although it was rush and yet it still fun .
Photos will be upload
give me some time .

I'm sorry .

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm late sorry .

As my ipod shown the date .
24th of November .
241109 .
Tuesday .
That day was ' his ' day !
and yet , i didn't forget to wish you in blog too .
Happy Birthday boy , Wai Jeng Fatt . =D
may all your wishes come true soon !
Thanks for everything and also sorry for everything .

p/s : remember those days and what you owe me . X=

Monday, November 23, 2009

lalala . ribbish bin !

I'm coming
wait for me .
a waste of day .
i used my day with computer , house work and television .
I was so damn bored !
now finally i know how suffer from doing house work !
i cleaned up the floor and mopped the floor .
WTH ! * help *
5 more hours i will be going to the International Airport .
feel excited i think .
I haven't prepare all my properties and yet i'm still here BLOGGING !
if let my mum know she will be nagging me again and again .
luckily , she went first
however , aunt is here !
Jojo went to uncle house and Lucky went to mum's uncle's house .
I think they will take good care .
but not my Jojo .

so , i shall stop here the plane is waiting and i need to take a nap .
Won't be blogging until i come back
although i dunno when i'll . XD
ends .

I think we have settle each other down .
although , i don't want to .

Sunday, November 22, 2009

alone .

silents night .
It wasn't wonderful at all .

the whole house were being so quite .
the whole house is empty now .
looks so dark and cold .
whole family went to Sabah .
except me , ofcz i'm going to but not the same date
gonna be alone for two days .
two days of cup noodle .
going Sabah Monday.
can say is alone , i think .
So i wont be blogging until i come back .
but tomorrow i will still blogging .

well ,
as you can see my blog had a new clothe on .
a new skin ; a new post ; a new life .
I wasted my whole day to eat , show and did anything rubbish !
I have no transport to go out ! Shopping please ...

Who am I ?
until today i just know how people should tread people well .
no point to apologize now .
i know me myself did that too so
cant blame all on you and yet i still cant tell myself to forgive you or myself .
you and I called and said ' I'm sorry . '
Is this possible ?

Why don't you text me again ?
I wonder and i wish you text me .
i was being so stupid for that .
argg .
such a dumb .

What am I doing ?
think ; thought .

It ends tonight with silent .

no point for lying you .
seriously , I'm sorry .

Friday, November 20, 2009

The blog i ❤ .

The truth that you leave .
We're in it with nine of us .

181109 .
Wednesday .
Went to school again !
I went to pavilion ofter school with the Top Family , 3 outsider and 1 absent .
Thanks to the bitch .
we went to pv after school meet up David and Wei .
bought ticket for 2012 . 12 tickets damn long la .
then we took out lunch at Pepper Lunch .
after that went to meet up hoe
went to Maxis for the youth card .
for his lunch ' Wong kok ' .
then cinema .
the no 1 stranger came . then the no . 2 - g-po came and we're almost late for our show again !
after movie went to Mdam Kwan .
she had her dinner then back to home .
Carmen , en pei and I went to take monorail and i walked to Jalan Davidson again !

we ended to be a family and fill with happiness .

191109 .
Thursday .
I went to school again !
what a good girl .
we had a bit bit fun today .
'cause of them . =)
although i thought tomorrow will be my last day and yet today it was .
Not gonna present in school tomorrow .
no transport for me for the last day of my school life in Malaysia .
Sorry peeps .
I will be the one who absent again !
sorry .

p/s : can everyone take a photo with me on the date we take our PMR result ?
please and a hug please .

I miss the teachers suddenly .
You guys own me a photo and a hug !
No objection !

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

miss .

I miss them suddenly .
especially ...

161109 .
Monday .
the first day of their suspension .
and yet i saw the words on the board of 3L !
I was shock ..
I went to school that day cz i need to help my dad for Carmen's things .
as i know concert is coming everybody were busy with it .
and yet the form 3s were so free !

I love them
I miss them
I hate them
They're the bitch !

171109 .
Tuesday .
Is the second day .
Finally , she asked me .
and my answer was no .
WTH had happen to me ?
maybe is true ...
Concert !
i wasn't very good as i thought of .
i just know that Ho Ka Man wore DRESS !
woots . sok -nya .
besides that , I like Michelle and Fei Yee's dace !
XD .
after school . 12:30 went to ts with Nee and Carmen to have lunch then something happen .
everything ends with laught .
It ends today .

I Love Jojo !
It was so cute !!!!!

maybe is true ,

that I cant live without them .

Monday, November 16, 2009

Feels sorry .

Sorry ,
I'm the one who absent again .

