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Monday, January 18, 2010

I think so ....

Like so the old me come back again . =|

Cheer up and countdown for 1 months .

I don't know what's my feeling now .
I want the old things redo all over again .
I though i should be excited but
I wish i could be the one .
Right now ,
I hate myself .
I hate everything about me .
I hate that I don't feel special .
I hate that I hate myself .
I hate that feel like I have ,
a ball of depression
keep pushing me down on top of my lungs .
Seriously , I don't know what to do .
It makes me feel sick of myself !

maybe this is what should I deserve to have nowadays .
I surfed the net and I saw that the Nz school which i gonna be in is huge
and I found that their pictures are full of white people the days have come nearer and nearer I can't stop thinking negatively !
I need a N97 mini badly .
I think I'm out of the gang am i ?
during these days they were like don't know me at all
only Sze that I know ...
Fine , i forget about it i think i should
maybe they don't need me and I don't need also .

Whatever , maybe I'm out off M'sia .
new life for me in 1 month time
no one appreciate it I can't anything .
you and go higher than now
every steps you climb would probably the one you lose ?
What am I writing ?
I'm totally mabukkkkk
my heartbeats is killing me !
the tears went out for no reason !
the mind thinking negative things !
the brain working like a 3 years old child !
I need help !!!!!

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