131109 .
Friday .
Was their last day .
seriously , i'm sorry for not being there on that day .
since i had an appointment with my dentist so ...
I'm sorry .
Idk how you guys feel on that day .
as i though the cow will cry but she did not !
hmm .
unbelievable , and seriously you guys own me a hug and a photo , please .
It had been two years i be with you guys is not as long as the others ,
but everything happened we settled it so it meant that our friendship is thick enough !
However , about the genting trip i still begging .

141109 .
Saturday .
the competition started !
Edwin and Sharmaine were involve in a competition which involve with many instrument . that was great because the performers involve with 3 years old to 70 years old . XD
However , they get the first place !
congratz .
after competition went to steamboat at night !
from 11 to 1 am . what a great family .
back home around 2 .
=X .

151109 .
Sunday .
The day was as normal .
tuition then dinner with my mum's family .
thanks to the baby !

these days ended with ; touched , memories and hope .

As i write this post i felt very sorry to THEM !
yes , them .
we had so many troubles together and yet we end up with ?
actually until now i also don't understand
' Do we trusts each other ? '

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Birthday .

I'm done with it !

Happy 15th Birthday Hubby , Cheong Jun Ee !
I L Y .
may all your wishes come true soon .
Take care and enjoy with your Japan trip boy . =)
I'm glad to know you .
We laughed .
We chatted .
We planned .
We gossiped .
everything we did just for others !

p/s : we didn't picture together so what i told you is done !

Friday, November 13, 2009

blog it yourself .

Like so you're mine !

131109 .
Friday ; last day of them .
absent from school .
Had an appointment with dentist !
my teeth is hurt now and my mouth was bleeding 'cause of it !
changed colour and i have two new metal in my mouth !
I was chatting with Nee just now .
Top Family ? XD
I was so free so i took that photos above !

Wants to apologize to my sis Carmen Tan !
i wasn't in good mood just now la .
sorry .

Yes , I'm jealous .
Tell me that I'm crazy !

Is the day ; it will comes .

Hers .
Maybe one is better than two .

101109 .
HER day . =)
I was the latest .
I'm sorry guys .
in the morning went to Saisaki for lunch .
after that , went to Pavilion for sing K .
before that me , nat , kh and yang ran back to pv while it's raining ,
but they never follow because the rain ids getting heavier !
after meet up everyone decided !
than they bought ticket for Poker King 11 tickets .
2 extra ; xuan and I .
Pei went back after the half of the movie .
than i met up with Saik Hoe to his house .
G-po time !
visited her , she was suffering all along in the hospital hotel !
than back to Peel Road for mum
thanks Hon Hoong for fetching me ! <3>the day ended with joy , hate and hurt . =)

photos with Jing .

111109 .
Wednesday , HIS day !
Ong Choon Wei's big day !
We ' Jessie , Hoe , Nee , David , Quan , Xian , Carmen and Brenda ' celebrated with him at Mid Valley .
they all arrive , yes i'm the latest who late without reason !
sorry again !
after meeting up with them went to TopShop for david's shirt !
and he changed it in the public for Wei's present !
video with Brenda .
after that went to the Gardens for movie -
Phobia 2 !
bought the ticket and hoe came .
we had free lunch thanks to Hoe's parents !
after that went to lepak since we had time .
than Nee , Carmen and weng came .
meeting up is time for movie than weng went back
However we were late for the movie .
for some reason !
after movie Xian and David went back
and erhemm . i did something !
* XD sorry nee ! but i love the hug ~
joking babe ! *
than went back to MV for dinner .
Sushi King !
here is the wish boy !
Happy 15th Birthday boy !

The day ended with joy , fun and love .

All photos in FB of mine .
In November album .
Take a view . =)

121109 .
Thursday .
Finally , the day for school .
It happened and i wasn't there .
Am I in ?
I'm sorry .
so long peeps .

Photos for those days .

061109 .
Mid Valley .
Thanks to them ! ❤

071109 .
After Nee's competition .
Momo cafe !

Thanks babes , babies !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Great ; suprise !

I'm addicted .
Loves with him ' P . S . H '

051109 .
Thursday .
Went out if i'm not wrong .
i cant remember things happened on that day .
hmmm ...

061109 .
Friday .
Was it !
the day full of excited !
out to Quan's house fetch her to Mid Valley met up with Hoe and Brenda .
had our lunch .
100 +
They gave me 6 cupcakes !
thanks to Hoe , Quan , Weng , Yenn and Brenda .
then straight to TOPSHOP for the couple shirt ! 'Joe & Quan' and Han Xian's .
after that . went back to Hoe's home and go out with the FAMILY !
hoe's dad's friend open restaurant !
so we went to support yi xia .
=) we have a great time .

thanks to them !

071109 .
Saturday ; my day .
I had a great day on this day .
thanks to them again !
Hoe , Quan , Joe , Brenda , Choon Wei , Carmen and my Nee !!!
they made 16 cupcakes and decorated by their own hands to give me .
i did say i want but i never thought it will probably happen !
the day started at Hoe's house again !
went to his house meet up him , quan , joe and brenda .
then waited for Choon Wei come then to Nee's competition .
Carmen was there !
After the competition ,
they brought me to the cafe call MOMO .
if i'm not wrong .
mum nagged me to go home earlier ofcz i get scolded on my birthday !
reached home at 12 something .
on the way THEY missed call me .
ofcz i called back and listen to my Hoe sang ' birthday song ' to me .
It was so sweet !
I L Y !!!

The day ended with joy , suprise and fun !

081109 .
Sunday a.k.a my day also .

This is James !
as my sis said he talk to the chicken and he called out my name while he was talking to it !
althought , is a bit stupid but i like him !
X) I L Y .

Dad called to had dinner !
Korean Food !
it was great took picture upload in next post !
sorry !
before out somthing happened thanks to HIM !
seriosuly , i don't need a fark from you ..
after reached , Yan Yan was there .
after oredered . AiLee's family were there too
so as the Baby ! *cute*
after dinner they gave me a Nike Polo Tee .
Thanks !

091109 .
Monday ; her day .
as i wished her .
so it started with Love , Joy , Chatting , Planning .
someone birthday is celebrating tomorrow .
the boys gave me a PUMA bag .
I like the bag but is the plastic bag of it !
sorry , seriously is too girl for me .
>< '
btw , Thanks You !
but something do happened .
i made Teoh Jun Hao angry .
aww . felt so sorry .
Sorry , i apologize here please .
Sorry !

ends .

Monday, November 9, 2009

finish countdown !

wish please .
Candle !

Happy 15th Birthday !
Thang Yi Jing a.k.a Dao Gei Jing !
she's getting older but still not mature .
Wish you have a great birthday ,
may all your wishes come true soon .

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I don't dare to .

Not dare to .
Countdown .

Take a deep breath and write it out !

031109 .
Was Tuesday .
been force by Carmen to go to school for her lens .
so i went , and there's a trip to UPM .
The trip was sucks at first .
after it around 12 teachers brought us go Time Square for Lunch .
we had fun with chatting all along .
Carmen left her wallet at the foodcount !
we were shocked .
luckily , she went to office for it .
after T.S around 2 went back to school .
Then went to MC D for coke .
Xp .
after it went back home .

the day ended with joy , gossip and truth !

041109 .
Wednesday .
Wake up in the morning went to Sri Hartamas wait for my mum of her facial for 2 hours plus .
While she was having her treatment i was sitting alone in a cafe and i drew lots of words .
I L I . x=
After it mum fetch me to Pavilion and meet up Hoe , Choon Wei and Da .
after 5 minutes Quan came without Joe ! X)
for Jennifer's Body .
The movie was okay .
while movie going on we can heard Brenda and Quan shouting all along !
after movie went to ' Wong Kok ' for Choon Wei's cheese !
then Quan and Hoe went back .
left us . we chatted .. stories all along .
we bought 4 shirts at TOPMAN !
that was great !
ten went to PM by cab .
the driver scolded us .

driver ; us .

Taking photo the second time .
' diao ni ma ma , wo jiao ni men bu yao pai a ! '
shock !
' ni men you mei you du shu de ? lao shi mei you jiao ni men a ? '

we were like WTF !
He fark our mother !
our dan gave him xiak zou .
After reached aroung 8 somthing .
then walk all along the pm for 4 times .
around 10 back home .
finally the first time i'm not the earliest who went back home .
today is Choon Wei !
then reached home and here i am !

photos will be upload soon .

thanks to you .
I'm not dare to face them .

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

promise ; surprise .

Surprise ; last year .
If today was your last day .

I was absent from school again !
Sorry sze and Brenda ffk again !
I have a bro now .
thanks to my sis .
As she said he wants him to be my present .
haha . and i dun accept it !
too bad you might need to think a new present for me CARMEN !

Actually , what's in your mind .
there are flying birds ,
and they are chatting all along their journey .
and yet , they left one of it alone at the corner in the sky .
it was alone and it feels disappointment because today suppose to be it's big day .
a day that it excited it will be some surprise but too bad .
is too late to cherish every last moment now .
Is end .

p/s : Carmen , mum bought you a ' Cheer You Up ' shirt .
Is in pink ! damn nice ~

Is too late .
She said i might say it to myself .
Don't blame on me !

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